Adobe Flash CS3

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To get right down to basics, there are many of you who may have never used Adobe Flash, or for that matter, any Adobe product before. This chapter will help you understand the interface, timelines, layers, guides, and more...

The Interface

When you first load Flash CS3, you will see the Welcome screen. This Welcome Screen (in Flash CS3) is slightly different from the Welcome screen of earlier versions of Flash, for example in, say, Flash 8. You can clearly see the difference in the pictures shown below and on the following pages:
Macromedia Flash 8Adobe Flash Professional CS3
   The Welcome Screen of Flash 8                                The Welcome Screen of Flash CS3

The Workspace

The Workspace is the arrangement of various Flash-elements such as the Tools panel, Control panels, Property inspectors and Windows. We will walk you through what each of these is in later sections. You can change the workspace layout from the “Workspace” drop-down menu. There are three workspace layouts available to you in Flash CS3: Default, Icons and Text Default, and Icons Only Default. The same options can be seen from the Window menu as well: Window --> Workspace.
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