How To Delete Facebook Timeline?

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Chrome users can remove timeline profile with the help of extension. Timeline has many features that make your privacy very simple to individually adjust, depending on what you want to share with whom.
In previous topic I have discussed about New Facebook Profile. This is called Timeline.So,I think Many people tested this profile, if the answer is no then you may do it now by opening this page “How To Enable Facebook Timeline Right Now“.  And here I come with the tutorial to delete the Facebook Timeline, and make your old profile reappear. For some you may feel that "Timeline" is congested and some other may say that it looks like "Hi5" social networking website. Cracked-Facebook-Logo
 There are so many reasons that you may do not like new timeline profile. Just go with the following steps:

Chrome Users - Remove Timeline Profile By Using These Steps - TimeLine Remove

Description - TimeLine Remove extension disable the new Facebook timeline! This extension disables only the display of the new facebook timeline.This does not mean that your friends will not see your timeline. You can disable the new profile for all and go back.It is recommended to all your friends! Remove Timeline..
  • Open your chrome browser & Click on wrench option.
  • Now go to Tools –> Extension –> Get More Extensions
  • In the search option write "Timeline Remove" or Click here.
  • After install the extension restart your browser.
  • Its done, you will now see your old Facebook profile look as a default one.

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