Start Earning / Promoting Your Blog Now through Intellilinks

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Intellilinks, is a money making service similar to infolinks above but well worth trying. Intellilinks specializes in placing organic text links across an ever-growing network of websites in Intellinksorder to build rank and traffic for advertisers and increased revenue for publishers. Intellilinks focuses on providing cutting edge technology, while keeping the network seamless and secure to bring results to their clients and revenue to their publishers.

For Advertisers Intellilinks offers the following features

Intellilinks is providing all possible ways that a advertisers need to promote their site to get better traffic.
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We offer clean, organic links on our large network of quality sites. All of our links are served as static HTML and are spidered by search engines. Links can be purchased in both the layout of the website, or within the context of an article or blog post.
Their Official Blog says,
We allow you to pin point sites within your specific niche for greater effectiveness. Additionally, we rate each site (and article/post) with a link score, so that you can see the quality of your link before you purchase it.
Our links are sold for a flat monthly rate. The price does not vary based on the traffic or the number of click-throughs.

For publishers Intellilinks offers the following features

As a Intellilinks publisher, they allows you to place ads on your website using either their PHP script or their Word press plugin. You can have ads automatically approved or manually review them and place them yourself.
  • Sell text links on your website for profit in a few easy steps.
  • Extremely simple to setup, just install a plugin for your blog.
  • As a publisher you have total control over which links are published on your site.

Intellilinks has no obligation and costs nothing to join or use. They share 50% of the net revenue for the ads on your site and make payments monthly by PayPal. Isn’t it cool ? Monthly payments. Unlike almost every other adsense alternative Intellilinks have minimum payout threshold. But Intellilinks, provides you earn during a month and will be paid to you the following month via your PayPal account. Intellilinks also supports hosting ads on blog pages.
Click here to visit Intellilinks website and signup for an account and give them a try.

Now You Can Modify Google AdSense Ads Codes

Google AdSense is one of the biggest and largest online money making programs online from Google. AdSense is well known among all the bloggers. Many students come for blogging and try to make money with AdSense because of its high pay-per-click revenue.
There are many bloggers who make around $50000+/month from Google AdSense. Being one of the widely use publishers network in AdSense through Google, it has some strict guidelines for publishers to follow.

Modify Google AdSense Ads Code

According to the recent post on the adsense official blog, Adsense publishers are now allowed to change the ad codes upto a certain extent so you are now allowed to minify the code to gain high load speed through your blog design.
Again there are some No's and Don'ts that you need to follow in while you minify your adsense ads code.
According to adsense official blog,
This new policy update will allow publishers to try a range of techniques on your site such as:
Responsive design: Enabling publishers to create a single webpage that will adapt to the device on which it’s being viewed, whether it’s a laptop, smartphone or tablet, to maximize user experience.
A/B testing: Running a test by creating multiple versions of a page, comparing user behavior to see which page is the most effective.
Setting custom channels dynamically: Tracking performance of segments of users, sections of your site, or other behavior to maximize ad and user experience.
Ad tag minification: Enabling your site pages to load faster by reducing the amount of data to be transferred.

Here are some techniques that you need to avoid while you minify your code are explained here,
Techniques to avoid
Here are some techniques you’ll want to avoid:
  • Hiding ad units at anytime (e.g., display:none)
  • Implementing AdSense ad code in a way that covers content
  • Using any means to force the display of more than three AdSense ad units on a page
  • Manipulating the ad targeting using hidden keywords, IFRAMEs, or any other method
  • Distributing ads in emails or software
  • Floating ads or units that slide to attract unwarranted attention
If you want to read out Adsense Terms and Conditions, Program Policies ( just click on the link to read ).

Guest Blogging : Do’s And Don'ts [Infographics]

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Hello there Folks, it has been our great pleasure to keep posting articles which would help you a bit and thank you all visitors and readers of this blog for supporting and keep visiting. Today I am giving you an info graphic about Do’s and Don’ts of Guest Blogging.
Guest Blogging is one the best way of promoting you blog/site on the internet. There are many ways you need to follow while you are posting on other sites.
Guest blogging no's and don'ts
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5 Things You Need To Know Before You Apply for Google AdSense

Hello Friends today I am going to give you a simple tip that you need to follow before you apply for Google AdSense because now-a-days it is not an easy to get into Google Google AdsenseAdSense Publisher program. All of know that Google AdSense, is one of world’s largest Ads network program from Google.
Also AdSense shares almost 68% of its revenue with it publishers. Hence AdSense is very popular money making program online in the internet. Due to this popularity everybody running behind Google AdSense then Google made approval system very strict.
5 Things You Need To Know Before You Apply for Google AdSense

Your Must Have a Top Level Domain

Well if you run your blog on or then you really need to work hard to get it approved. Or else simple buy a custom domain for your blog.
If you purchase a custom domain for your blog then I am sure that your Google AdSense program will get approved after a month of your domain purchase.

Content Type

Be careful with what type of content you are publishing on your blog because it is something that truly matters when you apply for AdSense program. Google AdSense does not approve site which include
  • Pornographic
  • Illegal Items
  • Drugs or other Blogs / Sites
  • Non English Blog
  • Having posts shorter than 300 words.
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Privacy Policy

One of the common mistakes that every Blogger makes while he  or she has a blog is that created a Privacy Policy for their blog. Even though there are people out there who say that having a Privacy Policy for a Blog doesn’t makes sense but they are wrong.
A Privacy policy actually describes your site to your readers about what they will get on your Blog, what they should do and what they should not. So there is nothing bad in having a Privacy Policy. While it can affect some how on your AdSense Approval, you must give it a try. You can write it yourself or find Privacy Policy Generators online.

About us page

Without About page you are applying for Google AdSense, they are about zero chances of getting approved by AdSense, if you are not showing this page.

What does About Us Page Actually Mean ?

As the namely only suggests that it is a simple description about you and your Blog. This will not only help you establish a relationship with your readers but it will also make them trust upon you and your blog.

Your Blog Design

Your Blog Design is the biggest thing after your blog Content. This represents your expertise, experience and Professionalism on blogging. So be careful because anything can kill your Chances of getting approved.
Try to code some simple and well-designed themes using HTML and CSS and your blog must have a less loading time.
These are the things you need to take care while you are going to apple for Google AdSense program. Try to follow what I have said and get approved from Google AdSense and make some good money from your blog.
Feel free to ask if have any doubts related to this article.

Create Google AdSense Privacy Policy For Your Blog

As Google have changed the Terms and Conditions of their AdSense program, one of the requirements now is that all AdSense publishers should have a "Privacy Policy" on their blog. So today I am going to show you “How to create a Privacy Policy for your blog”.
Below is the exact wording that has been added to the Terms and Conditions for AdSense publishers in Terms and Conditions of their AdSense program. Also see required content for AdSense Program.
"You must have and abide by an appropriate privacy policy that clearly discloses that third parties may be placing and reading cookies on your user’s browser, or using web beacons to collect information, in the course of ads being served on your website. Your privacy policy should also include information about user options for cookie management."

How to Create Google AdSense Privacy Policy

  • Go to
  • Fill the details in the form given there. There are three sections you need to fill there they are : GENERAL SITE INFORMATION, USE OF COOKIES and ADVERTISER INFORMATION.
    Google-AdSense-Privacy-Policy Generator
First of all,
  • Enter your site URL.
  • Then Enter your E-mail address.
  • Tick the mark “Yes, we use cookies”.
  • Then tick which of the Advertiser program are you going to use or already using, here I have ticked on Google AdSense because this post is all about creating a privacy policy in terms and conditions of Google AdSense program. If you are using affiliate network like Clickbank, Amazon and advertising program like Chitika, Kontera etc. then tick the following to mention that in your privacy policy.
  • Finally click on Create my Privacy Policy.
Now you’ve successfully created Privacy policy for your site. And to add this in your blog follow the instructions below.
  • Login to your blogger dashboard.
  • Go to Pages –> New page –> Blank Page.
Creating privacy policy for google adsense
  • Then paste the privacy policy in the compose section and give it a title as “Privacy Policy”.
  • Then click on Publish.
See our Privacy Policy :- My Blogging Techniques Privacy Policy

How To Stop Tracking Your Own Page views in Blogger

Blogger Stats is a very good real-time stats service that's fully integrated with Blogger. You don't need to do anything to enable it for your blog. You can tell Blogger not to include your own page views in its stats.

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How To Stop Tracking Your Own Page views

  • Login to your blogger dashboard.
  • Go to Stats --> Overview of your blog
  • Use "Don't track your own page views" link. A small window will appear like this below:
  • Select "Don't track my page views" and click save. Now blogger will not count your visits for stats of your blog.
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Note : To do this, Blogger must add a blocking cookie to your browser. If you use more than one browser, open each one and set this preference.

Disable Right Click In Blogger Blogs

Hey guys today I am going to show how to disable right click on your blog. Disabling right click will keep protected your blog from copying contents and copying images etc. To disable right click you no right clickneed to add a simple JavaScript code to your blog. In this post I am giving you that JavaScript code for you to disable right click on your blog.

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How to Disable Right Click In Blogger Blogs

  • Login to your blogger dashboard.
  • Go to Layout –> Add a Gadget –> HTML/JavaScript.
  • Then the copy the below code and paste it there.
<script language=JavaScript>
var message=”No Copy Paste!“;
function clickIE4(){
if (event.button==2){
return false;
function clickNS4(e){
if (document.layers||document.getElementById&&!document.all){
if (e.which==2||e.which==3){
return false;
if (document.layers){
else if (document.all&&!document.getElementById){
document.oncontextmenu=new Function(“alert(message);return false”)
// –>

  • Save.

  • You’re done.

How To Set | Change Desire Blog Post Date And Time In Blogger

I am going to show you how to change or set a blog post date and time in blogger. To customize the blog post simply using small tutorial and make blog post beautiful by selecting daily or weekly its up to you. Now if you want to show your blog post with arrangement to make perfect then you use this feature. Publish on feature on right hand side of your post page is for that if you have miss some days or forget to write post then make changes and return back your post on that date which you want.

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How To Setting Up User Defined Publish Date In Blogger

Post Settings-Change date time etc.
  • Login to your Blogger Dashboard.
  • Create a new post in your blog as usual.
  • Now go to Post Settings on your right side.
  • Then click on Published on –> And tick the “Set date and time” as given in the screen shot.
  • Now set your desire Date or Time.
  • Click on Done.

How Add Meta Tags to Blogger

Hello Friends today I am going to show you all how to add Meta Tags to your blogger template. By adding meta tags you can get get more traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo,1 (6) Bing, etc. Especially, the meta description is the most important one (this is a must have meta content in your blogger template). Meta tags are the tags which describes your site and tells the search engines what your site is all about. Adding meta tags is an important factor in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
For better traffic and to get indexed more accurately in search engines you must add two main meta tags to the head section of the template. One is the Meta description and Keywords which describes your site and which tells about your site keywords respectively.

How Add Meta Tags to Blogger

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>
  • Now add below code just after the above code.
<meta content='DESCRIPTION HERE' name='description'/>
<meta content='KEYWORDS HERE' name='keywords'/>
<meta content='AUTHOR NAME HERE' name='author'/>

  • After adding the above codes right after  <b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>  don’t forget to write your sites description, keywords and author name.

  • Save your blog template.

How To Make Money Online At Fiverr.Com

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Hey there all, today I am giving you one simple online income source by which you can earn some penny to your pockets. So are you ready to learn ? Then for what are waiting for, let’s get started.

You can use Fiverr.Com, to sell or buy services at smooth rate of Five Dollar. There is, which is a website offering more services on various topics like graphics, creating small videos, web design, logo creation, market research, Fiverrwriting articles, reviews, personalized gifts, mp3, voice recording, finding you 500 new Twitter followers, handmade drawings, etc. The charges for these services is only Five Dollar for all buying or selling of one service at one time. They are making it easier for people to start selling their services without the need for initial capital, physical location, client achievement and payment infrastructure.
Want to sell your things at
There are some steps you need to follow before you sell your things in
  • You should created a "Gig" ( “Gig” is a small service you are willing to execute for one Five Dollar ).
  • You have to post it on the website, after registering here.
  • It is free for everyone at
  • You will be notified when someone orders your service at your own profile. Then, your work has been successfully delivered, within 48 hours.
  • While you create your Gig, you have to select a dead line for your service to convenience of your customers. As well, Four dollar will be deposited into your accounts and one dollar taken by Fiverr to their site. So, PayPal account can be used to withdraw your earnings.
To buy some service from Fiverr, You have to pay Five Dollar by PayPal or by a credit card. Whereas your order is in progress, you can follow the seller's work, promoting services, managing orders, exchange files and communicate with them via profile. As well, you can seek background of your seller and feedbacks of his or her, before doing the order. Here is the facilities to protect you to select best seller or buyer for your pay out. After the delivery of your product or service , you have 48 hours to ask for changes or corrections from the seller. As well, you can grant feedback on the quality of work of every seller you do business.

Touch Me Social Sharing Widget To Blogger

Hello friends, today I am giving you a simple and beautiful Touch Me Social Sharing Widget to Blogger. All you know, What is the role of Social Sharing Widgets in Blogger ? Well it help your readers to subscribe to your social networks easily. Our Previous Social Sharing Widgets was “Clean and White Spinning Social Media Icons”.
Touch Me

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Add Touch Me Social Sharing Widget To Blogger

  • Login to your Blogger Dashboard.
  • Go to Layout –> Add a Gadget –> HTML/Javascript –> Paste the below code in it.
.touchme a {
padding:0 4px;
background:transparent url( no-repeat;
-webkit-transition: ease-in 0.2s all;   
-moz-transition: ease-in 0.2s all;   
-o-transition: ease-in 0.2s all;   
-ms-transition: ease-in 0.2s all;   
transition: ease-in 0.2s all;
.touchme a.googleplus {
background-position: 0px -58px;
.touchme a.googleplus:hover {
background-position: 0px 0px;
.touchme a.twitter {
background-position: 0px -290px;
.touchme a.twitter:hover {
background-position: 0px -232px;
.touchme a.facebook {
background-position: 0px -406px;
.touchme a.facebook:hover {
background-position: 0px -348px;
.touchme a.rss {
background-position: 0px -174px;
.touchme a.rss:hover {
background-position: 0px -116px;
<div class="touchme">
<a class="rss" href="YOUR-FEED URL- GOES HERE " rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>
<!--Google Plus-->
<a class="googleplus" href="YOUR GOOGLE PLUS PAGE URL GOES HERE" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>
<a class="facebook" href="YOUR-FACEBOOK FAN PAGE-URL-GOES HERE" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>
<!-- Twitter -->
<a class="twitter" href="YOUR-TWITTER FAN PAGE-URL/USER NAME GOES HERE " rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>
  • After pasting click on Save.
  • You're Done.

Note : Highlighted text in the above code should be replaced with the following.

    • YOUR-FACEBOOK FAN PAGE-URL GOES HERE with your Facebook fan Page URL
  • YOUR-TWITTER FAN PAGE-URL/USER NAME GOES HERE with Twitter user name or Fan page
  • YOUR GOOGLE PLUS PAGE URL GOES HERE with Google Plus Profile or Fan Page URL
  • YOUR-FEED URL- GOES HERE with your feed name URL

How to Submit Your ( My ) Blog Sitemap to Google Webmasters Tools

Hello friends today I am going to show you that “How to Submit your blogger sitemap to Google's Webmaster Tools”. Submitting your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools is important because unless you submit, your blog content will not show up in Google Search Engine.Google-Webmasters-tools

Submit Sitemap to Webmaster Tools

  • Login with Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Then Click on Add Site. (as highlighted in the screen shot below). A new dialog box appears in a same windows asking your Blog URL, Enter the URL of a site you'd like to manage. Then click on continue.
  • Then go to Optimization --> Sitemaps –>  Then click on Add/Test Sitemap. How to Submit Your ( My ) Blog Sitemap to Google Webmasters Tools 1then add the below code as I have shown you in the screen shot below.
  • Then Click on Submit Sitemap.
  • Hurray… Now you’ve successfully submitted your blog sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools and wait for few day until they index your Sitemap on Google.
Note : Add the above code if your blog contains number of posts between 1 to 500.
And for those blogs which contains number of posts more than 500 and less than 1000.
  • Do the same steps with this code
And if your blog has even more posts then I have mentioned, then you have to add sitemaps until you get to that range. Here are some code of the sitemaps which will make your work more easier.
And if you have more than 4000 posts then just try to change the numbers in the code that’s it. I think it is not difficult for you people.
Feel Free to ask you doubts. Do you like this article then subscribe to our feeds below before it’s too late.


Why Should I (You) Buy A Custom Domain For My (Your) Blog ?

Last week, we bought custom domain for our blogger blog “My Blogging Techniques” and now its All the bloggers starts blogging using the free subdomain provided by the bloggers but as time goes many people found that you have a blog and you are running that blog under the blogger subdomain. And when you are receiving huge traffic to your sub-domain blog and then you found that you don’t have any sponsors for your blog and the blogger ranks are also increases day by day. And still there are many confusion in blogger like what if they lost their Alexa rank, page rank in custom domain ? well the solution of that kind of questions is also given bellow.

Your blog posts will get more shares and bookmarks

When you have your own custom domain name instead of the blogger’s sub domain ( then people will think that you are serious about your blog and the articles of your blog is unique and it will make good impression on the visitors and they will be your royal and regular readers. And your reader will also share some of the good articles with their friends and they can also bookmark your blogger articles.

Fans and subscriptions will increases with the custom domain

Most people are not trusting the subdomains of the blogger’s blog because its free and anyone can make it so they can guess that you can’t publish good content on your blog because you are using the subdomain of the blogger and when you have custom domain for your blogger blog then your Facebook and twitter follower will increase.

It Costs Just $10 To Buy a domain name !!

You can buy the custom domain in just $10/year or say Rs.550/- per year. I think spending Rs.550 for a right thing wouldn't matter you. There are many domain name providers like Go daddy, Big Rock etc. there are many more on the internet. And we have bought our blogger domain name from the Big Rock, since it is more user friendly then other domain name providers. And also you will get many free Add-ons worth Rs.5000/-. We will strongly recommend you to go for Big Rock.

Will you lose your traffic and web ranks ?

This is the main problem and confusion of all the blogger that Will I loose my Blog Traffic and Web Ranks ?” . Solution is simple, you will not loose your traffic because you are redirecting your sub-domain name to your own custom domain. And you will loose your web rankings like Alexa… etc. but worry not, if you have a good traffic you can get back all the rankings back.

Some Publisher network don’t accept the subdomains

The best AdSense alternative Publisher network like Buysellads, do not accept the subdomains that means you are losing around 50% of the revenue from your blog.

How to Add Light box effect to Blogger

Light box is a simple and unobtrusive script used to overlay images on the current page. The Light box effect is useful when your post has many images or images with large sizes, by adding this helps people to save time browsing images in an simple way. We’ll see how to add Light box effect to Blogger (BlogSpot) blogs.
We are going to use the jQuery Light box plugin for Blogger. And before going into detail, you might want to see Light box in action (click on the image above to enlarge).

How to Add Light box effect to Blogger

  • Login to your Blogger Dashboard.
  • Go to Template –> Edit HTML.
  • And search for below piece of code using Ctrl + F.
  • Copy the below code and paste it above </head> tag.
<link href="" media="screen" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
  1. <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
  2. <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
  • Save your Template.

How to use this effect

To use light box effect where you want just add the “url of the full size image” highlighted in Red color and “url of its thumbnail” which is highlighted in orange color.
<a href="url of the full-size image"><img src="url of the thumbnail" /></a>

That’s it you’ve done with this. Happy Blogging… Smile

Add Beautiful Email Subscription Widget Below Post For Blogger

Today in this post I am giving you a Email Subscription Form to add below every blog posts. By adding this Email Subscription Form you can boost you Feed burner readers. So are you ready to Add this ? So let’s get started. Below is the Screen shot of the Email Subscription Form on how it looks.
Email Subscription widget

How to add subscribe us widget below post blogger

  • Login to your Blogger Dashboard.
  • Go to Template –> Edit HTML.
  • Find the below code on your blogger template
  • Add this CSS before the searched code ]]></b:skin>
h4{font-size:24px;border-bottom:1px solid #746E6E;padding:10px;letter-spacing:2px}#emailsub input[type=&quot;email&quot;],.sl_in_mail{margin-right:-6px;padding:16px
0 16px 40px;width:50%;border:none}#emailsub
90px}#emailsub input[type=submit]{border-radius:0;box-shadow:none;padding:18px
24px 16px;letter-spacing:2px;border:none;background:#E06;cursor:pointer;color:#FFF}#emailsub
0 25px}#emailsub.efooter{background:none}#emailsub.efooter
form{text-align:left;padding:0}#emailsub.efooter input[type=&quot;submit&quot;],#emailsub.efooter input[type=&quot;email&quot;],.wg_in_mail{padding:10px;letter-spacing:0px}#emailsub.efooter.sidebar{background:#3C3C33;padding:20px}#emailsub.efooter.sidebar
  • Now we have completed adding styles of the Gadget.
  • Now we need to add the position of this widget according to your need. You can add this Email Subscription widget any where but here we will be adding at the bottom of your blog posts because readers after reading your posts they might subscribe for your future posts also.
  • Find the below code using Ctrl + F.
<div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-3'>
  • Immediately after the code add the below code
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<div id='emailsub'><form action='' method='post' onsubmit=';;, &apos;popupwindow&apos;, &apos;scrollbars=yes,width=550,height=520&apos;);return true' target='popupwindow'><h4>Email Newsletter</h4><div class='counter'><b>Join with 549 Subscribers ! </b> Get Our Latest Articles Delivered to Your email Inbox and <b>Get Giveaways, Tips to Become a GEEK!</b></div><input class='sl_in_mail' name='email' placeholder='Enter Your Email Address' type='email'/><input name='uri' type='hidden' value='MyBloggingTechniques'/><input name='loc' type='hidden' value='en_US'/><input type='submit' value='SUBSCRIBE'/><p/><p/><p><small>When signing up you will initially receive a confirmation email requiring your approval to complete the Subscription.</small></p></form></div></b:if>
  • The text in Red colour ( MyBloggingTechniques ) should be replaced by your Feed burner Name.

How to Convert Text into Audio Using Notepad

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Hello Friends to I am going to give you a simple tricks using Notepad. This is trick is very useful to you to read the text. If you want to read the text just type the text and hit OK button. But this trick is only to listen and enjoy, not to save in hard disk.
Text To Audio Convertor
To do so follow my steps carefully :
  • Open Notepad.
  • Paste the below code in the Notepad.
Dim msg, sapi
msg=InputBox("Enter your text for conversion–","By - My Blogging Techniques")
Set sapi=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
sapi.Speak msg
  • Save the file with .vbs extension. ( For Eg: Audio.vbs )
Just type the text you want to hear hit and OK to hear it.
Note : Make sure that your speaker is On.
And one more thing, by this trick you will come to know whether your Computer is Male or Female. Ha Ha… Funny Isn’t it ?

How to Get a Do-Follow Backlink From Pinterest ?

Pinterest is one of the popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. But Pinterest is only for those people who loves images. And for Bloggers, its a  Gold mine to get a huge traffic and High PR ( PageRank ) Do-Follow Backlink to your Blogs.

How to Get a Do-Follow Backlink From Pinterest ?

  • Go to Pinterest.
  • Login to your profile. If you don’t have a profile just sign up.
  • Click on your profile and click on pencil mark highlighted in Red colour in the given image below.
Pinterest Dofollow backlink
  • Under Website section, Enter your Website address and click on Verify Website
Pinterest Dofollow Backlink 2
  • Clicking on verify website, it will take you to the website confirmation page. There you can download the verification file and upload it to your website or alternatively you can verify by clicking on “Verify with a meta tag”. ( as high lighted in the image below ).
Pinterest Dofollow Backlink 3
  • Copy the meta tag code given for you and paste it on blogs meta content section.
  • And Click on Complete Verification.
Pinterest Dofollow backlink
Now your Blog address will be shown on your profile with Pinterest's verified symbol. And If you have multiple Blogs, My recommendation would be: Create separate profile for each Website and verify them to get a free do follow link and also increase your brand presence.

Clean and White Spinning Social Media Icons

Hello folks, i am very happy to announce that our blog has crossed 10k+ page views and since this is our 100 post, so i am going to give you a simple, Clean and White Spinning Social Media Icons which is self coded. All bloggers knew that in order to attain a huge traffic they have to promote their posts on social networks and get many people subscribed to their blog. What will attract your visitors to subscribe to your blog/social networks?
Well the answer is quite simple, your social subscribing gadget should be clean and more attractive which would kick your readers to subscribe to your social networks.
View Demo Button

Clean and White Spinning Social Media Icons

<style>  #social a:hover {background-color: transparent;opacity:0.7;} #social img { -moz-transition: all 0.8s ease-in-out; -webkit-transition: all 0.8s ease-in-out; -o-transition: all 0.8s ease-in-out; -ms-transition: all 0.8s ease-in-out; transition: all 0.8s ease-in-out; } #social img:hover { -moz-transform: rotate(360deg); -webkit-transform: rotate(360deg); -o-transform: rotate(360deg); -ms-transform: rotate(360deg); transform: rotate(360deg); } </style>
<div align="left">&nbsp;</div>
<div><a title="Grab Our Rss Feed" href="YOUR-FEED-URL- GOES HERE" target="_blank"><img style="margin-right: 1px" border="0" alt="Icon" src=""></a> <!--End Rss Icon--><!--Start Email Rss Icon--><a title="Subscribe on Youtube" href="YOUR YOUTUBE USERNAME GOES HERE" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"><img style="margin-right: 1px" border="0" alt="Icon" src=""></a> <!--End Email Rss Icon--><!--Start Facebook Icon--><a title="Like Our Facebook Page" href="YOUR-FACEBOOK-FAN-PAGE-URL-GOES-HERE" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"><img style="margin-right: 1px" border="0" alt="Icon" src=""></a> <!--End Facebook Icon--><!--Start Twitter Icon--><a title="Follow Our Updates On Twitter" href="YOUR-TWITTER-FAN-PAGE-URL/USER-NAME-GOES-HERE" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"><img style="margin-right: 1px" border="0" alt="Icon" src=""></a> <!--End Twitter Icon--><!--Start Google+ Icon--><a title="Follow Us On Google+" href="YOUR-GOOGLE-PLUS-PAGE-URL-GOES-HERE" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"><img style="margin-right: 1px" src=""></a> <!--End Google+ Icon--><!--Start Pinterest Icon--><a title="Follow Our Pins" href="YOUR-PINTEREST-URL-GOES-HERE" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"><img style="margin-right: 1px" alt="Follow Me on Pinterest" src=""></a> <!--End Pinterest Icon--></div><br/>
Note : In the above code some should be replaced with the following.
  • YOUR-FEED-URL- GOES HERE with your feed name URL.
  • YOUR-YOUTUBE-USERNAME-GOES-HERE with your YouTube Username.
  • YOUR-FACEBOOK-FAN PAGE-URL-GOES-HERE with your Facebook fan Page URL.
  • YOUR-TWITTER-FAN-PAGE-URL/USER-NAME-GOES-HERE with Twitter user name or Fan page.
  • YOUR-GOOGLE-PLUS-PAGE-URL-GOES-HERE with Google Plus Profile or Fan Page URL.
  • YOUR-PINTEREST-URL-GOES-HERE with Twitter user name or Fan page.
Want to remove any part of the code ? Don’t worry i coded that it will be easy for you to understand. If you want to remove Pinterest Icon, just delete the code from <!--Start Pinterest Icon—> ______________________<!—End Pinterest Icon—>. Same way you can delete the code for Rss Feed, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google Plus.
Thank all for your support. Keep visiting. Thank you. Smile

How to Add Hyperlinks in Comments Box in Blogger

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    Well, All wish that they could drive a huge traffic for website,Blog etc. Same way I also thought the same that my Website should drive a huge traffic (visitors), so I started visiting some the top ranked/ most popular websites and I use to comment on their post if it was a good one, but I couldn’t paste my websites URL (Uniform Resource Locator) in Blogger Comments. I was writing it as Blog-CommentsSo to overcome this problem what I did is a simple Google Search. I found an answer for my problem so I am publishing it my Blog readers so that they could find it easy. I am posting this because I always have to go for Google Search. So if I publish it among my readers and viewers, so I can memorize it very easily. If you don’t how to use HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). I hope that you find this article easy. Ok then let’s get started.

The Code is :

For Example :

a href="">My Blogging Techniques

Now add ‘<’ at beginning and <*forward slash*a> (*forward slash* means actual forward slash ‘/’) at the end of the code.

How to Add a Custom Domain through Bigrock

Are you still running your blog on BlogSpot ? Welcome to new bloggers and my readers today I am going to show you “ How to add a Custom Domain with Big rock ”. I am writing this post because I struggled a lot to Top level domain names tlssetup a custom domain but my readers/new bloggers should not struggle so. Ok let’s get started.

Moving your BlogSpot to TLD’s

  • First of all should buy a Domain Through Big rock.
  • Login to your Big rock account.
  • Click on Domains and List of all Orders. A list of domains will be displayed like the image given below.
  • Click on the Domain Name which you want to configure as a Top-Level Domain for your BlogSpot.( as I highlighted in red colour).
Top level domain registration through big rock 1

  • Then Click on DNS Management.(as highlighted image given below).
Top level domain registration through big rock 2
  • After Clicking DNS Management. Click on Manage DNS.
  • After Clicking Manage DNS a new window opens. Then Click on Add A Record (as highlighted in the image below).
Top level domain registration through big rock 3
  • Start filling the A Record. Leave the Host Name as Blank and the add the IPv4 Address as Following :
Top level domain registration through big rock 4
  • Follow the same procedure and Add 3 more A records with the following Destination IPv4 Address.
Top level domain registration through big rock 5
  • After adding all A Records it should look like the below image.
Top level domain registration through big rock 6

Then Click on CName Records.(as highlighted in the image below).
Top level domain registration through big rock 7
You have to write 2 CName Records.
  • First one as the image given below. Type the Host Name as ‘www’ and value as ‘’.
Top level domain registration through big rock 8
For second one
  • Login to your Blogger Dashboard.
  • Under Settings –> Basic –> Publishing –> Add a custom domain –> Switch to Advanced Settings –> Settings Instructions. Then a new window open in your like the image below.
  • Click on Top-Level domain( Then enter the values shown in the highlighted image as appears on your blogger.
Top level domain registration through big rock 10
Top level domain registration through big rock 11
Hurray you have done all the settings required. Now leave the Default Settings for an hour or so.
After one hour or so follow these steps:
  • Login to your Blogger Dashboard. Under Settings –> Basic –> Publishing –> +Add a custom domain –> Switch to Advanced Settings.
  • Enter the Domain Name. then tick the mark for “Redirect to”.
That’s it you have successfully switched to a custom domain.
Comment here below if you have any trouble switching your domain name. 

50 Highest Paying Google AdSense Keywords 2013

Many students come for blogging only to fill up their pockets from Google AdSense. And their dreams is to earn huge money through Google AdSense. But generally they fail and not able to make it large. Have you ever noticed why your Google AdSense account pays you less? On one hand you get to read many success stories based on Google AdSense payments and on the other hand Google AdSense disappoints you by paying you pennies. There are only two factors behind Google AdSense pay-outs, the big traffic and the highest paying Google AdSense keywords.
Don’t worry Here is how you can increase your AdSense Income. You just need to focus on keywords that you use in your article. The Google AdSense revenue is also depend on your blog/website niche.
There are many people who takes months even years to get their first AdSense cheques of $100. I am sure if you target your keywords by the keywords mentioned below, you will get your first AdSense cheque in just a month.
Check out the list of top 50 highest paying Google AdSense keywords of 2013 given below.

Don't Miss - Google AdSense Tips for New Bloggers

Highest Paying Google AdSense Keywords of 2013

  • Insurance
  • Taxes
  • Loans
  • Donate
  • Hosting
  • Advertising
  • Attorney
  • Rehab
  • Classes
  • Transfer
  • Software
  • Investing
  • Recovery
  • Claim
  • Trading
  • Lawyer
  • Credit
  • Credit Card
  • Conference Call
  • Degree
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Treatment
  • Bonds
  • Cell Phone Plans
  • Cord Blood
  • Weight Loss
  • Anti Virus Protection
  • Online Banking
  • Internet Broker
  • Register Domain
  • Money
  • Marketing
  • Pay-per-click
  • Laptop Computer
  • Spyware
  • Depression
  • Vioxx
  • Refinance
  • Pharmacy
  • Consolidation
  • Big label
  • Cards
  • Internet
  • Printer
  • Settlements
  • Annuity
  • e-loan
  • Web Host
  • Union
    Hope you like this article and It helps you in increasing AdSense revenue

Get Facebook’s New News Feed Right Now!

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Our previous post was on “How to get Facebook’s New News Feed” but to get i you have to wait until they approve your request. but here is a quick and fast trick that you have to do to get Facebook’s New News Feed right now.
New Fb Home page
This is a simple trick that you have to do.


  • Google Chrome Browser.

Get Facebook’s New News Feed Right Now

Hope you enjoyed and implemented this trick. Comment below if this trick worked for you. Share this article with your friends, to help them in getting new Facebook News Feed.

How to Get Facebook’s New Homepage/News Feed

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Facebook has recently launched the brand new look for its News Feed ( User login Homepage ) , Here is method on how you can get Facebook news feed. The Facebook News Feed looks much better than old News Feed. Facebook has brought Facebook News Feed with many cool features, it is completely different from its old version. Some of the basic thing has been changed in Facebook new News Feed such as photos, videos, font size, stories and more. But it’s hard to discover until you are and active Facebook user. You may also like the complete list of Facebook emotions. Check out the picture of Facebook new News Feed given below.

New Fb Home page

Above screen shot is the Demo of the Facebook's New News Feed. I assume that you will get a clear picture on your mind as how it look’s. In the new News Feed, Facebook has concentrated on its sidebar mainly, It is looking now beautiful. You can say the new Facebook news feed has been inspired from the Mobile version of Facebook. As in the Facebook mobile version, you have a cool sidebar containing all posts and option, Now it has came to your computer in the form of new Facebook News Feed. Facebook has really done a great job to remove all buttons and option from the feed and integrated them into left sidebar, as you can see in the above picture.

What’s new in New Facebook News Feed?

As there are many new things in Facebook new News Feed but, you can find all of them only by getting it for your profile. The pictures, and videos looks bigger in the new News Feed. The third party apps like Pinterest, Instagram etc. looks much better. Facebook has added Filter option on your Facebook new News feed, now you are provided a Feed Selector menu which allows you to choose filter according to your wish. Overall, the new Facebook News Feed has bright and high resolution photos. So, Follow the instructions below to get new Facebook News Feed at once.

How to Get Facebook’s New News Feed ?

As Facebook has not made such a option to get Facebook new News Feed in a single click. Here you have no option, where you can get new Facebook News Feed by only one click. However, you can get the Facebook new News Feed by joining the waiting list, Here is how you can get new Facebook News Feed.
  • Go to Facebook’s News Feed. ( click the lick given or manually you can go to )
  • Click on the Join List, like the picture given below.
  • Get-Facebook-News-Feed
  • You have done! Now wait, you will soon get a notification on your Facebook Profile page when you get new Facebook News Feed.
This is how you can get new Facebook News Feed, Many people have already got the new Facebook News Feed for their profile. How about you? Have you Got Facebook new News Feed yet? Share this article with your friends, to help them in getting new Facebook News Feed

Animated Twitter Follow Buttons–Version 1

Well we all know the importance of promoting our blogs in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest etc. There are many bloggers who are trying to implement this to their blogs. So in order to boost your traffic you should attract more visitors to subscribe them to your social networks. Shall we start this is animated twitter follow gadget will attract your readers.
View Demo Button

How to Add Animated Twitter Follow Buttons

<object data="" height="80" type="application/x&minus;shockwave&minus;flash" width="200"> <param name="movie" value="" /><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" /><param name="menu" value="false" /><param name="wmode" value="transparent" /><param name="flashvars" value="username=DanielRakshith" /><a rel="nofollow" href=" " title="InfozGuide"> My Blogging Techniques </a> <embed src="" type="application/x&minus;shockwave&minus;flash" allowscriptaccess="always" width="180" height="80" menu="false" wmode="transparent" flashvars="username=DanielRakshith"></embed> </object>
Note :  Remember to rename “username=DanielRakshith” with your own twitter username which comes twice in each codes.>

What is Hacking ? - Explained

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Hacking is often portrayed to be many things it is not. Thanks to the popular portrayal of hackers as young immoral computer experts associated with nearly any possible illegal and immoral activity that can be conducted through a computer, we see hackers are outlaws of cyberspace, out to steal passwords, or get access to your bank account and steal money. They are portrayed as the equivalent to thieves who break into houses or rob banks – or in the mildest case, peeping toms trying to get a look into your private life. This could not be farther from the truth. Sure, the act of remotely accessing someone’s computer to steal their private files would be hacking. Note the words “steal their private files”, what if that condition was removed? Or what if you are simply accessing your own computer or that of a friend’s to help him / her out?
Much like the driver of a car would be called a driver, whether it is done by someone with the car owner’s permission, by the car owner himself  herself or without the car owner’s permission. Driving is driving regardless of the ethics; the context is irrelevant. Similarly a person is a hacker whether they are bypassing their own computer’s security to access their own files, or doing it on someone else’s computer without the permission of the owner.
A person withdrawing money from an ATM using their card is okay; a person withdrawing money from an ATM using someone else’s card without their permission is a thief. A person hacking into a computer to test its security is a hacker who is a security expert, a person hacking into a computer to steal passwords is a criminal. Here the context decides the legality and ethics of the act, and the person is accordingly labelled a “security expert” or “criminal”, but he is a hacker nonetheless.
Hacking is an expression of our own curiosity, “how does it work?”, “why can’t I access it?”, “what happens if I give it 400 volts instead of 220?" It is simply the result of our drive to understand the things around us. Often people are curious about things which may cause them or others harm, such as a child curious about an electricity socket, or an teen curious about  drugs. This is no reason to discourage curiosity, the answer, as always, lies in education not restriction. Many of the greatest minds have simply been unsatisfied by the reality they see around them, and looked for ways to “hack” things to work in ways they want. Without their curiosity, and “hacking” skills, where would we have been?
A computer hacker is one who is curious about the working of computers and software. While many people are happy treating their computer like a black box, where they merely feed in data and get data in return, others strive to break in and understand how it works, and why it works that way. Often, instead of simply accepting things the way they are, they will look for ways to make things work the way they want. While this may be considered juvenile, hacking into someone’s computer, just to see if you can, doesn’t cause anyone any harm as long as you are responsible enough to respect their privacy.
Don’t like the way Windows names shortcuts, hack the registry and change the way it works. Windows may not provide the facility to do this, but that is no reason for us to be limited to the way it works.
In the end, why should there be any kind of artificial limitation to what you can do with your computer? By artificial restriction we mean to say that no amount of hacking is going to make your computer do your laundry! However nothing should stop you from using your computer to its best capacity, as long as it does no one else any harm. Most hackers are not out to steal money from banks, or crack passwords to sell them, they are there for the thrill of the ride. They will try to hack a system just to see if they can, much like picking their neighbours lock, only to lock it back again – perhaps leave a note telling them they should get a better lock.
Hacking constitutes a mind-set, not a skillset. It’s not a “job” it’s not something you do for a living. You may earn because of your skills as a hacker, but the hacker mind-set is what makes a hacker. Like with anything else, you don’t start at the top, you are willing to learn and you poke at things to see where they go; patience is important because it is unlikely you will get what you want in your first try, or your tenth.
To start with, one might simply change the obscure settings accessible to them from Windows, moving further they may install third-party applications which have common hacks for Windows. Then one might go further and change the registry themselves to experiment. The road doesn’t need to end here you can start modifying the actual Windows binaries.
Note we say Windows a lot, what about Linux? Fact is, Linux is much easier to hack than Windows. Shock! Horror! Yes, we said Linux is easier to hack than Windows, but it is also considered more secure. When you look at hacking from the larger-sense perspective of messing with a system out of curiosity, Linux allows you to do more. Linux is intentionally hack-able, allowing each and every parameter to be changed by the user. You can create unique combinations of application sets and features that the distribution creators never envisioned. With Linux you have access to nearly all the source code of the system, how much more hack-friendly could it be! With Windows on the other hand, one would need to use third-party tools, patch binaries change undocumented registry settings, and even then the level of customizability would be much less.
In fact, forget Windows and Linux nor now, hacking need not even involve a computer. While hacking is now predominantly associated with computers, hacking hardware is not uncommon. There are many hardware hacking enthusiasts who using some knowledge of electronics and some of software programming are able to bend their devices to their will.
While you can go all the way up to controlling your toaster over the internet, a simple example of a hardware hack anyone can do is to add a potentiometer to your headphones. A potentiometer is an electrical device which lets you control the voltage across a across it. It is a simple way of varying the voltage of a battery (or other power source) from nearly zero to all the way up to the maximum voltage the battery provides. By adding one to your headphones you can control the power of the signal going to the speakers, thereby giving them rudimentary volume control capability. Don’t do this with expensive head / ear phones though as you will likely end up deteriorating the quality.

In this book we primarily deal with hacking with reference to computers and information. No single book can employ the broadest possible definition of hacking. After you are done with this book, you will have a better idea of what constitutes hacking on computers. After you are done with this book, you will probably not be able to hack in to others’ computers, there are seldom good reasons for doing so, and this book is not for that. This book is  meant to fuel a curious mind, and expose it to the world of hack able objects. Before we can begin though we need to address the very subject of this book, ethical hacking.
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