Top 5 Free HTML5 Video Players to Embed in Your Website

HTML5 has brought the drastic change in web development, It is incorporated with new elements and attributes. Now it is easy to drag and drop items, draw on canvas, store data in browser to access in other page with HTML5. Formerly developers used to rely on Flash player or some video player plugins such as Windows Media Player to embed video in a webpage but now there are many free and open source HTML5 video players available on the web to embed videos seamlessly. Here we have listed Top 5 HTML5 video players which are free to use.



Flowplayer is an open source player to embed video in your website. It is highly customizable, you can change the skin, script for particular event, add tooltips to buttons, install plugins, add share buttons to your video and track the videos views with Google Analytics. It supports the range of media formats and as it is open source player you can add your own features to it. There is no doubt that Flowplayer is one of the top HTML5 video players but requires some prior knowledge of coding.

 Flowplayer homepage



Video.js is a free HTML5 Video Player built with JavaScript and CSS library. It has many useful features including custom skins, cross-browser compatibility, full screen and subtitle support. The notable feature is that Video.js has fallback option that automatically turns your embedded videos to Flash player if the browser doesn’t support HTML5 video. Video.js is easy to use that updates automatically when updates are available.

Visit Video.js homepage




MediaElement.js is another HTML5 Video Player powered by HTML and CSS. It has flash fallback option similar to Video.js to play videos in the old browsers that doesn’t support HTML 5 videos. MediaElement.js has easy installation and supports plugins such as backlight etc.. It supports the wide range of browsers and devices including Internet explorer 8, Internet explorer 9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7. It is also available as a plugin for Plugins for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla content management systems.

Visit MediaElement.js homepage




mediafront.org_-500x377MediaFront is one of the best open source HTML5 Video Players that could be customized according to your need with no code at all. You need not have any expertise to work with it as MediaFront comes with seamless administrator interface to configuring your media player which embed in your website or blog. This player can be skinned with jQuery-UI ThemeRoller. MediaFront also has flash fallback feature and is available for Drupal CMS.

Visit MediaFront homepage


Kaltura HTML5 Media


Kaltura is a easy to use HTML5 Media player that has cross-browser compatibility. It detects browser whether the browser can play HTML5 videos or not and executes flash fallback feature if required. It supports jquery theme roller for seamless skinning and can be integrated in well known CMS including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla etc. It possible to extend its power with Javascript.

Visit Kaltura HTML5 Media homepage

WebMag Blogger Template Free Download

The WebMag Blogger Template is a robust and multi-purpose magazine theme for Blogger enabled websites. This template is extremely efficient and has some highly customized functionality. Also this template is developed using CSS3 and HTML5. This theme is ideal for all kinds of websites, it is a multi-niche template specially designed for Magazine, Technology, Web designing, development, and gadget based blogs. Good design with no cost, isn’t it amazing. Thanks for Syed Faizan Ali from Templateism for giving this template for free.
  • Template Name : WebMag Blogger Template
  • Platform : Blogger / Blogspot
  • Release date : 28, May 2013
  • Author :
  • License : Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Features of this Template

  • Featured Slider
  • Featured Posts
  • Mega Sticky Navigation Bar
  • Social Sharing buttons
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Related Posts
  • Magazine Style
  • Orange color scheme
  • Threaded commenting system
  • 2 column template
  • 2 column sidebar and much more.

OLX : How To Buy and Sell Products Online ?

♠ Rakshith Mlore in ,,
Few years ago we used to shop in stores and selling anything was not very common. Nowonline shopping has become very popular as there are hundreds of E-commerce sites selling almost everything online. Online classified sites are also gaining popularity. You may be aware of which is one of the best online classified site in India(Ads in Bangalore).Imprimir
We can easily post ads on these sites and buy or sell products online. If you want to sell your unused things then visit OLX and post an ad there. OLX allows to post interactive ads with photos and videos. The most interesting thing about OLX is that you can post ads for free. Customers can buy things online from OLX. There are various types of items available on the site. All items are categorized and can be accessed easily.
OLX is a global brand, it started in Argentina in the year 2006. Now they are operating in more than 96 countries and 40 different languages. In India OLX started their business from 2011. Since their beginning OLX has become a great place to sell or buy items online.
Users can sell their products by posting free ads on the classified site. You can make attractive ads by adding photos and videos which will give buyers a clear idea about the product. There is a very active OLX community where you can connect with other users and buy or sell products. You can also show the ads on social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace etc. for more exposure. Mobile users will be glad to know that OLX has a mobile optimized website for faster access. In India OLX is available in many local languages also.
OLX has started their TV campaign to promote their services. The advertisements are very funny and shows the usefulness of this online classified site in our real life.

Top 10 Free Responsive Blogger Templates

By 2013, more people will use mobile phones than PCs to get online. Almost every new client these days wants a mobile version of their website. Responsive design templates can help blog to fit on any screen.With responsive template you blog can easily fit on mobile, tablet and all other devices. Responsive design are not so popular on blogger platform, because blogger is providing mobile templates which work same as responsive design but responsive site layout mostly used by WordPress blog. In this post I will provide you some free responsive design blogger template which help your blog to fit on any screen.Responsive Blogger Templare

1) Copyblogger-V2


2) Helicon


3) DailyPost


4) Elite Minima


5) Stylify Minimal


6) Innovative


7) Pinfinity

pinterest like blogger template

8) Align


9)  Responsival


10) Incipient


How to Increase Your Blog Loading Speed ?

Hello Friends, Today i am discussing about how to increase your blog loading speed. Your blog’s loading speed is very important because if your blog page is loading slow, then there is chances of loosing a high amount of traffic to your blog in the future. Google recently added Blog Load Speed as one of the important part in Ranking. If you want your blog to grow and appear in top pages in Google search, then you need to optimize your blog better.
Optimizing your blog doesn’t only mean adding some html codes to your themes, or changing the tags or deleting unwanted HTML codes. Frankly saying, Both searches engines and visitors hate the slow loading sites.
Increase Your Blog Loading Speed
So how can you decrease your page load speed ? Just Follow the Below Tips you can definitely have some change in your blog loading time.

Avoid Repeating Widgets

This is one of the mainly causing loading problem in your blog. Try to reduce the use of unwanted widget or repeating widget from your blog. And also, try to reduce the Scrolling Length of your blog. You should try to avoid same type of widgets by different developers. Use only those widgets which help you social promotions like Google Plus Badge, Google Plus Gadget etc.

Avoid Visitors Count Widget

Visitors counting widget will take more time to load. Try to avoid this problem by using reduced amount of using visitor count widgets or try to find some widget having less loading time in the internet.

Avoid displaying videos in the sidebar

Publishing videos in the sidebar decreases your blog’s overall speed. So try embedding videos in pages/posts and not in a sidebar widgets.

Remove Unwanted CSS from your template

If you are using a free template for your blog, then probably it will have over headed with CSS codes in your template. If you don’t want any CSS effect, and if you know CSS/HTML editing, then it is good to remove them.

Choose SEO friendly Themes

If you are choosing a free theme, then try using a fully Search Engine Optimized (SEO) theme, so that it may have all basic optimizations to keep your blog on line. Try to use simple, well designed and less loading time widget.

Don’t keep more than one Subscription Boxes

Some sites have many types of subscription box. They will add subscription boxes as a pop-up, sidebar widget and below posts to increase social media subscribers.

Reduce Ads

Displaying too many ads in your blog is not advisable. It does not increase your income but decrease your ranking.
In my suggestion use one or two ads in sidebar and other ads you can use in Bellow post title and in between post content…

Avoid Pop-Up Ads and Widgets

Most of the visitors hate pop-up ads and widgets. It really makes the visitor feel irritated. But when it comes to displaying ads, publishers will try to add so many pop-up ads as they give good earnings. But remember, if there is visitor then only there is earnings.

Regularly Check Your Blog Speed

You should check your blog’s load speed regularly. If it shows some errors or suddenly starts lagging, then you should take adequate measures and check for malwares, widget errors etc.
If you are new to blogging or lags in getting traffic, then you need to feel the reader’s minds.
Hope you liked this article. Don’t forget to comments box to share your valuable thoughts. Please don’t add any links in your comments as it will be removed on our review.

5 Simple Blogger Templates Collection

Hello Friends today I am back with you a collection of simple blogger templates for your blogger blogs which will make your more simple and impressive to navigate for your visitors.

1) White Clean Magazine Blogger template


2 ) GreyMag Blogger Template


3) Maggo Magazine Blogger Template

Maggo magazine

4) IMPREZZ Blogger Template


5) Newzmag Blogger Template


No Style (Blank) Blogger Template

When we install any template in the blogger so many times we thinks that is it possible to have a blogger template like a blank html page, if it is possible then we can easily make own templates according to us and also can publish the static pages like we do in html, so that would be free of cost totally, and which will be helpful to us and also helpful to our bloggers. This post was already posted by Mohammad in My Blogger Tricks but we also tried this one with own efforts and after some little kind problems we done it successfully.


Features No Style (Blank) Blogger Template

Best template for bloggers those who a blank page and customize on their own.

  • Best for showing Demo pages.

Tags : Free, Blogger Templates, fluid-width blank, Download


How to Install this Template

  • Login to you Blogger Dashboard.
  • Create a New Blog --> Select Simple Blogger Template.
  • Click on Drop Down Menu and select Template.
  • Now Click on Backup/Restore.
  • Upload the downloaded template.

Note : When You See the Layout of this template, It will be Blank and only it will show only the Favicon.

Customize Your Template in Own Style

  • Add your Meta tags / JavaScript's / links etc. in between <head> ... </head>
  • Add your CSS codes to style your page in between <b:skin><![CDATA[ ... ]]></b:skin>
  • Add your showing content which will show in your page in between <body> ... </body>

How to Add Google Plus Pop Up Widget to Blogger

There are many tools in the internet which allow bloggers gain more traffic to their blog. Today I going to give you a nice and good, Google Plus Pop Widget which will help you to get more followers to your blog Google+ page or for your Google+ profile. You might have observed this type of widgets, when you navigate some of sites like Facebook Like Pop-Up, looking on that widget this  widget was coded. In other words, Facebook Like Pop-Up box was inspiration to code this widget.

Benefits of Adding Google Plus Pop-Up Widget

  • Increase you Google Plus Follower instantly.
  • Increase your Google Page rank.
  • Good loading speed.
  • Very easy to use

How To Add Google Plus Pop-Up Widget To Blogger

  • Login to your Blogger dashboard.
  • Go to Layout –> Add a Gadget –> HTML/Javascript.
  • Copy and paste the below code in HTML/Javascript section.
  • Save the Widget.
  • You’re done.

<style type="text/css">
html #mbtgppopupdiv {position:absolute;}
#mbtgppopupdiv {display:block; top:0px; left:0px; width:100%; height:100%; position:fixed; background-image:url('');margin:0; overflow-y:auto;}
#mbtgppopup {z-index:9999;background-color: #fff; overflow:none;}
.mbtgppopup {width:400px; height:440px; position:fixed; top:40%; left:50%; margin-top:-200px; margin-left:-200px; border: 10px solid #ff3434; padding: 20px;}
.mbt-title {background:#fff;color: #000;font-size: 14px !important;font-weight:bold;margin:5px 0;border:10px solid #000;padding:10px;line-height:15px; font-family:Verdana !important;}
<!--[if browser is IE 6]>
<style type="text/css">
html {overflow-x:auto; overflow-y:hidden;}
<![endif not]-->
<div id="mbtgppopupdiv">
<div id="mbtgppopup" class="mbtgppopup">
<center><h4 class="mbt-title">Receive All Updates Via Google+. Just Follow Us...</h4></center>
<div class="g-plus" data-action="followers" data-height="300" data-href="" data-source="blogger:blog:followers" data-width="310">
<script type="text/javascript">
(function() {
window.___gcfg = {'lang': 'en'};
var po = document.createElement('script');
po.type = 'text/javascript';
po.async = true;
po.src = '';
var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];
s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s);
<br />
<center style=" float:right; margin-right:35px; font-size:9px;" ><b>Powered By </b><a style=" font-size:9px; color:#ff3434; text-decoration:none;" href=""><b>My Blogging Techniques</b></a></center>
<center style=" float:left; margin-left:30px; font-size:9px;cursor:pointer;" ><a style=" font-size:9px; color:#ff3434; text-decoration:none;" onmouseup="document.getElementById('mbtgppopupdiv').style.display='none'"><b>Skip To Continue</b></a></center>
</div> </div>
Important : Replace “” with your blogs Google Plus Page URL or your Google Plus Profile URL.
Note : Please respect our work and please don’t remove the link to our site in the widget.

What Is Required To Make Money Online Through Blogging

Well many of them think that blogging is the easiest way to earn few bucks in to their pockets. Seriously speaking, blogging isn’t an easy like people’s thought, Blogging will not be easy unless you are an pro-blogger and understands what it takes.

Well, today am going to enlighten you with “what it truly takes to make money online via blogging”.

A couple of times people keep asking me ‘how do you make money online ? And i simply tell them blogging and they go further by saying how ? And i simply them thus:

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‘I simply create a blog, work on it and then monetize it with Google adsense and Google pays me for the work I have done.’

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make money in india online1


If you need to be successful in blogging then you need to be determined to success. Of course creating a blog is easy but what about managing and to keep it going is very difficult ? I created my first blog January 2012 and up to date the blog is still running and performing. This is not my first blog for some financial issues I had to sell that blog to one of my visitors.


Been a newbie to blogger, you have to give it your utter most time, spend that time working, designing and monetizing your blog instead of chatting on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. I don’t not say don’t chat at all or don’t use Social Networks.


To me research opens you to more knowledge, keep researching everyday about blogging and related to things that you are curious about.

What Else do you need ?

Don’t be discouraged

A couple of times i have come to realize that when Google doesn’t approves or bans a bloggers Google Adsense account they tend to give up on their blog thinking its all lost, but pal. See even I got banned from Google Adsense, as I mentioned in first line, I have also gave up blogging. Then one of my best friend Sachin, suggested me that don’t just blog for money, blog for the knowledge you gain from it. Since then I started this blog from February 5, 2013 to help other bloggers to find their way on blogging.

How To Add New Official Google+ Badge Widget To Blogger

Google Plus has launched its New Official Google Plus Badge for all blogger to increase their followers in a single click. There are hundreds of blogging goods provided by Google for bloggers to publicize their blog. But according to me, Blogger is always on top because is very useful and easy to customize Newbie bloggers. I would recommend Newbie bloggers to create and continue their work on

This widget has two layouts i.e., Portrait and Landscape. You can edit this widget for all background themes.

Today, in this article we will show you how to add Google’s official Google+ Badge widget to your blogger blog.

Google  widget to blogger

How to Add Widget to Your Blog

  • Login with you Google account.
  • Go to G+ Badge Page.
  • Customize your widget as you wish.

Google  Badge - Google  Platform — Google Developers

  • Copy the code (as from highlighted in the box in the above screenshot) and follow next steps.
  • Login to your blogger dashboard.
  • Go to Layout –> Add a Gadget –> HTML/Javascript.
  • Paste The Above Copied Code In HTML/Javascript.
  • After That Save it.

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Now your New Badges are ready with new look and new feature to attract your visitors to follow you.

Benefits Of Google+ Badge

  • Best quality back link for your blog.
  • Increase your Google plus followers.
  • Get Google authorship easily with it.
  • It will improve your Google page rank also.

Google Pushes Voice Calling To Hangouts In Gmail

♠ Rakshith Mlore in ,,,

Google has finally added voice calling functionality to its Hangouts chat module within Gmail. The functionality was removed from the old Google Chat module inside Gmail (although many users, including me, are still able to use the function in the old Chat module) and was never added to the Hangouts module, that is primed to be the default chat application inside Gmail. Google has said that the rollout will take a couple days within which all users who’ve opted for Hangouts will be able to see the feature.

A post on the official Gmail blog explains that people making calls to and from the US and Canada using Hangouts won’t be charged anything while calls made using Hangouts in other supported countries will be charged low rates. For instance in India, making a local call using Google Hangouts will cost $0.02 (Rs. 1.20) per minute while making a call from India to France will cost $0.10 (Rs. 6 approx.) per minute. The new rollout of voice to Hangouts incorporates a lot of additional features from both pre-existing services, such as adding multiple phone numbers to the same Hangout call, hosting a Hangout with participants on video and just audio etc.

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The voice calling feature is currently only being rolled out for desktops and not for the Hangout app for mobile OSes. As The Verge points out, it will be interesting to see if (and when) this feature rolls out to the Hangouts mobile app, because then, at least foreign calls to and from India will be significantly using Hangouts will be less expensive as compared to regular calls made using mobile networks.
According to the blog, “Hangouts is the future of Google Voice.” Let’s hope the feature does well and doesn’t get shunted off into non-existence, as quite a number of ‘exciting’ Google services in the past.

Source : Gmail Blog via The Verge

Source 2 : Think Digit

Top 10 Revenue Sharing Sites

Hello friends, today I am giving you the Top 10 online revenue sharing sites. Some bloggers come into blogging for the sake of earning money, but many of them fail to to do so also if their content is original. Why should you waste time on blogging ? Besides, there are many sites on the internet that pay you for your work that you do for them, or in other words they share their revenue with the people associated with

Here are the Top 10 useful sites that you can join and hope for some share in their revenue as per the amount. This article was originally published on Smart Earning Methods.


If your writings match the standard and have quality, then you will be generating highest per article. Here you can write on any topic.


It’s your place to make friends, and share your videos, photos and blogging to communicate with others. It is 100% Google AdSense revenue sharing program.


Register QooForum, for free and get paid on sharing your thoughts, ideas on any subjects on each category. It is a system in which ad revenue is shared up to 50% between all active members of this forum.


If you can make better 3D software like desktop management and aquarium screensavers you will get potential clients here- 50% AdSense revenue share.


It is a social networking question and answer website mainly concerning humorous advices on life and relationship. You earn via asking and answering questions, rating photos, chat and write suggestions- unknown.


Earn via publishing poetry, video, writing, music and online contents on a network of websites. The website enable users to get along with huge audience get many acquaintances and earn more revenue up to 70%.


You decide what is important to discuss, and what holds the value and deserve your opinion. Here you will get paid over sharing opinion on media scenes 50%.


It is an actual source of factual and informational contents. It provides accurate and up to date information and you get paid on posting high quality product reviews, factual guides and how to write articles etc. Only high quality factual content will be published and paid -80%.

2) Dosh

If you are good at writing topics like affiliate marketing, social media monetization, professional blogging, get-paid-to programs, etc then do not hesitate to check it out as it is a blog where you get paid over writing about ways to make money online-unknown.


SEO Score to is 92% and site worth is $199 982. It is first of its kind web site that pays people for their online content which you are already doing, and monetizes their social activity by building traffic to your content.

Tips on Internet Marketing

Hello folks, long time since last post. Today our Guest Author Jeffer Demello has took some of his precious time to write articles on our site. See How To Become a guest author on My Blogging Techniques.
 Most Internet businesses flop to prosper due to a lack of effective marketing skills. The internet can be an actually prodigious method to advertise your business. It carries along much income generation chances, which when well used can aid you to enlarge your business with estimable superiority.
 The fact though, is that many dealers are yet to take the full benefit of this powerful marketing instrument and if so, they are still fixed on the fundamentals. It is significant as an online business person that you familiarize yourself with vital internet marketing tips for you to be crown and take on above your opponents.
 The initial thing requires is to have an in-depth understanding of your rivalry. It would be judicious of you to gaze around and realize what your contestants' websites provide in terms of vision interactivity. The key notion here is to target and eventually be able to generate a more tempting website that will entice an enormous number of guests.
 If you want to develop your small or home based business sales on the Internet, below are the topmost 10 guidelines you can put to use right now.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

 To get your website noted in the search engines, you need to enhance your website for Yahoo, Google, or Bing so that your website will be on page #1 when folks hunt for your business subject. SEO Secrets book offers you step by step command that you can do to get your website registered on page #1 ahead of all your opponents.

Compelling Content Updates

 Once you have commenced your business, and you have developed your website on the Internet, if you do not always do all further, your website might be fated for disappointment. The thing that creates a site stimulating and keeps guests coming back to holiday is convincing content where they can discover "what’s in it for them".
 In order to keep guests and the search engines contented, you will want to appraise at least once a month to save things new and stimulating. Scripting fresh content can be highly tough unless you do expert scripting for a living. So contemplate giving it off to a professional who marks content every day. This will take the load of you and get those inform that is accomplished more often.


 Running a business can go cooler when you have others that are involved in your state where they distinguish particulars about you and your business. Ages ago you had to depend on in person conferences with persons and clusters. Today, interacting with your aristocracies and business consultants is so informal through social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others. This is exactly how you stay linked and get involved with other folks and they can do the similar with you.

Free Advertising

 One the biggest aids of Internet marketing are that you can utilize open services to promote your business. Websites like Kudzu and Yelp provide open categorized panache advertisements where you can upload your business facts and place associations to your website. Another great home to get free publicity is with Google Places where guests can discover instructions to your facade door and have the gamble to leave analyses.

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 When it derives to "free", be sure to take benefit, or endorsing your business universally you can. Give a reference to your website, correspondence address, and all social media versions onyour business pass, in your email name line, and every part of publicity material that you create.


 Email newsletters are the vital basis of continuing in communication with your patrons. Once your business has recognized an association with a patron, email newsletters are how you preserve them informed of what is going on with your business.
 If you vended them merchandise, the newsletter is where you express them about novel merchandises. If they bought a provision from you, the newsletter is where you express them about new facilities.

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Email newsletters are extremely inexpensive, but you need to be highly cautious to use an expert email distribution company to promise that the strength you capitalize in your bulletin, does not get misplaced just because the email could not be carried. While social marketing businesses increase and fall, email newsletters will outlook the trial of time by being a reliable voice that you have with your client.

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Author’s Bio :
Jeffer Demello writes for Empower Network, an online resource for making money online, Affiliate marketing and home based businesses.

Make Your Blog Ready For Mobile Phones

Now-a-days there are millions of mobile internet users, as you know the mobile internet speed is very fast these days with 3G's, 4G LTE etc. Also many many of students come online to learn blogging and earn few bucks.blogger-mobile-Friendly
Many of them cannot afford for a high speed internet modem’s, so they visit your blog through their mobiles. If you want to make their experience in your site better then you have to build a mobile friendly site. In order to do that you have follow my steps.

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How To Make Your Blog Ready For Mobile Phones

  • Go to
  • Login to your blogger dashboard.
  • Go to Template –> Edit HTML.
It is recommend that you keep a backup of your blogger template. If you don’t know how to do it then. Visit Here.
  • Then search for the below code using using Ctrl+F.
<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>
  • Copy and paste the below code, just below the above code.
<meta content='IE=EmulateIE7' http-equiv='X-UA-Compatible'/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.isMobile'>
<meta content='width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, user-scalable=0' name='viewport'/>
<meta content='width=1100' name='viewport'/>
  • Now Save you template.
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