How to Increase Your Blog Loading Speed ?

Hello Friends, Today i am discussing about how to increase your blog loading speed. Your blog’s loading speed is very important because if your blog page is loading slow, then there is chances of loosing a high amount of traffic to your blog in the future. Google recently added Blog Load Speed as one of the important part in Ranking. If you want your blog to grow and appear in top pages in Google search, then you need to optimize your blog better.
Optimizing your blog doesn’t only mean adding some html codes to your themes, or changing the tags or deleting unwanted HTML codes. Frankly saying, Both searches engines and visitors hate the slow loading sites.
Increase Your Blog Loading Speed
So how can you decrease your page load speed ? Just Follow the Below Tips you can definitely have some change in your blog loading time.

Avoid Repeating Widgets

This is one of the mainly causing loading problem in your blog. Try to reduce the use of unwanted widget or repeating widget from your blog. And also, try to reduce the Scrolling Length of your blog. You should try to avoid same type of widgets by different developers. Use only those widgets which help you social promotions like Google Plus Badge, Google Plus Gadget etc.

Avoid Visitors Count Widget

Visitors counting widget will take more time to load. Try to avoid this problem by using reduced amount of using visitor count widgets or try to find some widget having less loading time in the internet.

Avoid displaying videos in the sidebar

Publishing videos in the sidebar decreases your blog’s overall speed. So try embedding videos in pages/posts and not in a sidebar widgets.

Remove Unwanted CSS from your template

If you are using a free template for your blog, then probably it will have over headed with CSS codes in your template. If you don’t want any CSS effect, and if you know CSS/HTML editing, then it is good to remove them.

Choose SEO friendly Themes

If you are choosing a free theme, then try using a fully Search Engine Optimized (SEO) theme, so that it may have all basic optimizations to keep your blog on line. Try to use simple, well designed and less loading time widget.

Don’t keep more than one Subscription Boxes

Some sites have many types of subscription box. They will add subscription boxes as a pop-up, sidebar widget and below posts to increase social media subscribers.

Reduce Ads

Displaying too many ads in your blog is not advisable. It does not increase your income but decrease your ranking.
In my suggestion use one or two ads in sidebar and other ads you can use in Bellow post title and in between post content…

Avoid Pop-Up Ads and Widgets

Most of the visitors hate pop-up ads and widgets. It really makes the visitor feel irritated. But when it comes to displaying ads, publishers will try to add so many pop-up ads as they give good earnings. But remember, if there is visitor then only there is earnings.

Regularly Check Your Blog Speed

You should check your blog’s load speed regularly. If it shows some errors or suddenly starts lagging, then you should take adequate measures and check for malwares, widget errors etc.
If you are new to blogging or lags in getting traffic, then you need to feel the reader’s minds.
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