No Style (Blank) Blogger Template

When we install any template in the blogger so many times we thinks that is it possible to have a blogger template like a blank html page, if it is possible then we can easily make own templates according to us and also can publish the static pages like we do in html, so that would be free of cost totally, and which will be helpful to us and also helpful to our bloggers. This post was already posted by Mohammad in My Blogger Tricks but we also tried this one with own efforts and after some little kind problems we done it successfully.


Features No Style (Blank) Blogger Template

Best template for bloggers those who a blank page and customize on their own.

  • Best for showing Demo pages.

Tags : Free, Blogger Templates, fluid-width blank, Download


How to Install this Template

  • Login to you Blogger Dashboard.
  • Create a New Blog --> Select Simple Blogger Template.
  • Click on Drop Down Menu and select Template.
  • Now Click on Backup/Restore.
  • Upload the downloaded template.

Note : When You See the Layout of this template, It will be Blank and only it will show only the Favicon.

Customize Your Template in Own Style

  • Add your Meta tags / JavaScript's / links etc. in between <head> ... </head>
  • Add your CSS codes to style your page in between <b:skin><![CDATA[ ... ]]></b:skin>
  • Add your showing content which will show in your page in between <body> ... </body>
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