Top 10 Revenue Sharing Sites

Hello friends, today I am giving you the Top 10 online revenue sharing sites. Some bloggers come into blogging for the sake of earning money, but many of them fail to to do so also if their content is original. Why should you waste time on blogging ? Besides, there are many sites on the internet that pay you for your work that you do for them, or in other words they share their revenue with the people associated with

Here are the Top 10 useful sites that you can join and hope for some share in their revenue as per the amount. This article was originally published on Smart Earning Methods.


If your writings match the standard and have quality, then you will be generating highest per article. Here you can write on any topic.


It’s your place to make friends, and share your videos, photos and blogging to communicate with others. It is 100% Google AdSense revenue sharing program.


Register QooForum, for free and get paid on sharing your thoughts, ideas on any subjects on each category. It is a system in which ad revenue is shared up to 50% between all active members of this forum.


If you can make better 3D software like desktop management and aquarium screensavers you will get potential clients here- 50% AdSense revenue share.


It is a social networking question and answer website mainly concerning humorous advices on life and relationship. You earn via asking and answering questions, rating photos, chat and write suggestions- unknown.


Earn via publishing poetry, video, writing, music and online contents on a network of websites. The website enable users to get along with huge audience get many acquaintances and earn more revenue up to 70%.


You decide what is important to discuss, and what holds the value and deserve your opinion. Here you will get paid over sharing opinion on media scenes 50%.


It is an actual source of factual and informational contents. It provides accurate and up to date information and you get paid on posting high quality product reviews, factual guides and how to write articles etc. Only high quality factual content will be published and paid -80%.

2) Dosh

If you are good at writing topics like affiliate marketing, social media monetization, professional blogging, get-paid-to programs, etc then do not hesitate to check it out as it is a blog where you get paid over writing about ways to make money online-unknown.


SEO Score to is 92% and site worth is $199 982. It is first of its kind web site that pays people for their online content which you are already doing, and monetizes their social activity by building traffic to your content.

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