How To Create An Animation To Represent The Growing Moon

  • Open flash 8 software -> click on flash document->go to windows->properties -> select the properties tool -> choose the Background to black.
  • Go to fill color under tool bar -> select the white color.
  • Select the oval tool in order to draw the moon. you will get a white circle.
  • Select the white circle on the worksheet using the selection tool -> right click -> convert to symbol –> select movie clip –> give suitable name Eg: moon –> click ok.
  • Go to filter->click on the + symbol->select glow to apply glowing effect-> select the color to white under glow and adjust the blur x/blur y values.
  • Click on the + symbol again and chose blur -> again adjust the blur x/blur y values.
  • Place the moon where ever you want on the work area.double click on layer 1 and rename as MOON.
  • Insert another layer –> rename it as Animation.
  • Select the fill color to black-> select oval tool and draw a circle on the moon to cover the moon –> select the newly added circle -> right click -> convert to symbol -> movie clip -> name it as Animation.
  • Go to filter -> select + symbol –> give the glow and blur effect as did for moon.
  • Select the 150th frame in moon layer –> right click –> insert key frame. repeat the same for Animation layer.
  • Click on the 149th keyframe of animation layer –> right click-> press create motion -> select the animation movie clip and move slowly across the moon.
  • Finally go to control -> test movie -> u will get a growing moon as the output.

See this below Output screenshot.


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