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PureX Responsive Free Premium Blogger Template


a responsive premium yet free blogger template which is highly customizable in terms of colors so that it suits each and every blog and gives way for innovative color combinations. PureX is built on the same base grid but this is a Gallery styled template. It offers everything that PureZ offers in a Gallery style view of the posts. Below is the full details about features and editing necessities.
PureX Responsive Blogger Template Being responsive as well as fluidic means it will fit into screen of any size without horizontal scrolls. May it be a desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, anything with a screen, it will fit into it. With its single click site-wide color change feature, you can set your own color for the blog with a total of 9 color combinations which covers the entire site. The Gallery style makes it look even more eye catching for certain niche blogs. If you need a normal list type version of this template then go and download the PureZ blogger template.
Tags : responsive, minimalistic, elegant, multi-color, fluid-width, 2-column, right-sidebar, 4-column-footer, premium, free, search-engine-optimized, html5

PureX Features

  • Gallery Style View
  • Fully Responsive (till 320px) as well as Fluidic Design
  • Minimalistic and Elegant in nature
  • Single Click Color change to your Choice of color
  • SEO Optimized
  • 2 Colum Design
  • 300px Wide Right Sidebar
  • 4 Column Footer
  • Admin Comment Highlight
  • Auto Page Menu at the bottom
  • Header AD Banner
  • Minimalistic yet Professional Look

PureX Technical Aspects

  • HTML5 coded with CSS3
  • Full Compatibility across all latest web browsers
  • Opengraph integrated
  • Share buttons already included

Necessary Editings

Menu Bar
Go to Template page and click Edit HTML. Search for <nav> tag around line 377. You will have
<li><a href='YOUR-LINK-HERE'>Category 1</a></li>

and similar lines. Change the name of menu and change the link of all the items and press Save Template.
Changing the color

In the Template Page, click Customise and select the Advanced tab in the graphical editor. You will be presented with a list of changeable colors. Select and change accordingly. Press Apply to Blog after changing the colors.

Click here if you don't know how to install blogger templates.




Author of this Template : Karthik M’lore

How to Install Blogger Template

It is very important to Blogger templates whenever you are playing/editing with your template’s HTML codes. we may need to back-up an existing template before making significant changes to an exiting templates so that i would be restored later.

How to Download an Existing template for Backup
  • Login to your Blogger Dashboard.
  • Go to Template –> click on Backup / Restore button in the top right corner of the page.
  • A window opens like this.
  • Click on Download Full Template and allow it download.
How to Restore/Upload New Blogger template
  • Login to your Blogger Dashboard.
  • Go to Template –> click on Backup / Restore button in the top right corner of the page.
  • Click on Browse –> Choose the downloaded file –> Click on Upload button.
Once the file has uploaded, you'll receive a message saying that your template upload was successful and can preview your design on the Template page.
Drawbacks when uploading a New Template

When uploading a new template, any gadgets which were not present in the new template would be deleted. Blogger's new interface ensures that all gadgets will be retained, though they may appear in different sections of your layout.
You can easily rearrange the location of your gadgets through the Layout section of your Blogger dashboard if required.

3 Traditional Ways to Earn-Money Blogging

Blogging can be fun, yet it also requires long hours and most of the times, hard work. Therefore, choose topics that you are passionate about and interests you most. Any which way, blogging can give a lucrative income if given the right focus and dedication.earn-money-blogging-300x225


1. Put advertisements.

Blog promotion is one way to let that you let others know that you are into blogging. Coming up with a marketing strategy to advertise your blog can help in making others aware of your existence. A particular advertising site such as Adsense by Google is one of the most popular platforms in advertising online.

And after Adsense, there are many publishers networks that allow you earn few bucks to your pockets. Such publishers networks are BuySellAds, Media.Net, Infolinks, Chitika etc.

2. Get employed.

Today, many companies are hiring more bloggers to gain more customers towards them. This is one marketing technique being used by businesses to penetrate the target market. Blogging about the company’s profile, products and services offered helps in reaching out to people what they really need to know. More people are now getting information by the use of the internet, and reading is just a click away.


3. Find sponsors.

This is usually applicable to some bloggers. A good business connection can be useful or a recommendation from someone you know can be to your advantage. Corporate sponsorship can be rewarding but you need to totally carry the company brand on your blog site. Although you get paid for this, there is the need to adhere to some restrictions like mentioning a particular competitor that carries similar product and services.

PayPal For Your Earn-Money Blogging : For Your Money Transactions


Hi there folks, today lots of people are interested in blogging and lots of them come into blogging for making a pocket full of money. Only few get a success on it. One can never deny the fact that people are easily fascinated by easy online jobs which of course involves earning money in a fast and simple way. It is really ideal to write an article about something we enjoy and earn money at the same time, and there are varieties of online payment service providers to ensure that we, bloggers, receive our earnings without a problem. However, because some bloggers set eyes on money alone, they tend to ignore the subtle dangers of entrusting their money online.


Now let’s take the example of an online money transactions company like PayPal.

PayPal is used as a channel for making online money transfers and payments, an alternative to paper transactions. Many bloggers nowadays use PayPal for business. Still, it is advisable to set standards and precautionary measures on choosing the aforementioned online money transfer so we may be able to see the advantages and disadvantages that come with it.

The first thing to consider about choosing PayPal is its safety. Since it is no wonder a big company and patronized by people all over the world, cybercrime in online jobs is inevitable. It was stated in news that PayPal is not regulated as a bank, therefore, the safety it offers isn’t as concrete as other banks. Additionally, there are numerous cases and complaints that PayPal executes sudden freezing of accounts without further notice, one if its disadvantages.

Another is its service – whether the transaction is fast or slow. Based on online forums, PayPal customers stated that it usually takes 3-5 days to complete such action, but the person receiving money has an immediate access to it, which is favorable and convenient for bloggers.

We may encounter different outcomes when it comes to online jobs, because first and foremost, one may consider it risky. But it is important for bloggers to be careful, especially when dealing with money, so we should choose wisely which payment service provider to entrust our money to. To decide whether PayPal is good enough relies on the bloggers themselves, in which picking an online help when it comes to money is taken into consideration.

Well, I have been using PayPal for my blogging at home activities and so far I have no safety issues and other risks that made lost my money. But the only thing I’m sure is that I feel like the service charges PayPal have been deducting to money I received from advertiser paying for my blogging services is somehow HUGE. I know other PayPal users have the same sentiment, but anyway I am doing online business. Aside from the fact that their conversation rates from dollar to your local currency is quite lower as based on worldwide foreign exchange.

In any case, I still like PayPal for convenience in making may online transactions – my earning money from blogging activities. If anyone of you reading this, do you have the same sentiments or anything to say about PayPal? Please comment below.

Automatically Publish Blogger Posts To Facebook,Twitter And Other Social Sites

Social media plays an important role in improving any blog's SEO.That's why you may watch social media gadgets almost on every blog/website.If you have enough number of subscribers on social sites then just automatically publish your posts on social sites and get the traffic.Today I am giving a tutorial about automatically posting on Facebook,twitter and some other social sites with using service which is free of cost.I am also using this service to publish my blogger posts Facebook and twitter.The reason behind to choose is it is very easy to use and install.You can on-off auto publishing anytime and very easily.Lets see how to use it.

Automatically Publish Blogger Posts On Social Sites

  • First go to
  • Signup with giving your email address and choosing password.
  • Now go to your inbox and confirm your email address first
  • You will redirect to another page here you have to provide your feeds address in below format
  • automatically-publish-blogger-posts3 USERNAME HERE

  • Click on twitter icon and you will redirect to twitter
  • Give your twitter's profile's username and password and hit "Authorize App" button.Now your posts will automatically publish on twitter.

  • automatically-publish-blogger-posts2
  • Now click on Facebook icon.

  • automatically-publish-blogger-posts4
  • You will redirect to Facebook page. Log in to your Facebook account from which you are managing your fan page and select your fan page.
  • Customize your services as you wish and save your changes.

  • That's all about auto posting on social networking.If you know more services then share it using contact form below.

Awesome New Latest Tweets Twitter Widget For Blogger

Now days social sharing has become most powerful way to increase traffic on your blog. Twitter is best way to share your blog posts. Here is a awesome new twitter gadget developed by I am sharing this with you. Installation is so easy,Just follow my steps.
How To Awesome New Latest Tweets Twitter Widget For Blogger
  • Copy this code.
  • Paste this code in your notepad.
  • Replace all bloggingtechnix with your twitter username & follow below image instruction.
  • Log in to Blogger Dashboard  --> Edit Layout.
  • Select Add a Gadget --> Html/JavaScript.

    • <style type="text/css">ul#twitter_update_list{list-style:none;margin:20px 0;background:none;}ul#twitter_update_list li{list-style:none;background:url( no-repeat scroll left 6px transparent;padding:2px 0 2px 30px;margin:0 0 5px;display:block;}ul#twitter_update_list li a{display:inline;background:none;}.tfoot{position:relative;background:url( no-repeat scroll left 6px transparent;padding:15px 0 15px 50px;display:block;}</style><ul id="twitter_update_list"></ul><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><div class="tfoot" style="clear:both;">Follow me <a href="" target="_blank">@bloggingtechnix</a></div>

      Live Demo ▼

        Follow me @bloggingtechnix

        Auto Read More Button With Image Thumbnails For Blogger

        Auto read more functions automatically shorten your post and create a thumbnail of an image which is present in the post.It also helps to load page faster.It also shows and image thumbnails which helps to attract the readers.I have also added the auto read more to my blog.You just have to add two codes to blog no need jquery or css.Now lets see how to add auto read more with thumbnails for blogger.

        How To Add Auto Read More With Thumbnails For Blogger

        • Go to Blogger Dashboard -->  --> Edit HTML.
        • Now find </head> tag
        • Place below code just before/above </head> tag.
        <script type='text/javascript'>var thumbnail_mode = "no-float" ;
        summary_noimg = 430;
        summary_img = 340;
        img_thumb_height = 100;
        img_thumb_width = 120;
        <script type='text/javascript'>
        function removeHtmlTag(strx,chop){
        var s = strx.split("<");
        for(var i=0;i<s.length;i++){
        s[i] = s[i].substring(s[i].indexOf(">")+1,s[i].length);
        strx = s.join("");
        chop = (chop < strx.length-1) ? chop : strx.length-2;
        while(strx.charAt(chop-1)!=' ' && strx.indexOf(' ',chop)!=-1) chop++;
        strx = strx.substring(0,chop-1);
        return strx+'...';
        function createSummaryAndThumb(pID){
        var div = document.getElementById(pID);
        var imgtag = "";
        var img = div.getElementsByTagName("img");
        var summ = summary_noimg;
        if(img.length>=1) {
        imgtag = '<span style="float:left; padding:0px 10px 5px 0px;">
        <img src="'+img[0].src+'" width="'+img_thumb_width+'px" height="'+img_thumb_height+'px"/>
        summ = summary_img;
        var summary = imgtag + '<div>' + removeHtmlTag(div.innerHTML,summ) + '</div>';
        div.innerHTML = summary;

        If you want to change image thumbnail size then find these numbers 100 and 120.

        • Now find   <data:post.body/>  and replace it with below code.

        <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
        <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "static_page"'>
        <div expr:id='"summary" +'><data:post.body/></div>
        <script type='text/javascript'> createSummaryAndThumb("summary<>");
        <a class='more' expr:href='data:post.url'>Read more ...</a>

        Now save it.
        If it doesn't works for you then mention it in comments. I'll glad to help you.

        How To Shift Blogger Sidebar To Right Or Left?

        Today we are sharing another simple CSS trick which can change the whole layout of your blog.This is the for those who change positions of t heir blog's sidebar wrapper and main wrapper.To apply this trick you just have to find and edit some words in your template.But don't forgot to backup your full template before editing your template.If you want to change positions of your Sidebar Wrapper and Main Wrapper then go though the simple tutorial below.

        How To Change Position Of Sidebar/Main Wrapper?

        1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard –> Edit HTML.
        2. Download a copy of your template.
        3. Now search for below code or similar code in your template using Ctrl + F
        #main-wrapper {
        float: left;
        width: 600px;
        margin: 0;
        padding: 0;

        Now change float: left to float: right
        Now you have to shift the sidebar from right to left.To do this find below code or similar to this code in your template.
        #sidebar-wrapper {
        float: right;
        width: 320px;
        margin: 0;
        padding: 0 20px 10px;
        display: inline;

        Now change float: right to float: left
        Take a preview of your template you will noticed that your sidebar has been moved right to left.
        Now save your templateand you are done...

        Windows 8 Metro UI Software–Free Download

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        Bored of your old style start menu for your Operating System. I have searched in the internet and giving you this software to change your start menu and Upgrade it to Windows 8 Pro style.

        Also See : New Features in Microsoft Windows 8.1


        What you have to do ?

        You will have to download and install this software named “Win8 Metro UI” on your PC.

        What does Win8 Metro UI Do ?

        WinMetro is specially designed to bring the newly introduced Windows 8 Metro UI to Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. It offers an easy solution for old versions of windows users to try and enjoy the tile based Metro UI. By displaying useful information such as Wheather forecast, Calendar, News, Stocks and Frequently used programs, it turns your desktop into an informative and productive work station. It also offers the option to boot Metro Start Screen directly.

        Awards won by this Software :


        5 Handwritten Style Google Web Fonts for your Blog

        Hello folks, long time since last post. Today in this modern world many people come into blogging for money and they try their hard to monetize and design their blog. A good web font is very hard to find in the internet. So today I am going to give you the latest and best 5 Handwritten like style Google web fonts for your blog.
        Handwriten Google Webfont

        With this post, you can skip the work of sorting through the crap and cut straight to the awesome web fonts that are readable, attractive and perfect for your site.
        All of the fonts are shown with a unique CSS treatment and provided with code for your instant implementation. They’re also all served up with Google Web Fonts so you’ll be up and running with a quick copy and paste, no downloads required to implement it on your blog.

        1) Oleo Script

        A nice thick script web font with good readability and interesting letter shapes. Perfect for headlines.
        Oleo Script
        Go Here

        2) Lobster Two

        Lobster needs no introduction, it has become one of the most ubiquitous scripts on the planet in the last few years. Version two gives you the choice between bold and thin versions.
        Lobster Two
        Go Here

        3) Berkshire Swash

        I really love the ornamental nature of this typeface, the letters are big, bold and beautifully curvy. Use this if you want to convey an old world feel.
        Go Here

        4) Merienda One

        Merienda isn’t my favorite but it certainly has its uses. The letters have a brushed feeling with sharp directionality that conveys motion well. Merienda
        Go Here

        5) Pacifico

        Pacifico is just a great, round and loopy script that really has a unique feel to it. It’s hard to find a thick script with such nice curves and so much character so be sure to bookmark this one. Pacifico
        Go Here
        More Handwritten Google Web fonts

        There you have it, five awesome hand written fonts served up and ready to implement. The Google Web Font library has well over a hundred of these but so many of them really aren’t worth using at all so hopefully this article will help you.

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