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Hello folks, today our guest author Melisa Marzett has taken some of her precious time to write for us. See how to become an Guest Author in My Blogging Techniques.

Each mature blogger pays close attention to write quality content for his blog. He knows how to write a good post the readers will like. But nowadays the success of your blog depends a lot on its right promotion. Everybody who is involved in blogging knows by heart that each post should be promoted in social media and commented on a lot. This is what everyone does. I want to offer you some more creative and less known ways of doing a blog promotion. So, if you’re ready to start over for gaining a desired blogging success, let’s get down to it:


1. Create a short video preview of your post with Vine. It can be either intriguing or promotional, or even both. Share this video in social media with the links to your post. After watching an engaging video content people will more likely click the link and get to your blog.

2. Make an overview of your post in SlideShare - and include several links to your post. Visualize the main points and offer the readers to visit your blog for detail. If you can make the information visibly attractive, most of them will do.

3. Announce your upcoming post in a few words. If you can, divide a long post into two or three smaller parts, and invite readers to learn more by coming back when the next piece is released. Or simply announce the post topic and short contents in social media a day before.

4. Banner on a relevant blog. Find one of the top-rated blogs in your field and buy a banner advertisement for your blog post. Yeah, it can cost a lot for you, but if the banner is chosen correctly and the post is really good, this tactic can provide you with hundreds of new unique readers in a comparatively short time.

5. Share the images from your post in Instagram or Pinterest. Do it on your page as well as in groups. Make sure you’ve got quality and social media friendly images (research the latest trends) with a logo of your blog or company on them.

6. Run the contest : Think over the prize yourself, but the terms should be about sharing your newest post socially. Announce that the winner will be chosen by random or the one who collects the biggest number of reposts or likes wins.

7. Signature. Add the link to your latest post to your email signature, forum signature etc. So, a big number of people you usually communicate with will get the link to it and probably want to check it. Make sure to add the call to action as well. This looks more personal than a social media link and will draw more attention.

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8. Ask the bloggers in your niche to mention or share your post. This will ensure you more exposure from your target audience.

About the author: Melisa Marzett is a skilled writer with a huge experience. She enjoys creating numerous articles about business, promotion, health and social media. Melisa also collaborates with guest post websites.

Top-notch tricks on writing a great post

Hello folks, today our guest author Paul Smith has taken some of his precious time to write for us. See how to become an Guest Author in My Blogging Techniques.

To become successful in writing is not a one day job, it takes time to learn how to express your thoughts (proper thoughts) correctly and to let others understand the gist and the purpose of your writing.


Stick to the basic principle of writing

Fun post is good, however, correct and fun post is twice better. What else is try to avoid needless words in a post or an article. Moreover, do not resolve to the help of clich├ęs in worlds and examples, but use your own. After all, try to reread post and think, if it's interesting indeed. The same concerns the topic of the post; focus attention on the main question, issue or thing, it is not necessary to add something aside the key message of your post.

Don’t make procrastination as your friend

While writing, don’t let anything distract you, including watching TV show during break, making snacks, looking for information on YouTube or other similar source. Turn off the TV, mobile phone and gadgets; they are not helpers, but exogenous irritants, using which you postpone actual writing.clip_image002

Follow the passion

Write what you are interested in or good at, otherwise a post can be dreary. Anyhow, one can see how the post is written; is there any passion or aspiration. It is easy to find out if you are mad about this or that.

Personal opinion is important

To add to it, express your thoughts and attitude freely, don't limit yourself with formal, "dry" style. Besides, you can use “personal inspiration” for writing, which can be anything: from favorite pet, to a wonderful sunrise outside of the window. Just remember, if you are not empty inside, the post will never be empty, single-typed or boring. Think of writing a post or an article as a way to connect readers, however, that will “one way road”

Be distinguished!

 It is not necessary to add naked or harsh truth in a post, but to show real things trough interesting interpretation or to compare with something unusual. Should it be mentioned that any post must be written in original manner or style. The blogger or writer may come up with his on features, personal "thing", if you wish: like original greeting or thematic quote in every post. To be yourself is the best method: add your own individuality to the post, like you add spices to a meal to make it better. As an option, try to write, as if you talk with a person next to you; this will make an impression of life conversation, which in its turn add point to post and make it more noticeable in comparison with others.

Doubtless, to pull yourself together and to concentrate on something needs patience, time and muse, certainly. Following the tips above, you definitely succeed in blogging, so don’t postpone this and try your writing skills right now. Good luck!

About the author: Paul Smith is an excellent essay writing services. He is talented and quick-witted writer, who has an experience in writing, blogging, psychology and time management. If you are interested, you can reach him at Google+.

Rising Office Trends 2014 : [Infographic]

Hello Folks, today our Guest Author Enda O'Reilly has taken some of her precious time to write for us. See how to become an Guest Author in My Blogging Techniques.
This info graphic examines the rising office trends for 2014. Offices are constantly changing and diversifying to keep up with technology changes, workforce differences and to always try and increase productivity. The first area of the office this info graphics looks at is ‘Endangered Species’, many office appliances are being phased out and will no longer be needed as more and more office tasks are available online. For example, in 2014 the need for a Rolodex and business cards will be replaced by a smartphone application with is more reliable, saves paper and is completely free. Other traditional office staples such as standard working hours, office cubicles and formal business attire are all running the risk of becoming unnecessary and out of date. A trend that is going to be huge for 2014 is BYOD (Bring You Own Device). Basing its findings on a Deloitte Report, this info graphic explains how over ½ of UK smartphones in companies will be through a BYOD scheme by 2016. ‘Time to Telecommunicate’ is the next section of this info graphic and shows how more and more people will be working from home and these figures will continue to rise. Due to the nature of many office workers jobs it is now possible to work completely from home and use applications like Go Meeting and Google Drive to join meetings and share files easily and efficiently. Online Meeting platforms are being used more and more in offices as it instantly lets people join a meeting regardless of location and also saves time setting up meeting rooms, waiting for people to arrive etc. ‘The Cloud Phenomenon’ is the next section of this info graphic and evaluates the different platforms available and compares them in terms of unique selling point and pricing. The final section of this Rising Office Trends 2014 info graphic details how outsourcing will continue to grow in 2014, with India and China being the two most popular locations.
Rising Office Trends 2014
Author Bio :
Enda O'Reilly is the author of Needa Shredder.

Popular Kinds Of Blogs

Hello Folks, long time since i last posted an article on my website.Today our Guest Author Jamie Dole Green has taken some of her precious time to write for us. See how to become an Guest Author in My Blogging Techniques.

It's a whole NEW YEAR and probably by now, you may be well aware of the trends that are all the rage right now. Mostly, the trends of the Internet. Yeah, Social Media is still reigning king. And speaking of which, you may have probably heard of this type of social media called "BLOGS". It's basically like an On-line Journal.It's like your own personal notebook in the world wide web. Write anything you like. Put anything you like. But the differences is, A bunch of people called "Followers" are gonna read it. There are different kinds of blogs though. Everyone caters to different interests. Here are some of the blogs that you can do to finally convince you to make a blogging account.

Food Blogs

Yes, a food blog. EVERYONE EATS right? All of us love food that's why if you decide to make a food blog, there's already a sure audience for it. Be it a food blog that reviews Restaurants or some other food place that we have not even heard of, or simply a blog that gives surefire delicious but easy to prepare recipes. Or just fill it up with pictures of food. It's all the rage right now.

Fashion Blogs

Walk, Walk, Fashion Baby. Work it! Yeah, a fashion blog where you could put in what did you wear today. Or as the we call it, "Outfit of the day". Fashion blogs such as Fashionika showcases normal people who are dressed in style. Give inspiration to readers on their way of dressing up. You could also give in style tips for the fashionably challenged. Or how you can turn your old clothes into a whole new outfit. Be your very own fashion curator.It's awesome that it brings out the inner couture in you. The Internet is your runway.

Sports Blogs

Tired of reading the usual sports article on ESPN or even at Yahoo! Sports? The guys from Bleacher Report felt the same thing and started their own shebang. It made sports commentary more accessible to the fans. Well, forget about them right? You're going to create your own sports blog too. With blackjacks! and more Machismo! Give in your own opinion why Peyton Manning is greater than Tom Brady. Find the sport that you like and just talk about it! Talk about stats, talk about how that referee screwed your favorite team with that dumb call. Talk about trades ands why this team is more awesome than this team. You may be the next Skip Bayless for all we know.

Sneaker Blogs

The sneaker scene is getting bigger and bigger than it separated itself from "Fashion Blogs". Sneakers are a booming subculture. Everyone wants a pair of those Jordans or the latest LeBrons.Blogs like Sole Collector by NightWing Write talk about release dates and reviews sneakers. The next thing you know, Nike and adidas are sending them samples of their product just to be reviewed. You know what? You could do that too!

"Art" Blogs

When I say an art blog, I just don't mean paintings and drawings, I meant the whole nine yards of it. Music, Painting, Photography. All those kinds of art can be put in here. Post it, appreciate it. Write an essay about it. Interpret the emotional aspect of this piece of painting to your readers. Why Picasso used this specific shade of blue because he's feeling "blue" (Get it?! Get it?!). Post Pulitzer Prize winning photographs.

These are just some of the kinds of blogs that you could write about. And as usual, there are still a lot that you can even think of. Like we have said before, different blogs, different tastes. It's all about what ruffles your feathers or what makes you kick and inspire. One final note though, at the end of the day, don't blog for your followers, blog for yourself. The World Wide Web is yours.

Author Bio :
Jamie Dole Green is a Creative Writing major student and a Freelance writer for Superior Papers . She enjoys a combination of indoor and outdoor activities such as writing,books,running and playing music. Follow her on GooglePlus at and on Twitter at @JamieDoleGreen for her daily quirky updates.

Smart Watches : [Infographic]

♠ Rakshith Mlore in ,
Hello Folks, long time since i last posted an article on my website.Today our Guest Author Eddie O'Driscoll has taken some of his precious time to write for us. It is a very helpful infographic that can help you improve your Websites performance and will give you a detailed information of where the leads are coming from and also See how to become an Guest Author in My Blogging Techniques.

Author's bio:
Eddie O’ Driscoll is the managing director of DPFOC ( stands for “Driving Profitability For Our Clients”) UK and Ireland and writes regularly on all topics related to online marketing.
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