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Each mature blogger pays close attention to write quality content for his blog. He knows how to write a good post the readers will like. But nowadays the success of your blog depends a lot on its right promotion. Everybody who is involved in blogging knows by heart that each post should be promoted in social media and commented on a lot. This is what everyone does. I want to offer you some more creative and less known ways of doing a blog promotion. So, if you’re ready to start over for gaining a desired blogging success, let’s get down to it:


1. Create a short video preview of your post with Vine. It can be either intriguing or promotional, or even both. Share this video in social media with the links to your post. After watching an engaging video content people will more likely click the link and get to your blog.

2. Make an overview of your post in SlideShare - and include several links to your post. Visualize the main points and offer the readers to visit your blog for detail. If you can make the information visibly attractive, most of them will do.

3. Announce your upcoming post in a few words. If you can, divide a long post into two or three smaller parts, and invite readers to learn more by coming back when the next piece is released. Or simply announce the post topic and short contents in social media a day before.

4. Banner on a relevant blog. Find one of the top-rated blogs in your field and buy a banner advertisement for your blog post. Yeah, it can cost a lot for you, but if the banner is chosen correctly and the post is really good, this tactic can provide you with hundreds of new unique readers in a comparatively short time.

5. Share the images from your post in Instagram or Pinterest. Do it on your page as well as in groups. Make sure you’ve got quality and social media friendly images (research the latest trends) with a logo of your blog or company on them.

6. Run the contest : Think over the prize yourself, but the terms should be about sharing your newest post socially. Announce that the winner will be chosen by random or the one who collects the biggest number of reposts or likes wins.

7. Signature. Add the link to your latest post to your email signature, forum signature etc. So, a big number of people you usually communicate with will get the link to it and probably want to check it. Make sure to add the call to action as well. This looks more personal than a social media link and will draw more attention.

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8. Ask the bloggers in your niche to mention or share your post. This will ensure you more exposure from your target audience.

About the author: Melisa Marzett is a skilled writer with a huge experience. She enjoys creating numerous articles about business, promotion, health and social media. Melisa also collaborates with guest post websites.

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