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Email marketing is tough these days. There are people that treat their blocked list like their own personal guard at the gate, and why not! It is the thing that stops them having to sift through hundreds of emails in their junk folder. The fact is that useful stuff does often land in the junk folder, which includes when you give out your email address to a person of the opposite sex or a friend.

This means that people still have to sort out their junk folder, which is where you may be able to make an impact. You may end up in the junk folder, but that does not mean you are out of the game. Here are some tips to help you build a more successful email marketing campaign.

Have people confirm their newsletter signup

When people sign up for an account, send them a confirmation link to confirm either their signup or their account. Most people will instinctively pull the email from the junk folder and click the link. You are then out of the junk folder for the foreseeable future.

Keep abreast of the most current spam email red flags

There are lots of them and if you have not had the user click some sort of confirmation code then you are going to end up in the junk email folder. You can try to avoid the junk mail red flags by keeping up with the most current development. The classic red flags includes the overuse of capital letters in a message, terms such as “free” or “save money” and things such as having pound/dollar signs in the subject line.

The time they are sent does not matter

Do not worry too much about the time of day they are sent. It is not like sms messages and is nothing like Twitter, which means the time of day you send the messages does not matter. The day you send them may matter, for example, if it is Easter and you have an Easter day promo code then that day will be important. You can still send the email before or after if you want, as some people only check their emails once per week.

Frequency should not be decided by articles you read

The frequency of your emails should be decided by trial and error testing. It should not be determined by online articles and blogs by people that have claimed to have had lots of success with a certain email amount frequency.

Give people an incentive to join your mailing list

Give them discounts, free stuff, more of what they are getting from your website. If you are giving incentives then they should have no choice but to sign up and confirm their signup as mentioned above. If people have an incentive to join your email list then they have a reason to want, anticipate and open your emails. Try not to be too over promotional, unless that is what the user expects.

Mobile signups should be sought

Getting people to sign up via their mobile phone is not as difficult as it seems. You should put up your website in places where people are stood around with their phone. Places such as bus stops, waiting rooms and bathroom stalls are ideal places for hanging your adverts with your website address on them. People will look at your website whilst they stand around.

If your landing page can convince people to join your mailing list, then you may retain the potential customer for longer. If they are on your mailing list then they may come back to your website at a later date. This is based on the assumption that they like what they see on your website but that they do not have much time to look at it because they are out and about. Also, remember that fast loading is more important than aesthetics and that signup should be very easy.

Trial and error testing should determine email length

The length, timing, etc, need to be determined by trial and error testing. It is easy to test with your email lists because you can group people, try different emails for different groups and see what comes back using discount codes or simply by seeing which of your customers buys something online. There is no right and wrong way that you can find out by looking at the work of other people. They may have had success with their way, but that is their personal success that only works for them.

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