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My Blogging Techniques  has been growing since February, 2013. Later after starting many blogs, i realized that it is endless handwork and priceless efforts. The honor is mine to declare that this blogs success would have been impossible without each and very one of you. You have made us grow this larger. Thank you all for your kind support.

Update : In the last Google PageRank Update hit in December 2013, My Blogging Techniques has secured PR1.

As a guest author you bring your voice to a new large audience, building your profile and credentials.
  • You also get to add 2 do-follow links to your blog. The links are added as do-follow in an about the author section below post. Self serving links are not allowed in the main parts of the post.
  • Your article will be tweeted to our Followers.
  • Your article will remain on My Blogging Techniques, until or unless you would like it to be removed.

What type of Posts we are looking for ??

Below here is a topics that we are suggesting you keep in mind while you are writing articles for us. Remember you don't need to be an expert to make some of the best posts involve Bloggers sharing their personal experiences and things they have learned or mistakes they may have made.
Suggest Topics Include:
  • Blogging Tips
  • Blogger
  • Web Design
  • Social Networking / Bookmarking Tips
  • Tools or Gadgets for Blogging
  • Tips and tricks on writing
  • How to write posts effectively
  • Topics and niches
  • Blog Promotion
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Best Ways of Making Money Online
  • Google AdSense Tips…….., etc.

Terms And Conditions

  • Your post must be original and must have never been published before on the Internet. If we notice that your content is copied, we will delete the post immediately without any notice to you.
  • You agree to not publish the post anywhere else in the internet (i.e., in your own blog or as a guest post in other blogs).
  • Your post must contain at least one picture that suites your article.
  • We may make minor edits to posts, however if a major change is required we will consult the author.
  • Articles (your post) must be no less than 500 words.
  • Please include a four sentence or less signature/bio statement. This will appear below your article when published.

How to Submit the Post ?

If you have a post ready Great, send it in the format you are most comfortable with (Text, HTML, Document, Zip, etc. or if your unsure just paste it into the Email) and i will get back to you. After you send the articles let me know via Contact Us.
Note :- Before writing/submitting your posts do always tell us about the title theme of your topic.
To Submit your post just send your posts in any format mentioned above to :-
Thanks again for your interest and i look forward to hear from you.
Rakshith Mlore
Founder Of My Blogging Techniques.
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