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13 Reasons Why You Have to Start a Blog While You Are Young

Hello Folks, long time since my last article published. Today our Guest Author Lace Wanders has took some of her precious time to write articles on our site. See How To Become a guest author on My Blogging Techniques

Age is but a number. But when it comes to blogging, age gives a major advantage to a  lot of things. For one, kids become digitally adept, so they learn to navigate the internet easily.  Blogs have also become  important in modern living because it  is now used as a source of information, marketing tool, way of documenting life and form of self expression.

Your young and you have a lot of time in your hand. If you try blogging at an early age, here are what's in for you:

1. Blogs Hone Writing Skill

School essays, theses and reports become easy to write once students start blogging.  They can improve their writing ability, and write their school papers better. Writing is not just important in school, it can also make students efficient workers in the future. The earlier you hone your writing skill, the more you become ready to write memos, reports, and proposals in your future jobs.

2. Blog Improve Literacy

Writing and reading skills go hand and hand. If you improve your writing skill, you'll be able to improve your reading skills as well. Blogging promotes literacy because part of blogging is researching for related stories and news, that you can supply on your write-up. Blogging also promotes better grasp ideas to avoid misinterpretation when reading. This is particularly helpful inside the classroom.

3. Blogs Create an Archive of Learning

At one point, you'll want to check out your previous articles and check out your style of writing. At this moment, you will realize how much you have grown. This can help you boost your confidence, and at the same time encourages you to do better in the future.

4. Blogs Improve Intelligence

Knowledge should be honed as early as possible, and with writing you can improve many forms of intelligence. You'll be able to improve your creativity, logical thinking, writing ability, linguistic skills, vocabulary, reasoning and more. You can also learn a lot of things from the topics you write. You'll be informed and updated on stories that you pick up when blogging.

5. Blogs Foster Independence

You write your own contents, search for photos you want to share, and even optimize your blog. You are on your own, when you work on your blog. This is how it helps young kids understand the importance of independence.  Kids can learn not to always ask help from their parents or friends.

6. Blogs Encourage Self Expresions

Young people have so much opinion yet they cannot  be vocal about it because of their age. Their opinions doesn't really matter in the real world, but online, their voice is as important as anyone else. They can write whatever they want. It can be a great tool for self discovery and expression.

7. Blogs Promote Open-Mindedness

Part of blogging is responding to comments, and socialization. In that case, people who blog will have a better understanding of other people. Kids who blog early will be more sociable and open in the real world once they start working.

8. Blogs Can Be Therapeutic

Tired of school? Then blog it! There is no better way to release the stress in your mind, other than writing it down. Many experts have proven the benefit of writing feelings, opinions, and problems on a blog. Though, you can only do this if you own a personal blog. But still, writing helps you forget about your worries even fo a while.

9. Blogs Teach a Person About Life

The best way for students to mature is by blogging. There are many lessons in life that writing blogs can teach young minds. It can develop character and prepare students for the “real world.” They can also learn patience, dedication, hard work, dynamic, organized and many more. All of which are personalities employers look for job applicants.

10. Blogs Improve Confidence

Confidence is a another characteristic that students can learn from blogging. Aside from being confident with the way to write, you can also remove your shyness in telling your opinion, or opening up to other people. Self-reliance is very important once you start looking for jobs or building a career.

11. Blogs Makes a Person Digitally Adept

In blogging you'll learn about internet surfing, using the computer, managing search engine rankings, and even html coding. Technological skill is very important to learn at a young age because most companies today look for someone who knows how to use the computer well.

12. Blogs Offer Great Way to Earn Money

You don't just earn knowledge when you blog, you can also earn money. Professional bloggers today can earn up to 35$ annually, without doing much other than writing. It is a great way to pay for student loan, or maybe pay for a school project. You can even make blogging a stable career, because most companies today uses blog as a marketing tool.

13. Blogs Encourage Happiness

Blogging is fun. It is a great way for students to express themselves, and show their creativity. They can even personalize their blogs through themes, plugins and photos. They can also meet new friends through this medium. Happiness you get from blogging can promote positive outlook in your life.

Sure, you'd think that blogging is just a hobby for some people. But it can actually help you a lot in the future. There are many skills you can learn from it. Skills that can improve your character and build up your resume. Invest on blogging while you are young and reap the fruits of your labor in the future.

About the Author:
Lace Wanders is a tech junkie, a blogger, and a writer. She dreams of ppublishing her own book and travel the whole world. For now, she works as a writer for best essays australia while waiting for her dreams to come true.

How to find materials for your blog

Hello folks, i hope that the contents of this site is serving well for you online knowledge.
Today our Guest Author Kate Funk has took some of his precious time to write articles on our site. See How To Become a guest author on My Blogging Techniques.

One of the reasons why a lot of blogs are abandoned is because the blog master runs out of material for his or her blog. This article is full of great ideas that you can use to improve your blog and come up with a little bit of material for your blog. Sometimes just seeing how other people do it is enough to get your own ideas flowing. So here are a few you can try for yourself with your blog.

Think about complaints or praise

Sometimes the best material comes from criticism or complaints. If you want to write a review then do, but you do not have to be confined by the supposed fair rules of a good review. For example, a good review should not show too much bias, but there is no rule that says you cannot be biased if you want to be. You can write a whole post that is just one long complaint about something and there is nothing stopping you from doing the opposite and writing a burningly positive post about something.

Google alerts

You can use Google alerts to let you know when a new blog post has been written or a new article has come out that relates to your chosen keywords. You can set it to tell you when a relevant article or blog post comes out that either relates to the query you entered or the selection of keywords that you entered into the Google alerts tool.

It emails you when it thinks a matching blog post or article has just been published (crawled by Google). This sort of thing can be used in two ways. You can hunt for articles within your genre and then copy their theme or use their ideas for your own blog posts, or you can go the other route and write counter arguments or counter attacks to the work of other peoples blogs. You do not even have to write about just one blog post.

For example, there may be several blogs that dislike Iron Man 3 (there are more than several--look it up!) so instead of counter arguing for just one blog you can pick points from several blogs and argue against them in one go. You may counter the argument that anxiety attacks are more than losing your breath from one blog and counter the argument that Pepper is a hero then a girly weakling inconsistently from another blog.

Think of the half life of facts

This idea comes from the fact that a lot of what you learn in college today is not going to be true or even relevant in 20 years. The only trouble is that we do not know which are going to stand the test of time and which are not. People used to think Freud was top notch but now most of his work has been discredited. People thought we had one moon, then two moons and now recent counts show over 18,000. People a few years ago were taught that Pluto was a planet when it is not. You can post about these ever changing facts on your blog (especially if it matches up with your blog theme.

Read case studies

It may be dull and a little boring but if you are going for a higher brow blog then case studies may fill you full of those facts and figures that your blog needs so badly. You may also criticize the case study and find holes in it.

Read more books on your subject

It is not the book itself that is going to inspire you. There will simply be a few parts in it that help you come up with new material. Plus, if you put in a few quotes from books then your blog looks as if it is worth more than it actually is. You may find a number of ideas or concepts that can keep you writing for a long time. Do not forget that each concept you find need not be a single blog post--you can write numerous blog posts based on single concepts you find within books.

Try video seminars and audio books

It seems pointless going to seminars these days when you can find most of them on YouTube or on dedicated websites. If you are still stuck then you can find them on sharing sites. You can watch or listen to these seminars and learn a few new things that you may either further research or you may apply to your blog with a new blog post.

Author's Bio :
Kate is blog writer, essayist and currently writes for

7 Counterintuitive Ways to Boost Blog Traffic

 Hello folks, long time since last post. Today our Guest Author Maddy Bertelsen has took some of his precious time to write articles on our site. See How To Become a guest author on My Blogging Techniques.

Blog traffic is hard to improve. Even blog practitioners are challenged to keep up with many algorithm changes that affects the quality of their sites. But sometimes the solution to solve their problems are just under their nose. They just can't see it because of their limited perspective in search engine optimization and blogging.

To help you, here are effective counterintuitive ways to improve blog traffic and readership:

Don't Use Captcha

Captcha is an effective tool to block spammers from infesting your website. But this tool has its cons. One of these is that, captcha also prevents “real” people from visiting your website. Another reason is that it takes more time for people to leave comments, click to another page and more. In other words it limits user engagement. As you already know, comments and shares from these users help in improving your website quality.

Know When to Post Your Blogs

Instinct tells that when a blogger finished writing his article, he needs to publish it. But to schedule publication and to know when posts get better engagement is an effective way to gain more readers. According to Buffer, men prefers reading blogs at night while women read posts in the morning. This means to publish blogs at night if you're writing about sports, fitness and other male oriented topics. If you are writing about fashion, cooking and other female-oriented articles then you should update your blog during day time. To know the reading habits of your readers gives better mileage to your blogs.

Link to Other Websites

There are many bloggers who avoid creating out bound links going to other websites. They argue that these links reduces their link juice, which might lower their rankings. Atually it is the opposite. Links going to authoritative websites are helpful in improving your blog quality. It adds credibility to your articles and to you as a writer. Not linking to your source is rude, not to mention selfish. You should be grateful to your sources and give them citation through a link.

Be Authoritative

Use command rather than suggestive sentences because they are authoritative. Avoid using “you can leave comments” or “you may share this post.” Instead use commands like “leave your comments below” or “share this article.”  Suggestive sentences are unclear, it keeps readers second-guessing on what you want them to do, whereas commands are clear. It gives better response or action from the readers.

Share Your Posts Multiple Times

Sharing your article in social media is important to get more mileage for your blog. More share means more people can read your blog. That is why you should take Guy Kawasaki's advice in sharing blog updates. According to him, it is okay to share the same link more than one time because not everyone can see the link the first time you post it. He also adds that he shares his post 3 times a day with an 8-hour interval. He adds that 75% of his traffic happens because he tweets or shares his blog posts several times. At first you might think sharing the same content multiple times pisses your followers but Guy Kawasaki has a point. It gets you more traffic and readership.

Avoid Pop-Ups

Whether an encouragement to like your social media or an advertisement of your affiliates, you must think twice when putting pop-ups. These are intrusive and people do not like being pushed to do things they don't want. Also, it is irritating to click though different pages and these pop-ups keeps showing. Online readers have short attention so they'd rather leave the site than to see these advertisements over and over. Limiting pop-ups to once per session is good, removing it all is better.

You have to take chances and be open to various strategies to be able to survive constant algorithm changes. To make blogs effective, you have to experiment which strategies are better to use. Sometimes the less obvious strategies are the most effective ways to lead your blog to success.

Author's Bio:
Maddy Bertelsen is a writer and a blogger. She has been writing for several companies, one of them is bestessay, a writing service that helps students. She dreams of one day publishing her own book.

Content Marketing: The 6 Secrets to Eye-Catching Content

Hello folks, today our guest author Sonia Jackson has taken some of her precious time to write for us. See how to become an Guest Author in My Blogging Techniques.

Eye catching content does not mean being offensive to the eye. Sometimes when you say things such as “eye catching” people think of it in terms of cereal boxes. But there is no need for bold and striking colors and graphics when you are working online.
You can be subtle and eye catching, plus you can work on catching your reader’s interest instead of grabbing their attention in an overt way. After all, the user is already looking at the screen, so unless your font or graphics are in a very small font it is going to be hard to miss what you are trying to sell to them (ideology wise or service/product wise). Here are a few tips to help your content marketing strategy along a little.

1 - Appeal to what your target consumer actually wants

This is something that so many people forget because they are so caught up in techniques that they cannot see the wood for the trees. If you are trying to appeal to young boys then drape ladies over video game consoles. If you are trying to appear to women then drape Brad pit over a motorbike wearing nothing but a honey sandwich.
Give people what they want and it will automatically become eye catching. It is just up to you to figure out what they want and how to get them to look at your content in the first place. For example, there is little point in getting sexy pictures of Brad Pitt if your content is attracting middle aged business men.

2 - Put your most interesting stuff at the top left of the page

If you are looking for psychological placements, then here are a few to consider. If you have a product that you want people to favor over the others then put it near the top left. It does not have to come first in your list, but it does need to be near the top left--so either second across or second down.
People are happy to put up with affiliate adverts if they are in the top right hand corner. People expect a search bar to be placed near the top right or left of a page. Put it elsewhere and people automatically assume it does not exist. A site map should not be on its own page--if you want one then put a well thought out one at the footer of your home page.

3 - An enticing title should also be descriptive

There are some people who just write enticing titles which is okay, but they do not gain the custom of those people who are immune to such tricks. If you make your title descriptive too then more people will give you the benefit of the doubt and read your content or click on your title link. The people who do not click on your description title or description link are the ones who would have not enjoyed the web page content anyway.

4 - A picture can say a thousand words

You can describe a lot with words but you can say even more with a picture. For example, you could spend paragraphs explaining how the little girl you saw on the train was brave, or you can show her standing her ground on a picture as her father raises a belt to her. Such an image will easily convey a more powerful message than your hundreds of words will, and there is a bigger chance that it will make a bigger impact on the reader.

5 - Make your text look easy to read

Do this in the same way that this article is laid out. Make your paragraphs of a reasonable size and split them up if you have to. And add headers to your article so that people can quickly skim read them and then get down to the rest of your content if they fancy reading it.

6 - Keep it fresh, simple and original

In simple terms this is all you need to be eye catching. It is because the Internet is over populated, and as satellite and cable TV has taught us, when a medium starts to fill up then it starts to fill up with crap. If you can produce content that is simple yet original, fresh without being weird then you will be like that TV station that is simply kept afloat because it has one good TV show on it that everybody loves. You can be that TV show if you just keep it simple, fresh and original.
Author bio: Sonia J. is an author of this post. She's also in a team of Writing Service Assitant that helps students to find the most reliable and professional writing service.

Top 10 Tips You Need to Successfully Start a Blog

Hello folks, today our guest author Evelyn Golston has taken some of her precious time to write for us. See how to become an Guest Author in My Blogging Techniques.

Starting up a blog could be frustrating; however, it's among the most effective ways to participate the online community. Try these tips to guarantee that your blog is destined for success.


1. Define Your Goals

Before starting a new blog, it's crucial that you outline your desired goals for it. Your blog site has a better potential for success once you know right from the start what you aspire to achieve with it. Think in advance to what you want to achieve from your blog site in 6 months, 1 year or three years.

2. Know Your Audience

Your blog's style and design as well as contents must reflect the anticipation of your target audience. As an example, if your target audience is teens, the style and contents will be very distinct from a blog aimed at business professionals. Your target audience will have natural anticipation for your blog site. Don't ignore them but instead satisfy and surpass those expectations to win their loyalty.

3. Be Consistent

Your blog site is a brand. Just as well-known brands like Nike or Coke, your blog site signifies a specific meaning and impression to your target audience that is your brand. Your blog's style, design contents must constantly relate your blog's over-all message and image.

4. Be Persistent

An active blog site is a helpful blog. Sites which are not kept up to date regularly are understood by their audience as stationary web pages. The performance of websites emanates from their timeliness. Although It is necessary not to post worthless posts or else you may wear your visitors, it's crucial that you update your blog regularly. The simplest way to keep visitors in returning is to usually have something totally new and significant for them.

5. Be Inviting

Probably the most unique challenges with running a blog is its social influence. Thus, it's necessary that your blog site welcomes visitors and encourages them to sign up for a two-way discussion. Ask the future prospect to leave their comments by posting queries than reply to comments of your audience. Accomplishing this will show your potential customers that you recognize them, and this will make the discussion going.

6. Be Visible

Your blog's success depends on your time and effort outside your blog. All those efforts involve discovering like-minded writers and leaving comments on their sites, taking part in social book-marking via sites like StumbleUpon, Digg and by becoming a member of social networks such asLinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Creating a profitable blog site demands hard work by generating persuasive contents on your blog site and by working beyond your blog site to advertise it and establish an online community around it.

7. Take Risks

Novice bloggers tend to be fearful of blogging tools and options at hand. You shouldn't be scared of taking risks and in trying something totally new on your blog site. From incorporating the latest plug-in to having your 1st blog contest, it is crucial that you maintain the freshness of your blog site by utilizing modifications that will increase your blog's success rate. In addition, don't be taken in by each and every new bells and whistles that can be utilized on your blog site. Instead,

8. Ask for Help

Even the most skillful blog writers are aware that the blogosphere can be an ever-changing arena and no one has learned everything you should know about running a blog. Most significantly, blog writers are a part of a close-knitted online community, and nearly all blog writers know that everybody has been a novice in the past. The fact is, blog writers are probably the most friendly and very helpful people you could find. Do not be afraid to get in touch with fellow blog writers for help. Bear in mind, the achievements of the blogosphere depends on networking, and the majority blog writers will always be happy to expand their communities no matter if you are a novice blogger or a seasoned professional.

9. Keep Learning

It looks like every day you will find new tools accessible to bloggers. The net changes rapidly, and blogging isn't an exception to the rule. When you build your blog, Invest time in researching new methods and functionalities, and be mindful of the newest news in the blogosphere. Who knows if a new tool will be revealed that can help make your life simpler or boost your readers' activities on your site?

10. Be Yourself

Remember, your blog site is an expansion of both you and your brand. Your faithful readers will keep returning to listen to what will you say. Inject your character into your blog site and adjust to a uniform tone in your content. Decide if your blog site and brand name could be more powerful with a snarky tone, business tone or a youthful tone. Then remain in step with that tone in your blog's marketing and sales communications. People do not read blogs merely to discover the news.

The author is a veteran freelance writer and blogger. She is also one of the contributing writers to Essay Jedi, providing essay and dissertation writing service.

Promote your latest blog post in a creative way

Hello folks, today our guest author Melisa Marzett has taken some of her precious time to write for us. See how to become an Guest Author in My Blogging Techniques.

Each mature blogger pays close attention to write quality content for his blog. He knows how to write a good post the readers will like. But nowadays the success of your blog depends a lot on its right promotion. Everybody who is involved in blogging knows by heart that each post should be promoted in social media and commented on a lot. This is what everyone does. I want to offer you some more creative and less known ways of doing a blog promotion. So, if you’re ready to start over for gaining a desired blogging success, let’s get down to it:


1. Create a short video preview of your post with Vine. It can be either intriguing or promotional, or even both. Share this video in social media with the links to your post. After watching an engaging video content people will more likely click the link and get to your blog.

2. Make an overview of your post in SlideShare - and include several links to your post. Visualize the main points and offer the readers to visit your blog for detail. If you can make the information visibly attractive, most of them will do.

3. Announce your upcoming post in a few words. If you can, divide a long post into two or three smaller parts, and invite readers to learn more by coming back when the next piece is released. Or simply announce the post topic and short contents in social media a day before.

4. Banner on a relevant blog. Find one of the top-rated blogs in your field and buy a banner advertisement for your blog post. Yeah, it can cost a lot for you, but if the banner is chosen correctly and the post is really good, this tactic can provide you with hundreds of new unique readers in a comparatively short time.

5. Share the images from your post in Instagram or Pinterest. Do it on your page as well as in groups. Make sure you’ve got quality and social media friendly images (research the latest trends) with a logo of your blog or company on them.

6. Run the contest : Think over the prize yourself, but the terms should be about sharing your newest post socially. Announce that the winner will be chosen by random or the one who collects the biggest number of reposts or likes wins.

7. Signature. Add the link to your latest post to your email signature, forum signature etc. So, a big number of people you usually communicate with will get the link to it and probably want to check it. Make sure to add the call to action as well. This looks more personal than a social media link and will draw more attention.

Also Read : How to Increase Your Blog Loading Speed ?

8. Ask the bloggers in your niche to mention or share your post. This will ensure you more exposure from your target audience.

About the author: Melisa Marzett is a skilled writer with a huge experience. She enjoys creating numerous articles about business, promotion, health and social media. Melisa also collaborates with guest post websites.

Top-notch tricks on writing a great post

Hello folks, today our guest author Paul Smith has taken some of his precious time to write for us. See how to become an Guest Author in My Blogging Techniques.

To become successful in writing is not a one day job, it takes time to learn how to express your thoughts (proper thoughts) correctly and to let others understand the gist and the purpose of your writing.


Stick to the basic principle of writing

Fun post is good, however, correct and fun post is twice better. What else is try to avoid needless words in a post or an article. Moreover, do not resolve to the help of clich├ęs in worlds and examples, but use your own. After all, try to reread post and think, if it's interesting indeed. The same concerns the topic of the post; focus attention on the main question, issue or thing, it is not necessary to add something aside the key message of your post.

Don’t make procrastination as your friend

While writing, don’t let anything distract you, including watching TV show during break, making snacks, looking for information on YouTube or other similar source. Turn off the TV, mobile phone and gadgets; they are not helpers, but exogenous irritants, using which you postpone actual writing.clip_image002

Follow the passion

Write what you are interested in or good at, otherwise a post can be dreary. Anyhow, one can see how the post is written; is there any passion or aspiration. It is easy to find out if you are mad about this or that.

Personal opinion is important

To add to it, express your thoughts and attitude freely, don't limit yourself with formal, "dry" style. Besides, you can use “personal inspiration” for writing, which can be anything: from favorite pet, to a wonderful sunrise outside of the window. Just remember, if you are not empty inside, the post will never be empty, single-typed or boring. Think of writing a post or an article as a way to connect readers, however, that will “one way road”

Be distinguished!

 It is not necessary to add naked or harsh truth in a post, but to show real things trough interesting interpretation or to compare with something unusual. Should it be mentioned that any post must be written in original manner or style. The blogger or writer may come up with his on features, personal "thing", if you wish: like original greeting or thematic quote in every post. To be yourself is the best method: add your own individuality to the post, like you add spices to a meal to make it better. As an option, try to write, as if you talk with a person next to you; this will make an impression of life conversation, which in its turn add point to post and make it more noticeable in comparison with others.

Doubtless, to pull yourself together and to concentrate on something needs patience, time and muse, certainly. Following the tips above, you definitely succeed in blogging, so don’t postpone this and try your writing skills right now. Good luck!

About the author: Paul Smith is an excellent essay writing services. He is talented and quick-witted writer, who has an experience in writing, blogging, psychology and time management. If you are interested, you can reach him at Google+.

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