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How To Stop/Close Comments System On A Particular Page

A Blog post without comments is meant to be a private post. Blogger has a right to block or close the comments on a page or post. If a blogger want users to do comments on that post or page, he can simply active it while editing that particular post. Closing comments on a blog post doesn't affect a blog or comment settings.

If you use blogger, you can choose post options to allow or don't allow existing or hide existing comments.

Steps to Close Comments on a Blog Post

  • Login to your Blogger dashboard.How To Close Comments System On A Particular Page
  • Choose a particular post/ New post or page to close comments system.
  • Click the "Edit" link under the post/pages.
  • On right side you can see post settings –> scroll down where you see Options.
  • Click options and choose your option as "Don’t allow, show existing” or “Don’t allow, hide existing comments".
  • Click Done and then Publish/Update your blog post/page.

After you have done with all the steps, go and view the page/posts whether it is working or not.

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To Allow or Not to Allow Blog Comments on Blogger

Commenting is one of the best way to make your website more interactive and social. It has got the power to build readership of your blogs and in the same time, increases the reputation and traffic of your blog. If you have visited many other blogs, you can see the number of comments they have got in article. If you can see more number of comments on that article, it gives you the feeling that it is read by many and hence it is more ‘Trustworthy’. Blog-CommentsIn this article we shall discuss about these two faces of commenting, Advantages and Disadvantages of comments..

Advantages of Allowing Comments on Blog

  • Inter-activity between the readers, authors, Admins and various experts in the field.
  • Extreme socializing power.
  • Building of Readership of your article.
  • People trust your blog.
  • Readers spend more time on your blog, hence they trust your blog.
  • The more comments you get on an article, the more people trust that article.
According to me, these six advantages are enough for now. And now let’s focus on other part i.e., Disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Allowing Comments on Blog

Although commenting is good but there lots of spammers out there who comment on your blog just for the sake of a do-follow links ( backlinks ) to their blog. And this tends to decrease the quality of comments which in-turn reflects in the decreased readership on your article.
With commenting comes another time consuming work. Moderation. Comment moderation is the process of reading all the comments and deleting which are spammed or which you do not want your readers to read. This might not be a big task for blogs with low traffic but once you get the high traffic margin, it becomes a big headache and requires a lot of time investment.
People have the right to speak up and if they speak something negative about your article and other readers read this negative comment, then you'll see a declination of readership and it hurts your reputation. Not only that, people might use vulgar words or some words which many don't feel comfortable to read. This will also cause bad impression on your blog and depending on the words, you searching engine ranking might also come down.

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