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Facebook Celebrate 10 years : [Infographic]

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Hello Folks, today our Guest Author Eddie O'Driscoll has taken some of his precious time to write for us. As Facebook celebrates its 10th Anniversary this year our guest author has prepared a great inforgraphic on it. Here you can have a look at it below.See how to become an Guest Author in My Blogging Techniques.
Author's bio:
Eddie O’ Driscoll is the managing director of DPFOC ( stands for “Driving Profitability For Our Clients”) UK and Ireland and writes regularly on all topics related to online marketing.

Automatically Publish Blogger Posts To Facebook,Twitter And Other Social Sites

Social media plays an important role in improving any blog's SEO.That's why you may watch social media gadgets almost on every blog/website.If you have enough number of subscribers on social sites then just automatically publish your posts on social sites and get the traffic.Today I am giving a tutorial about automatically posting on Facebook,twitter and some other social sites with using service which is free of cost.I am also using this service to publish my blogger posts Facebook and twitter.The reason behind to choose is it is very easy to use and install.You can on-off auto publishing anytime and very easily.Lets see how to use it.

Automatically Publish Blogger Posts On Social Sites

  • First go to
  • Signup with giving your email address and choosing password.
  • Now go to your inbox and confirm your email address first
  • You will redirect to another page here you have to provide your feeds address in below format
  • automatically-publish-blogger-posts3 USERNAME HERE

  • Click on twitter icon and you will redirect to twitter
  • Give your twitter's profile's username and password and hit "Authorize App" button.Now your posts will automatically publish on twitter.

  • automatically-publish-blogger-posts2
  • Now click on Facebook icon.

  • automatically-publish-blogger-posts4
  • You will redirect to Facebook page. Log in to your Facebook account from which you are managing your fan page and select your fan page.
  • Customize your services as you wish and save your changes.

  • That's all about auto posting on social networking.If you know more services then share it using contact form below.

How to Change your Facebook Background

Facebook, is the largest growing social network which is spread around widest of the most countries. By default, Facebook comes in White and Blue for all users. There is a reason behind selecting blue colour theme for Facebook because Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook suffers from red-green blind, Blue colour is the richest color to him. If you get bored with this blue theme of Facebook, lets change the theme . Are you ready ?

Requirements To Change a Facebook Background

Mozilla Firefox Browser

How to Change your Facebook Background

  • Open Mozilla Firefox.
  • Firstly, you need to download a Firefox plugin named Stylish. To download this click here.
  • Click on Add to Firefox.
  • Now the add-on gets downloaded, and a pop-up window appears to install . Now click Install as shown below . addon1
  • Now the add-on gets installed in a few seconds , restart firefox or just click restart firefox on the top . 
  • Visit the stylish themes official website here.
  • Click on the Facebook Themes.
  • Now the select the theme you like and click on it .
  • You need to install the theme . Click on + Install with Stylish.
  • Now you’re done. And at last, Finally Login into your Facebook account to see the changes occured.

How to Make Facebook Like Box Responsive

Hello friends today in the internet more trending on Blogger templates is more responsive templates. Since i have updraded my blog to a responsive layout, i was try to make my Facebook like box as responsive too. And i was successful i doing it. Today i am going to share my knowledge in doing it responsive for you. If you are using responsive layout for your blog or website, you should make the Facebook like box responsive. This will make your blog more beautiful on mobile devices. So here in this article I am going to show you how to make your Facebook like box responsive.
This is how responsive Facebook like box looks. Once you have added like box code to your Bakqablog it looks like this. See the live Demo in our right sidebar.

How to Make the Facebook Like Box Responsive

Here I am giving you the step by step guide to make your Facebook like box responsive. Follow my instructions carefully.

How to Add HTML and CSS to Facebook Like Box Code

<style> .facebook { overflow: hidden; border: 1px solid #d5d5d5; } </style>
<div class="facebook"><iframe src="//;width=700&amp;
height=185&amp;colorscheme=light&amp;show_faces=true&amp;border_color=%23ffffff&amp;stream=false&amp;header=false" style="overflow:hidden; width:700px; height:185px;"></iframe></div>
  • Replace mybloggingtechniques with your Facebook fan page username.
  • Then don’t forget to Save.
This is a quick and more effective trick to make your Facebook like box responsive. Hope you like this tutorial to make the Facebook like box responsive. Follow the above steps, and if you face any problem regarding this, ask me via comment box below. Please do not spam.

Get Facebook’s New News Feed Right Now!

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Our previous post was on “How to get Facebook’s New News Feed” but to get i you have to wait until they approve your request. but here is a quick and fast trick that you have to do to get Facebook’s New News Feed right now.
New Fb Home page
This is a simple trick that you have to do.


  • Google Chrome Browser.

Get Facebook’s New News Feed Right Now

Hope you enjoyed and implemented this trick. Comment below if this trick worked for you. Share this article with your friends, to help them in getting new Facebook News Feed.

How to Get Facebook’s New Homepage/News Feed

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Facebook has recently launched the brand new look for its News Feed ( User login Homepage ) , Here is method on how you can get Facebook news feed. The Facebook News Feed looks much better than old News Feed. Facebook has brought Facebook News Feed with many cool features, it is completely different from its old version. Some of the basic thing has been changed in Facebook new News Feed such as photos, videos, font size, stories and more. But it’s hard to discover until you are and active Facebook user. You may also like the complete list of Facebook emotions. Check out the picture of Facebook new News Feed given below.

New Fb Home page

Above screen shot is the Demo of the Facebook's New News Feed. I assume that you will get a clear picture on your mind as how it look’s. In the new News Feed, Facebook has concentrated on its sidebar mainly, It is looking now beautiful. You can say the new Facebook news feed has been inspired from the Mobile version of Facebook. As in the Facebook mobile version, you have a cool sidebar containing all posts and option, Now it has came to your computer in the form of new Facebook News Feed. Facebook has really done a great job to remove all buttons and option from the feed and integrated them into left sidebar, as you can see in the above picture.

What’s new in New Facebook News Feed?

As there are many new things in Facebook new News Feed but, you can find all of them only by getting it for your profile. The pictures, and videos looks bigger in the new News Feed. The third party apps like Pinterest, Instagram etc. looks much better. Facebook has added Filter option on your Facebook new News feed, now you are provided a Feed Selector menu which allows you to choose filter according to your wish. Overall, the new Facebook News Feed has bright and high resolution photos. So, Follow the instructions below to get new Facebook News Feed at once.

How to Get Facebook’s New News Feed ?

As Facebook has not made such a option to get Facebook new News Feed in a single click. Here you have no option, where you can get new Facebook News Feed by only one click. However, you can get the Facebook new News Feed by joining the waiting list, Here is how you can get new Facebook News Feed.
  • Go to Facebook’s News Feed. ( click the lick given or manually you can go to )
  • Click on the Join List, like the picture given below.
  • Get-Facebook-News-Feed
  • You have done! Now wait, you will soon get a notification on your Facebook Profile page when you get new Facebook News Feed.
This is how you can get new Facebook News Feed, Many people have already got the new Facebook News Feed for their profile. How about you? Have you Got Facebook new News Feed yet? Share this article with your friends, to help them in getting new Facebook News Feed

Write Upside down in Facebook

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Hi everyone. Today I am going to show you how to write the words Upside down in Facebook, Twitter or any social profile and confuse your friends.facebook-147
  • Go to this Website : Fliptext
  • Write anything you want in Upper dialog Box given and Press Fliptext.
  • Now copy the flipped text and paste in on Facebook Status Update or anywhere else.
Example : ˙ ןǝıuɐp˙ɥʇıɥsʞɐɹ sı ǝɯɐu ʎɯ ¡ ıɥ

How to save your Facebook Account from Hackers

Hi Friends today in this modern technology world social network users are increasing day by day. Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. are growing popularity day by day and the users using this sites are also increasing. But Be aware of some online Hackers from hacking your account and avoid them from posting some unwanted pictures that might harm you in the future. So here are some tips that will surely help you to stay secure from hacking.
  • Hide your E-Mail ID from your your profile (Just set it as “Only Me”, so no one even your friends can’t see your E-Mail ID).
  • Never and ever show your mobile number on your profile.
  • Don’t send any Friend Requests to any Unknown Person and ever accept the request from an Unknown user.
  • Enable secure browsing (https://)
  • Don’t use any untrusted applications in Facebook.
I hope you guys follow this steps if you want your Facebook account safe. Thank you.

Creating a Strong Password

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Passwords are the keys to access personal information stored in your computer. This means they are the one barrier between your data being safe and sound to having your entire system compromised. The strongest passwords are those that are the longest. Most passwords should at least be 8 characters in length but those with 14 or more characters are the best. Combine letters, numbers and symbols culled from the entire keyboard. Your password will be much stronger if you choose from all symbols on the keyboard, including punctuation marks not on the upper row of the keyboard and even symbols unique to your own language. Substitute letters with similar looking numbers (for example, “A” with “4”) and also mix uppercase and lowercase letters. puzzlekeyThrow some misspellings in there as well. The greater variety of characters in your password, the harder it is to guess. If you cannot create a password that contains symbols, you need to make it considerably longer to get the same degree of protection. An ideal password is one that combines both length and different characters. Finally, use words and phrases that are easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess.
The various don’t to follow when making a strong password are:
  • Avoid sequences or repeated characters. “12345678,”
    “222222,” “abcdefg,” or adjacent letters on your keyboard
    do not help make secure passwords.
  • Avoid using only look-alike substitutions of numbers
    or symbols. Criminals and other malicious users who
    know enough to try and crack your password will not be
    fooled by common look-alike replacements, such as to
  • replace an ‘i’ with a ‘1’ or an ‘a’ with ‘@’ as in “M1cr0$0ft” or “P@ssw0rd”. But these substitutions can be effective when combined with other measures, such as length, misspellings, or variations in case, to improve the strength of your password.
  • Avoid your login name. Any part of your name, birthday, social security number, or similar information for your loved ones constitutes a bad password choice. This is one of the first things criminals will try.
  • Avoid dictionary words in any language. Criminals use sophisticated tools that can rapidly guess passwords that are based on words in multiple dictionaries, including words spelled backwards, common misspellings, and substitutions. This includes all sorts of profanity and any word you would not say in front of your children.
  • Use more than one password everywhere. If any one of the computers or online systems using this password is compromised, all of your other information protected by that password should be considered compromised as well. It is critical to use different passwords for different systems.
  • Avoid using online storage. If malicious users find these passwords stored online or on a networked computer, they have access to all your information.
  • Change your password every 30-60 days and avoid using any old password.
We've Got Your Site Protected! $5.99 SSL Sale!

How To Delete Facebook Timeline?

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Chrome users can remove timeline profile with the help of extension. Timeline has many features that make your privacy very simple to individually adjust, depending on what you want to share with whom.
In previous topic I have discussed about New Facebook Profile. This is called Timeline.So,I think Many people tested this profile, if the answer is no then you may do it now by opening this page “How To Enable Facebook Timeline Right Now“.  And here I come with the tutorial to delete the Facebook Timeline, and make your old profile reappear. For some you may feel that "Timeline" is congested and some other may say that it looks like "Hi5" social networking website. Cracked-Facebook-Logo
 There are so many reasons that you may do not like new timeline profile. Just go with the following steps:

Chrome Users - Remove Timeline Profile By Using These Steps - TimeLine Remove

Description - TimeLine Remove extension disable the new Facebook timeline! This extension disables only the display of the new facebook timeline.This does not mean that your friends will not see your timeline. You can disable the new profile for all and go back.It is recommended to all your friends! Remove Timeline..
  • Open your chrome browser & Click on wrench option.
  • Now go to Tools –> Extension –> Get More Extensions
  • In the search option write "Timeline Remove" or Click here.
  • After install the extension restart your browser.
  • Its done, you will now see your old Facebook profile look as a default one.

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