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Google Pushes Voice Calling To Hangouts In Gmail

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Google has finally added voice calling functionality to its Hangouts chat module within Gmail. The functionality was removed from the old Google Chat module inside Gmail (although many users, including me, are still able to use the function in the old Chat module) and was never added to the Hangouts module, that is primed to be the default chat application inside Gmail. Google has said that the rollout will take a couple days within which all users who’ve opted for Hangouts will be able to see the feature.

A post on the official Gmail blog explains that people making calls to and from the US and Canada using Hangouts won’t be charged anything while calls made using Hangouts in other supported countries will be charged low rates. For instance in India, making a local call using Google Hangouts will cost $0.02 (Rs. 1.20) per minute while making a call from India to France will cost $0.10 (Rs. 6 approx.) per minute. The new rollout of voice to Hangouts incorporates a lot of additional features from both pre-existing services, such as adding multiple phone numbers to the same Hangout call, hosting a Hangout with participants on video and just audio etc.

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The voice calling feature is currently only being rolled out for desktops and not for the Hangout app for mobile OSes. As The Verge points out, it will be interesting to see if (and when) this feature rolls out to the Hangouts mobile app, because then, at least foreign calls to and from India will be significantly using Hangouts will be less expensive as compared to regular calls made using mobile networks.
According to the blog, “Hangouts is the future of Google Voice.” Let’s hope the feature does well and doesn’t get shunted off into non-existence, as quite a number of ‘exciting’ Google services in the past.

Source : Gmail Blog via The Verge

Source 2 : Think Digit

Features Of Gmail’s New Compose mail

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Many users around the world use Gmail account to keep in touch with their friends, family etc. also they believe that Gmail is secure and safer to browse.
Gmail_logoUntil now, we were using the Old mail composition method to mail for our recipients, but now Google officially announces its New default chat like composition pop out window. Now users can easily compose a new mail and also can keep an eye on their inbox. 

Minimize the Compose Tab

Users can now easily minimize their compose tab, to copy any text or information from a mail which is present in inbox or stored in drafts to send it for their friends.

Multiple Drafts

If you want to text any mail from one account to another, having multiple drafts is convenient  You can easily compose text to both mails at once.

Uninterrupted Background Activities

You can check whether any emails are updated in your account without any interruption.

Focused Interface

The interface is build in a simple way for users to upload their files by using the option which beside to send button.

Easy Switching between Two Interfaces.

Do you want to change the Interface? You can easily change from new interface to old interface. On the right side of your emails, setting tab says that "switch to old interface".
Note: Users can use the new compose pop out window to make the work easy with a simple update.

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