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Now You Can Modify Google AdSense Ads Codes

Google AdSense is one of the biggest and largest online money making programs online from Google. AdSense is well known among all the bloggers. Many students come for blogging and try to make money with AdSense because of its high pay-per-click revenue.
There are many bloggers who make around $50000+/month from Google AdSense. Being one of the widely use publishers network in AdSense through Google, it has some strict guidelines for publishers to follow.

Modify Google AdSense Ads Code

According to the recent post on the adsense official blog, Adsense publishers are now allowed to change the ad codes upto a certain extent so you are now allowed to minify the code to gain high load speed through your blog design.
Again there are some No's and Don'ts that you need to follow in while you minify your adsense ads code.
According to adsense official blog,
This new policy update will allow publishers to try a range of techniques on your site such as:
Responsive design: Enabling publishers to create a single webpage that will adapt to the device on which it’s being viewed, whether it’s a laptop, smartphone or tablet, to maximize user experience.
A/B testing: Running a test by creating multiple versions of a page, comparing user behavior to see which page is the most effective.
Setting custom channels dynamically: Tracking performance of segments of users, sections of your site, or other behavior to maximize ad and user experience.
Ad tag minification: Enabling your site pages to load faster by reducing the amount of data to be transferred.

Here are some techniques that you need to avoid while you minify your code are explained here,
Techniques to avoid
Here are some techniques you’ll want to avoid:
  • Hiding ad units at anytime (e.g., display:none)
  • Implementing AdSense ad code in a way that covers content
  • Using any means to force the display of more than three AdSense ad units on a page
  • Manipulating the ad targeting using hidden keywords, IFRAMEs, or any other method
  • Distributing ads in emails or software
  • Floating ads or units that slide to attract unwarranted attention
If you want to read out Adsense Terms and Conditions, Program Policies ( just click on the link to read ).

5 Things You Need To Know Before You Apply for Google AdSense

Hello Friends today I am going to give you a simple tip that you need to follow before you apply for Google AdSense because now-a-days it is not an easy to get into Google Google AdsenseAdSense Publisher program. All of know that Google AdSense, is one of world’s largest Ads network program from Google.
Also AdSense shares almost 68% of its revenue with it publishers. Hence AdSense is very popular money making program online in the internet. Due to this popularity everybody running behind Google AdSense then Google made approval system very strict.
5 Things You Need To Know Before You Apply for Google AdSense

Your Must Have a Top Level Domain

Well if you run your blog on or then you really need to work hard to get it approved. Or else simple buy a custom domain for your blog.
If you purchase a custom domain for your blog then I am sure that your Google AdSense program will get approved after a month of your domain purchase.

Content Type

Be careful with what type of content you are publishing on your blog because it is something that truly matters when you apply for AdSense program. Google AdSense does not approve site which include
  • Pornographic
  • Illegal Items
  • Drugs or other Blogs / Sites
  • Non English Blog
  • Having posts shorter than 300 words.
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Privacy Policy

One of the common mistakes that every Blogger makes while he  or she has a blog is that created a Privacy Policy for their blog. Even though there are people out there who say that having a Privacy Policy for a Blog doesn’t makes sense but they are wrong.
A Privacy policy actually describes your site to your readers about what they will get on your Blog, what they should do and what they should not. So there is nothing bad in having a Privacy Policy. While it can affect some how on your AdSense Approval, you must give it a try. You can write it yourself or find Privacy Policy Generators online.

About us page

Without About page you are applying for Google AdSense, they are about zero chances of getting approved by AdSense, if you are not showing this page.

What does About Us Page Actually Mean ?

As the namely only suggests that it is a simple description about you and your Blog. This will not only help you establish a relationship with your readers but it will also make them trust upon you and your blog.

Your Blog Design

Your Blog Design is the biggest thing after your blog Content. This represents your expertise, experience and Professionalism on blogging. So be careful because anything can kill your Chances of getting approved.
Try to code some simple and well-designed themes using HTML and CSS and your blog must have a less loading time.
These are the things you need to take care while you are going to apple for Google AdSense program. Try to follow what I have said and get approved from Google AdSense and make some good money from your blog.
Feel free to ask if have any doubts related to this article.

Create Google AdSense Privacy Policy For Your Blog

As Google have changed the Terms and Conditions of their AdSense program, one of the requirements now is that all AdSense publishers should have a "Privacy Policy" on their blog. So today I am going to show you “How to create a Privacy Policy for your blog”.
Below is the exact wording that has been added to the Terms and Conditions for AdSense publishers in Terms and Conditions of their AdSense program. Also see required content for AdSense Program.
"You must have and abide by an appropriate privacy policy that clearly discloses that third parties may be placing and reading cookies on your user’s browser, or using web beacons to collect information, in the course of ads being served on your website. Your privacy policy should also include information about user options for cookie management."

How to Create Google AdSense Privacy Policy

  • Go to
  • Fill the details in the form given there. There are three sections you need to fill there they are : GENERAL SITE INFORMATION, USE OF COOKIES and ADVERTISER INFORMATION.
    Google-AdSense-Privacy-Policy Generator
First of all,
  • Enter your site URL.
  • Then Enter your E-mail address.
  • Tick the mark “Yes, we use cookies”.
  • Then tick which of the Advertiser program are you going to use or already using, here I have ticked on Google AdSense because this post is all about creating a privacy policy in terms and conditions of Google AdSense program. If you are using affiliate network like Clickbank, Amazon and advertising program like Chitika, Kontera etc. then tick the following to mention that in your privacy policy.
  • Finally click on Create my Privacy Policy.
Now you’ve successfully created Privacy policy for your site. And to add this in your blog follow the instructions below.
  • Login to your blogger dashboard.
  • Go to Pages –> New page –> Blank Page.
Creating privacy policy for google adsense
  • Then paste the privacy policy in the compose section and give it a title as “Privacy Policy”.
  • Then click on Publish.
See our Privacy Policy :- My Blogging Techniques Privacy Policy

50 Highest Paying Google AdSense Keywords 2013

Many students come for blogging only to fill up their pockets from Google AdSense. And their dreams is to earn huge money through Google AdSense. But generally they fail and not able to make it large. Have you ever noticed why your Google AdSense account pays you less? On one hand you get to read many success stories based on Google AdSense payments and on the other hand Google AdSense disappoints you by paying you pennies. There are only two factors behind Google AdSense pay-outs, the big traffic and the highest paying Google AdSense keywords.
Don’t worry Here is how you can increase your AdSense Income. You just need to focus on keywords that you use in your article. The Google AdSense revenue is also depend on your blog/website niche.
There are many people who takes months even years to get their first AdSense cheques of $100. I am sure if you target your keywords by the keywords mentioned below, you will get your first AdSense cheque in just a month.
Check out the list of top 50 highest paying Google AdSense keywords of 2013 given below.

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Highest Paying Google AdSense Keywords of 2013

  • Insurance
  • Taxes
  • Loans
  • Donate
  • Hosting
  • Advertising
  • Attorney
  • Rehab
  • Classes
  • Transfer
  • Software
  • Investing
  • Recovery
  • Claim
  • Trading
  • Lawyer
  • Credit
  • Credit Card
  • Conference Call
  • Degree
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Treatment
  • Bonds
  • Cell Phone Plans
  • Cord Blood
  • Weight Loss
  • Anti Virus Protection
  • Online Banking
  • Internet Broker
  • Register Domain
  • Money
  • Marketing
  • Pay-per-click
  • Laptop Computer
  • Spyware
  • Depression
  • Vioxx
  • Refinance
  • Pharmacy
  • Consolidation
  • Big label
  • Cards
  • Internet
  • Printer
  • Settlements
  • Annuity
  • e-loan
  • Web Host
  • Union
    Hope you like this article and It helps you in increasing AdSense revenue

Avoid Getting Banned From AdSense - Report Invalid Clicks To AdSense Team

♠ Rakshith Mlore in ,,
Invalid Clicks is one of the main reasons for people having their AdSense account closed or disabled and loosing all earnings.Clicking AdSense ads on your own blog on purpose is just plain dumb, you will be caught and could lose the chance to ever use AdSense again.There are other scams like getting friends to click your ads or agreeing with other bloggers and webmasters to form a 'Click Group' in which they click each others ads. While you may think you can get away with these scams it wont be long before you receive the dreaded Email from the AdSense team. In this post we will see what activity looks suspicious on your account and how you can report accidental clicks or rough clicks on your account.
You would be surprised at how often people accidentally click there own ads. In the same vein sometimes a friend may think they are doing you a favour by clicking your ads. I recently read a blog post in which the author told how he received an Email from a blogger telling him he had clicked all his ads and asking him to return the favour. Instead of returning the favour he reported the incident to Google, an action that probably saw the 'Happy Clicker' banned. While this may seem harsh the simple fact is you need to cover yourself and keep your account clean.
AdSense track all clicks and any strange activity will stand out. If your account shows a surge in clicks it will be checked out. If your account receives lots of clicks from the same IP address it will be checked out. If your account receives clicks from your IP address. If your account receives clicks from IP address in your region. I have also read that all accounts are checked once they reach the payment threshold. AdSense is Google's main source of income so they will be ruthless when it comes to keeping it clean.

Report Invalid Clicks

The best way to stay onside with AdSense is to report any invalid clicks before they find them. If you have accidentally clicked on your own ads, think a friend was clicking on your ads,  or if you have been contacted by someone looking to set up a 'Click Group' you need to take the matter into your own hands.

Were To Go

How To Insert Google Adsense Ads In Blogger Posts - (Below, Above, End of post body)

Hello friends hope you are visiting this blog daily and reading its content. In my previous post on the tag Adsense i have given a tips for “New Bloggers on Google Adsense”. It is not just enough to get approved Google Adsense but after approving you should earn some penny of it to your pocket. In order to earn you have to get clicks to your Adsense account genuinely. sfIf you place adsense on your side bar you will earn for sure but bit slower than if you place your Adsense Ads in your blog posts.

  • Generate Parsed code for adsense code because we cannot put adsense code directly in the xml.So parse it using AdParser.
  • After parsing,your ad code Should look like this.

How To Place Adsense ad above or below your post header

<div class='post-header-line-1'/>
To place the Adsense ad below your post title, paste the Parsed code above <div class='post-header-line-1'/> line. And to place Adsense ad below your posts, paste the Parsed code below <div class='post-header-line-1'/> line.

How To Place Adsense ad end of your post body

Paste the Parsed code below this line, to show your Adsense ad at the end of your post.

NOTE : To Set the Align of your ad , Insert your code like this.
<p align="center">
Your Ad code
Replace "center" with "left" or "right" for desired alignment.

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Google Adsense Tips For New Bloggers

Google Adsense is the main source of income to all blogger. And to improve this Adsense tips are very important for New bloggers. If you are new to Google Adsense, may be you are trying to know how to get more clicks and earn more money. Google AdsenseIf you have some more traffic, Its easy to make money from Google ads. More income mean need to get more click for your Adsense ads. So some are wondering how to get more clicks. So i am sharing important tips that to be followed to make more money with Google Adsense. Hope this will helps you to increase Google ad revenue.

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Finding proper Keywords that matches your content

You have to check keyword destiny. you can use some keyword analyzer and find the proper keywords to your content. ( Go to webmaster-toolkit or seobook ).

Improve your Keywords

You can improve ads relevant from getting keywords.Get suggestion from AdWords key tools.

Adsense Ads Format

You should add the ads which will pay you high revenue. I would recommend you to go for the following ad formats i hope this will increase your Google Adsense revenue.
  • 336 x 280 - large rectangle
  • 300 x 250 - medium rectangle
  • 160 x 600 - wide skyscraper
  • Also you can use 468x60 below your post title or header
  • Don't use Non-stranded ads. 
When you creating adsense ads, make sure ads background color match with your blog background color. Choose same color for fonts. So this will helps you to show your ads without separating from your blog post and you might some clicks.

Proper placing of your Adsense Ads

I suggest you to keep your adsense ads at the top of your post because there you will get good CTR. And place 300x250 – medium rectangle ad format in your right side bar. Try different places until you get high CTR. Do not use more than 3 ads in your post. Other things is, you can place ads under your post title or between your posts (468x60). Put image ads inside your post.

You are not allowed to do in Google Adsense…

  • Don't try to change ads manually.
  • Don't  try to click your own ads and never ask your friends to click on your ads or else you Adsense programme will be disabled for invalid activity.
  • Don't use adsense for popup ads.

Important note for you :

  • Follow Google Adsense policies, it will help you to earn more
  • Make rich content to your blog.
  • Write new post everyday, it help you to get more visitors.
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What is Google Adsense ? [Video]

♠ Rakshith Mlore in ,,
Google AdSense is a program from Google which helps you to earn money on your websites by displaying their targeted ads on you websites. vs
Google, launched the Google AdSense program in June, 2003 for English language websites and today, it has become the most popular advertising program among all the web publishers in the internet who are looking to monetize their website content with Google.
According to Wikipedia, Google earned around $2.43 billion ($9.71 billion annualized), or 28% of total revenue, through AdSense along in the first quarter of 2010.
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