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PayPal For Your Earn-Money Blogging : For Your Money Transactions


Hi there folks, today lots of people are interested in blogging and lots of them come into blogging for making a pocket full of money. Only few get a success on it. One can never deny the fact that people are easily fascinated by easy online jobs which of course involves earning money in a fast and simple way. It is really ideal to write an article about something we enjoy and earn money at the same time, and there are varieties of online payment service providers to ensure that we, bloggers, receive our earnings without a problem. However, because some bloggers set eyes on money alone, they tend to ignore the subtle dangers of entrusting their money online.


Now let’s take the example of an online money transactions company like PayPal.

PayPal is used as a channel for making online money transfers and payments, an alternative to paper transactions. Many bloggers nowadays use PayPal for business. Still, it is advisable to set standards and precautionary measures on choosing the aforementioned online money transfer so we may be able to see the advantages and disadvantages that come with it.

The first thing to consider about choosing PayPal is its safety. Since it is no wonder a big company and patronized by people all over the world, cybercrime in online jobs is inevitable. It was stated in news that PayPal is not regulated as a bank, therefore, the safety it offers isn’t as concrete as other banks. Additionally, there are numerous cases and complaints that PayPal executes sudden freezing of accounts without further notice, one if its disadvantages.

Another is its service – whether the transaction is fast or slow. Based on online forums, PayPal customers stated that it usually takes 3-5 days to complete such action, but the person receiving money has an immediate access to it, which is favorable and convenient for bloggers.

We may encounter different outcomes when it comes to online jobs, because first and foremost, one may consider it risky. But it is important for bloggers to be careful, especially when dealing with money, so we should choose wisely which payment service provider to entrust our money to. To decide whether PayPal is good enough relies on the bloggers themselves, in which picking an online help when it comes to money is taken into consideration.

Well, I have been using PayPal for my blogging at home activities and so far I have no safety issues and other risks that made lost my money. But the only thing I’m sure is that I feel like the service charges PayPal have been deducting to money I received from advertiser paying for my blogging services is somehow HUGE. I know other PayPal users have the same sentiment, but anyway I am doing online business. Aside from the fact that their conversation rates from dollar to your local currency is quite lower as based on worldwide foreign exchange.

In any case, I still like PayPal for convenience in making may online transactions – my earning money from blogging activities. If anyone of you reading this, do you have the same sentiments or anything to say about PayPal? Please comment below.

5 Handwritten Style Google Web Fonts for your Blog

Hello folks, long time since last post. Today in this modern world many people come into blogging for money and they try their hard to monetize and design their blog. A good web font is very hard to find in the internet. So today I am going to give you the latest and best 5 Handwritten like style Google web fonts for your blog.
Handwriten Google Webfont

With this post, you can skip the work of sorting through the crap and cut straight to the awesome web fonts that are readable, attractive and perfect for your site.
All of the fonts are shown with a unique CSS treatment and provided with code for your instant implementation. They’re also all served up with Google Web Fonts so you’ll be up and running with a quick copy and paste, no downloads required to implement it on your blog.

1) Oleo Script

A nice thick script web font with good readability and interesting letter shapes. Perfect for headlines.
Oleo Script
Go Here

2) Lobster Two

Lobster needs no introduction, it has become one of the most ubiquitous scripts on the planet in the last few years. Version two gives you the choice between bold and thin versions.
Lobster Two
Go Here

3) Berkshire Swash

I really love the ornamental nature of this typeface, the letters are big, bold and beautifully curvy. Use this if you want to convey an old world feel.
Go Here

4) Merienda One

Merienda isn’t my favorite but it certainly has its uses. The letters have a brushed feeling with sharp directionality that conveys motion well. Merienda
Go Here

5) Pacifico

Pacifico is just a great, round and loopy script that really has a unique feel to it. It’s hard to find a thick script with such nice curves and so much character so be sure to bookmark this one. Pacifico
Go Here
More Handwritten Google Web fonts

There you have it, five awesome hand written fonts served up and ready to implement. The Google Web Font library has well over a hundred of these but so many of them really aren’t worth using at all so hopefully this article will help you.

New Features in Microsoft Windows 8.1

If you are a hard follower of technology, then you’ll already know that the Windows 8.1 will be made available to public on 18th of October 2013. If you have got the RTM version already, then you are awesome! I’m not going to tell you how to get it now, we will just talk about the new features that Microsoft added in this major update to its Windows 8 operating system.
Microsoft Windows 8 OS was received with huge negative reviews all thanks to its Modern UI that alienated users from its older versions. I never had a complaint about Windows 8 and I’m still in love with it thanks to all the new updates it has brought from Windows 7 and older. Of course, getting used to a start-button-less desktop took time, but then again, it wasn’t such a big deal for me.
Coming to the Windows 8.1 release now, it is a major update because Microsoft has taken all these negative reviews and has addressed majority of the issues mentioned by sad people all around the world. Let’s dig deep.

What’s New in Microsoft Windows 8.1

Start Button makes a come back!
That’s right. This was one of the major issues people had with Windows 8. They just couldn’t get things right without a start button so Microsoft decided to get it back to where it was. But the functioning of start button isn’t as it was before. Clicking on the start button in Windows 8.1 will take you to Modern UI, something which you did in Windows 8 by hovering your mouse at the bottom left. So, I don’t really know how it makes sense. But what does make sense is that on right clicking the start button you get lots of options along with shut down.

Boot to Desktop

This is another big problem that people complained about. They wanted to boot directly to desktop, saving time clicking on that desktop icon on the Modern UI. Windows 8.1 has made the option to boot directly to desktop available.

More Help Everywhere

Microsoft has even brought a lot more help at hand for people to get themselves comfortable with the new interface and actions. These straight-forward tutorials provide help and tips on how to control your machine properly.

More Apps at Once

In Windows 8 you were able to snap open only two apps together with a 75/25 split screen. With Windows 8.1, you can now snap 3 apps together with dynamic sizing option.

Windows 8.1 supports 3D printing capabilities too.

Apart from these, there are more options in the settings menu, new hidden features, enhanced lock screen, new wallpapers, updated default apps and lots more in the back-end. And yeah, the good old “Computer” or “My Computer” has been renamed to “This PC“.

What is PageRank/Google Page Rank ?

What is PageRank or Google PageRank?

PageRank is a link analysis algorithm. It is used by the Google search engine to rank the pages on World Wide Web. Google search engine assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a hyperlinked set of pages, such as the WWW, with the purpose of measuring its relative importance within the set. The term or word "PageRank" is a trademark of Google.

Who developed PageRank?

PageRank was developed as part of a research project by Larry Page at Standford University and Sergey Brin about a new kind of search engine. Sergey had the thought that information on the World Wide Web could be ordered in a hierarchy by "link popularity".


What is link popularity?

A page is said to have link popularity if it has more number of links to it.
Google describes PageRank:

Pages that we believe are important pages receive a higher PageRank and are more likely to appear at the top of the search results.

It plays an important role in search engine optimization. The Google search engine and PageRank algorithm are the trademarks of Google Inc. Google page ranking algorithm provides page ranks for the  pages which contains more number of links to it . Its values range from 0 to 10 points. The  least have a  pagerank value of 0 from 10 possible points but the most page rank value is 10 from 10 possible points then the page is said to be more popular.

For Example: Most popular websites have a PageRank of 10 from 10 possible point like, etc.
That's all to say about page rank.


OLX : How To Buy and Sell Products Online ?

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Few years ago we used to shop in stores and selling anything was not very common. Nowonline shopping has become very popular as there are hundreds of E-commerce sites selling almost everything online. Online classified sites are also gaining popularity. You may be aware of which is one of the best online classified site in India(Ads in Bangalore).Imprimir
We can easily post ads on these sites and buy or sell products online. If you want to sell your unused things then visit OLX and post an ad there. OLX allows to post interactive ads with photos and videos. The most interesting thing about OLX is that you can post ads for free. Customers can buy things online from OLX. There are various types of items available on the site. All items are categorized and can be accessed easily.
OLX is a global brand, it started in Argentina in the year 2006. Now they are operating in more than 96 countries and 40 different languages. In India OLX started their business from 2011. Since their beginning OLX has become a great place to sell or buy items online.
Users can sell their products by posting free ads on the classified site. You can make attractive ads by adding photos and videos which will give buyers a clear idea about the product. There is a very active OLX community where you can connect with other users and buy or sell products. You can also show the ads on social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace etc. for more exposure. Mobile users will be glad to know that OLX has a mobile optimized website for faster access. In India OLX is available in many local languages also.
OLX has started their TV campaign to promote their services. The advertisements are very funny and shows the usefulness of this online classified site in our real life.

Google Pushes Voice Calling To Hangouts In Gmail

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Google has finally added voice calling functionality to its Hangouts chat module within Gmail. The functionality was removed from the old Google Chat module inside Gmail (although many users, including me, are still able to use the function in the old Chat module) and was never added to the Hangouts module, that is primed to be the default chat application inside Gmail. Google has said that the rollout will take a couple days within which all users who’ve opted for Hangouts will be able to see the feature.

A post on the official Gmail blog explains that people making calls to and from the US and Canada using Hangouts won’t be charged anything while calls made using Hangouts in other supported countries will be charged low rates. For instance in India, making a local call using Google Hangouts will cost $0.02 (Rs. 1.20) per minute while making a call from India to France will cost $0.10 (Rs. 6 approx.) per minute. The new rollout of voice to Hangouts incorporates a lot of additional features from both pre-existing services, such as adding multiple phone numbers to the same Hangout call, hosting a Hangout with participants on video and just audio etc.

Don’t Miss

The voice calling feature is currently only being rolled out for desktops and not for the Hangout app for mobile OSes. As The Verge points out, it will be interesting to see if (and when) this feature rolls out to the Hangouts mobile app, because then, at least foreign calls to and from India will be significantly using Hangouts will be less expensive as compared to regular calls made using mobile networks.
According to the blog, “Hangouts is the future of Google Voice.” Let’s hope the feature does well and doesn’t get shunted off into non-existence, as quite a number of ‘exciting’ Google services in the past.

Source : Gmail Blog via The Verge

Source 2 : Think Digit

Tips on Internet Marketing

Hello folks, long time since last post. Today our Guest Author Jeffer Demello has took some of his precious time to write articles on our site. See How To Become a guest author on My Blogging Techniques.
 Most Internet businesses flop to prosper due to a lack of effective marketing skills. The internet can be an actually prodigious method to advertise your business. It carries along much income generation chances, which when well used can aid you to enlarge your business with estimable superiority.
 The fact though, is that many dealers are yet to take the full benefit of this powerful marketing instrument and if so, they are still fixed on the fundamentals. It is significant as an online business person that you familiarize yourself with vital internet marketing tips for you to be crown and take on above your opponents.
 The initial thing requires is to have an in-depth understanding of your rivalry. It would be judicious of you to gaze around and realize what your contestants' websites provide in terms of vision interactivity. The key notion here is to target and eventually be able to generate a more tempting website that will entice an enormous number of guests.
 If you want to develop your small or home based business sales on the Internet, below are the topmost 10 guidelines you can put to use right now.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

 To get your website noted in the search engines, you need to enhance your website for Yahoo, Google, or Bing so that your website will be on page #1 when folks hunt for your business subject. SEO Secrets book offers you step by step command that you can do to get your website registered on page #1 ahead of all your opponents.

Compelling Content Updates

 Once you have commenced your business, and you have developed your website on the Internet, if you do not always do all further, your website might be fated for disappointment. The thing that creates a site stimulating and keeps guests coming back to holiday is convincing content where they can discover "what’s in it for them".
 In order to keep guests and the search engines contented, you will want to appraise at least once a month to save things new and stimulating. Scripting fresh content can be highly tough unless you do expert scripting for a living. So contemplate giving it off to a professional who marks content every day. This will take the load of you and get those inform that is accomplished more often.


 Running a business can go cooler when you have others that are involved in your state where they distinguish particulars about you and your business. Ages ago you had to depend on in person conferences with persons and clusters. Today, interacting with your aristocracies and business consultants is so informal through social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others. This is exactly how you stay linked and get involved with other folks and they can do the similar with you.

Free Advertising

 One the biggest aids of Internet marketing are that you can utilize open services to promote your business. Websites like Kudzu and Yelp provide open categorized panache advertisements where you can upload your business facts and place associations to your website. Another great home to get free publicity is with Google Places where guests can discover instructions to your facade door and have the gamble to leave analyses.

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 When it derives to "free", be sure to take benefit, or endorsing your business universally you can. Give a reference to your website, correspondence address, and all social media versions onyour business pass, in your email name line, and every part of publicity material that you create.


 Email newsletters are the vital basis of continuing in communication with your patrons. Once your business has recognized an association with a patron, email newsletters are how you preserve them informed of what is going on with your business.
 If you vended them merchandise, the newsletter is where you express them about novel merchandises. If they bought a provision from you, the newsletter is where you express them about new facilities.

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Email newsletters are extremely inexpensive, but you need to be highly cautious to use an expert email distribution company to promise that the strength you capitalize in your bulletin, does not get misplaced just because the email could not be carried. While social marketing businesses increase and fall, email newsletters will outlook the trial of time by being a reliable voice that you have with your client.

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Author’s Bio :
Jeffer Demello writes for Empower Network, an online resource for making money online, Affiliate marketing and home based businesses.

Car Tech Countdown to 2018 [Infographic]

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car-tech-infographic-640x3111 - Copy
The technology used in manufacturing the cars is accelerating, and this explosion of innovation is expected to get even more profound in the coming years. This info graphic shows the near-future of car tech, revealing what might happen in the next five years.
This info graphic tells us that self-driving vehicles are right around the corner, set to hit showrooms by 2017.

Source : Mashable

Get More Out Of Google [Infographic]

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Google is largest and No.1 Search Engine that is trending in the internet. The treasury of Google is worth billions, so here is Infographic providing you with the details of how you can get more out of Google. The Infographic says that three out of every four students couldn’t perform a “well-executed search”.

Infographic Via : Hack College

Why did Virtual Reality Never Make it Big?

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Hello folks, long time since last post. Today our Guest Author Robert from Jagaur PC has took some of his precious time to write articles on our site. See How To Become a guest author on My Blogging Techniques.
Think back to the middle and latter half of the 1990s.  Bill Clinton was lurching from one White House scandal to another, Nelson Mandela was bringing global attention to South Africa with his presidency, and the England Cricket Team couldn’t win to save their lives. Virtual reality (VR) headsets were also touted as being the next big thing.
We’re not just talking about VR computer games, either; analysts – serious people who knew what they were talking about, not just anyone – widely predicted that we’d soon be living our lives through VR. Today, the only place we’re likely to find anything to do with VR is if we head to the amusement arcades at the nearest beach, or go to YouTube and find old episodes of VR Troopers. Yes, that cartoon actually happened; it wasn’t a dream.

Where did the VR dream go wrong?

We Have Eyes

If it sounds a simple answer, that’s because it is. After years of development, and who knows how many millions of dollars being committed to VR, people suddenly realized that we don’t actually need it.
The growth and popularity of the internet around this time probably had something to do with VR’s failure to ignite, too. Why sit with a ridiculous headset on for hours at a time when you can sit in front of a screen and do everything electronically?
Today, we have to watch shows such as American Inventor to laugh at things that solve a problem that doesn’t exist. Look back 15 years, and you find one that people actually thought would be big.

The Cost

VR equipment was ridiculously expensive. Perhaps the biggest proof of this is that the VR equipment that is available today is still retailing at extortionate prices; surely, there cannot be anyone buying this stuff?
Some people who likes VR back in the 90s were hanging on for the price to drop, like it inevitably does six months after a games console launch. Due to the cost associated with development and the need for companies selling VR to make a decent margin, the price never fell.

No Big Name Involvement

You can argue VR failed because no big companies got involved with it, but not getting involved was probably the smartest thing these companies ever did. We’ll never know for sure, but you have to think that some developers at least picked up the phone to Bill Gates, when at the time Microsoft were the company that everyone wanted to replicate or be involved with.
Even the companies that did try something different ended up with terrible products. Who remembers the Sony Glasstron?

No Applications

VR was the next big thing, but no one actually bothered to seriously develop anything outside of games; and even they looked like half-baked efforts to merely pay lip service to the ‘emergence’ of VR.
We were going to work with VR headsets, operations would be performed using VR, and we’d all have to have one to live in the modern world. In fairness, VR does play a small role in car manufacturing today, but then the industry would do perfectly well without it, and our cars wouldn’t fall apart as soon as we turn the ignition.

Is there Hope?

As much as we’re calling VR a spectacular failure, we should remember that 3D technology was a huge non-starter around the same time, and is hugely popular today. That said, it would appear that for VR, the time for it to be even half-relevant has already gone.
Author Bio:
Jaguar PC is the original leader in VPS hosting, providing the best VPS with 100% network uptime and free-domain transfer

Start Earning / Promoting Your Blog Now through Intellilinks

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Intellilinks, is a money making service similar to infolinks above but well worth trying. Intellilinks specializes in placing organic text links across an ever-growing network of websites in Intellinksorder to build rank and traffic for advertisers and increased revenue for publishers. Intellilinks focuses on providing cutting edge technology, while keeping the network seamless and secure to bring results to their clients and revenue to their publishers.

For Advertisers Intellilinks offers the following features

Intellilinks is providing all possible ways that a advertisers need to promote their site to get better traffic.
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We offer clean, organic links on our large network of quality sites. All of our links are served as static HTML and are spidered by search engines. Links can be purchased in both the layout of the website, or within the context of an article or blog post.
Their Official Blog says,
We allow you to pin point sites within your specific niche for greater effectiveness. Additionally, we rate each site (and article/post) with a link score, so that you can see the quality of your link before you purchase it.
Our links are sold for a flat monthly rate. The price does not vary based on the traffic or the number of click-throughs.

For publishers Intellilinks offers the following features

As a Intellilinks publisher, they allows you to place ads on your website using either their PHP script or their Word press plugin. You can have ads automatically approved or manually review them and place them yourself.
  • Sell text links on your website for profit in a few easy steps.
  • Extremely simple to setup, just install a plugin for your blog.
  • As a publisher you have total control over which links are published on your site.

Intellilinks has no obligation and costs nothing to join or use. They share 50% of the net revenue for the ads on your site and make payments monthly by PayPal. Isn’t it cool ? Monthly payments. Unlike almost every other adsense alternative Intellilinks have minimum payout threshold. But Intellilinks, provides you earn during a month and will be paid to you the following month via your PayPal account. Intellilinks also supports hosting ads on blog pages.
Click here to visit Intellilinks website and signup for an account and give them a try.

How To Make Money Online At Fiverr.Com

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Hey there all, today I am giving you one simple online income source by which you can earn some penny to your pockets. So are you ready to learn ? Then for what are waiting for, let’s get started.

You can use Fiverr.Com, to sell or buy services at smooth rate of Five Dollar. There is, which is a website offering more services on various topics like graphics, creating small videos, web design, logo creation, market research, Fiverrwriting articles, reviews, personalized gifts, mp3, voice recording, finding you 500 new Twitter followers, handmade drawings, etc. The charges for these services is only Five Dollar for all buying or selling of one service at one time. They are making it easier for people to start selling their services without the need for initial capital, physical location, client achievement and payment infrastructure.
Want to sell your things at
There are some steps you need to follow before you sell your things in
  • You should created a "Gig" ( “Gig” is a small service you are willing to execute for one Five Dollar ).
  • You have to post it on the website, after registering here.
  • It is free for everyone at
  • You will be notified when someone orders your service at your own profile. Then, your work has been successfully delivered, within 48 hours.
  • While you create your Gig, you have to select a dead line for your service to convenience of your customers. As well, Four dollar will be deposited into your accounts and one dollar taken by Fiverr to their site. So, PayPal account can be used to withdraw your earnings.
To buy some service from Fiverr, You have to pay Five Dollar by PayPal or by a credit card. Whereas your order is in progress, you can follow the seller's work, promoting services, managing orders, exchange files and communicate with them via profile. As well, you can seek background of your seller and feedbacks of his or her, before doing the order. Here is the facilities to protect you to select best seller or buyer for your pay out. After the delivery of your product or service , you have 48 hours to ask for changes or corrections from the seller. As well, you can grant feedback on the quality of work of every seller you do business.

Why Should I (You) Buy A Custom Domain For My (Your) Blog ?

Last week, we bought custom domain for our blogger blog “My Blogging Techniques” and now its All the bloggers starts blogging using the free subdomain provided by the bloggers but as time goes many people found that you have a blog and you are running that blog under the blogger subdomain. And when you are receiving huge traffic to your sub-domain blog and then you found that you don’t have any sponsors for your blog and the blogger ranks are also increases day by day. And still there are many confusion in blogger like what if they lost their Alexa rank, page rank in custom domain ? well the solution of that kind of questions is also given bellow.

Your blog posts will get more shares and bookmarks

When you have your own custom domain name instead of the blogger’s sub domain ( then people will think that you are serious about your blog and the articles of your blog is unique and it will make good impression on the visitors and they will be your royal and regular readers. And your reader will also share some of the good articles with their friends and they can also bookmark your blogger articles.

Fans and subscriptions will increases with the custom domain

Most people are not trusting the subdomains of the blogger’s blog because its free and anyone can make it so they can guess that you can’t publish good content on your blog because you are using the subdomain of the blogger and when you have custom domain for your blogger blog then your Facebook and twitter follower will increase.

It Costs Just $10 To Buy a domain name !!

You can buy the custom domain in just $10/year or say Rs.550/- per year. I think spending Rs.550 for a right thing wouldn't matter you. There are many domain name providers like Go daddy, Big Rock etc. there are many more on the internet. And we have bought our blogger domain name from the Big Rock, since it is more user friendly then other domain name providers. And also you will get many free Add-ons worth Rs.5000/-. We will strongly recommend you to go for Big Rock.

Will you lose your traffic and web ranks ?

This is the main problem and confusion of all the blogger that Will I loose my Blog Traffic and Web Ranks ?” . Solution is simple, you will not loose your traffic because you are redirecting your sub-domain name to your own custom domain. And you will loose your web rankings like Alexa… etc. but worry not, if you have a good traffic you can get back all the rankings back.

Some Publisher network don’t accept the subdomains

The best AdSense alternative Publisher network like Buysellads, do not accept the subdomains that means you are losing around 50% of the revenue from your blog.

How to Add Hyperlinks in Comments Box in Blogger

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    Well, All wish that they could drive a huge traffic for website,Blog etc. Same way I also thought the same that my Website should drive a huge traffic (visitors), so I started visiting some the top ranked/ most popular websites and I use to comment on their post if it was a good one, but I couldn’t paste my websites URL (Uniform Resource Locator) in Blogger Comments. I was writing it as Blog-CommentsSo to overcome this problem what I did is a simple Google Search. I found an answer for my problem so I am publishing it my Blog readers so that they could find it easy. I am posting this because I always have to go for Google Search. So if I publish it among my readers and viewers, so I can memorize it very easily. If you don’t how to use HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). I hope that you find this article easy. Ok then let’s get started.

The Code is :

For Example :

a href="">My Blogging Techniques

Now add ‘<’ at beginning and <*forward slash*a> (*forward slash* means actual forward slash ‘/’) at the end of the code.

To Allow or Not to Allow Blog Comments on Blogger

Commenting is one of the best way to make your website more interactive and social. It has got the power to build readership of your blogs and in the same time, increases the reputation and traffic of your blog. If you have visited many other blogs, you can see the number of comments they have got in article. If you can see more number of comments on that article, it gives you the feeling that it is read by many and hence it is more ‘Trustworthy’. Blog-CommentsIn this article we shall discuss about these two faces of commenting, Advantages and Disadvantages of comments..

Advantages of Allowing Comments on Blog

  • Inter-activity between the readers, authors, Admins and various experts in the field.
  • Extreme socializing power.
  • Building of Readership of your article.
  • People trust your blog.
  • Readers spend more time on your blog, hence they trust your blog.
  • The more comments you get on an article, the more people trust that article.
According to me, these six advantages are enough for now. And now let’s focus on other part i.e., Disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Allowing Comments on Blog

Although commenting is good but there lots of spammers out there who comment on your blog just for the sake of a do-follow links ( backlinks ) to their blog. And this tends to decrease the quality of comments which in-turn reflects in the decreased readership on your article.
With commenting comes another time consuming work. Moderation. Comment moderation is the process of reading all the comments and deleting which are spammed or which you do not want your readers to read. This might not be a big task for blogs with low traffic but once you get the high traffic margin, it becomes a big headache and requires a lot of time investment.
People have the right to speak up and if they speak something negative about your article and other readers read this negative comment, then you'll see a declination of readership and it hurts your reputation. Not only that, people might use vulgar words or some words which many don't feel comfortable to read. This will also cause bad impression on your blog and depending on the words, you searching engine ranking might also come down.

Blogger or Wordpress : Which to Choose?

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Well, to be really honest, Blogger vs Wordpress is a never ending debate since the pros and cons of both the blogging platforms, when weighed together, are almost equal. So today we shall list them out in simple way so that you can decide which to choose for your blogging career.Blogger-VS-WordPress
As you know, blogger and wordpress are content management systems, the former from internet giant Google and the latter is open-source community developed. However, they are basically used for blogging but there are lot of differences when we see the core, operations and functionality.

Pros of using Blogger Platform

  • Free for Lifetime!
  • No server downtime issues as blogs are hosted on Google Servers
  • Very Easy and User-Friendly
  • Easy Modification to design by knowing simple HTML and CSS
  • In-built Stats

Cons of Blogger Platform

  • Blog can be taken down by Google at any time!
  • Limited Scripts support (No PHP)
  • Limited Flexibility
  • No custom structure for permalink
  • Limited Search Engine Optimization
  • No support for platform independent sub-pages/sub-folders

Pros of using Wordpress Platform

  • Extremely Flexible and highly customizable
  • Powerful Search Engine Optimization Techniques
  • You own your content, no one can take it down
  • Support for most of the scripting languages (host dependent)
  • Custom permalink structure
  • Platform independent sub-folders and sub-pages can be created

Cons of Wordpress

  • Web Hosting Required! Not free.
  • Not very user friendly when compared to blogger
  • Customization requires programming knowledge
  • With hosting comes server downtime issues
  • Hacking possible in some rare cases
  • Hard to debug errors or add additional functionality

Well, these are not ALL. This is just a limited list which highlights the major issues and my no means limited to just these.


So Blogger or Wordpress?

What we suggest is, if you are just beginning in the blogging arena, then go with blogger and build your empire for a while. When the income is sufficient, migrate your blog to wordpress (it is an easy task).
If you are already a established blogger, then just close your eyes and go with Wordpress. Even though blogger is Google hosted, when we talk in the long run, Wordpress is far more better than blogger.

How to Make Money Online Without any Investment

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Hi Friends, what you read is correct. Today I am going to reveal the secret of earning money online without any investment through Paisa live Website. This website is mainly for those who want to earn money through Home based Internet jobs without any investment and without any risk, moneybagwho can spend only few hours in a day. Ok if your addicted to this website because of earning money you may earn upto Rs.9,000/- per month. Its genuine site that provides us our exact earned money.
According to this website, It is a unique concept in which you have to login to your account everyday and have to check and open the mails in that account.
Following are the ways by which you can make money using this website.
  • Rs.99 instantly just for joining Paisa
  • Rs.2.00 for each friend you refer to Paisa
  • Rs.0.25 to Rs.5.00 for each Paisa Live email that you check.
  • Login Incentive when you login to your Paisa Live account daily.

How often do I get Paid ?

They pay our members on 15th of every month. For example, if you place a payment request today, they will dispatch your cheque by 15th of next month. Our mode of payment is via Cheque to the address mentioned in your account during registration.

What you have to do ?

You need to login to your Paisa Live account everyday and check the sponsored emails that they send to your Paisa Live Inbox. You will earn Rs.10 for the first referrals/friends join under you and after that you will earn Rs.2.00, you should invite your friends to Paisa
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Features Of Gmail’s New Compose mail

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Many users around the world use Gmail account to keep in touch with their friends, family etc. also they believe that Gmail is secure and safer to browse.
Gmail_logoUntil now, we were using the Old mail composition method to mail for our recipients, but now Google officially announces its New default chat like composition pop out window. Now users can easily compose a new mail and also can keep an eye on their inbox. 

Minimize the Compose Tab

Users can now easily minimize their compose tab, to copy any text or information from a mail which is present in inbox or stored in drafts to send it for their friends.

Multiple Drafts

If you want to text any mail from one account to another, having multiple drafts is convenient  You can easily compose text to both mails at once.

Uninterrupted Background Activities

You can check whether any emails are updated in your account without any interruption.

Focused Interface

The interface is build in a simple way for users to upload their files by using the option which beside to send button.

Easy Switching between Two Interfaces.

Do you want to change the Interface? You can easily change from new interface to old interface. On the right side of your emails, setting tab says that "switch to old interface".
Note: Users can use the new compose pop out window to make the work easy with a simple update.

Creating a Strong Password

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Passwords are the keys to access personal information stored in your computer. This means they are the one barrier between your data being safe and sound to having your entire system compromised. The strongest passwords are those that are the longest. Most passwords should at least be 8 characters in length but those with 14 or more characters are the best. Combine letters, numbers and symbols culled from the entire keyboard. Your password will be much stronger if you choose from all symbols on the keyboard, including punctuation marks not on the upper row of the keyboard and even symbols unique to your own language. Substitute letters with similar looking numbers (for example, “A” with “4”) and also mix uppercase and lowercase letters. puzzlekeyThrow some misspellings in there as well. The greater variety of characters in your password, the harder it is to guess. If you cannot create a password that contains symbols, you need to make it considerably longer to get the same degree of protection. An ideal password is one that combines both length and different characters. Finally, use words and phrases that are easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess.
The various don’t to follow when making a strong password are:
  • Avoid sequences or repeated characters. “12345678,”
    “222222,” “abcdefg,” or adjacent letters on your keyboard
    do not help make secure passwords.
  • Avoid using only look-alike substitutions of numbers
    or symbols. Criminals and other malicious users who
    know enough to try and crack your password will not be
    fooled by common look-alike replacements, such as to
  • replace an ‘i’ with a ‘1’ or an ‘a’ with ‘@’ as in “M1cr0$0ft” or “P@ssw0rd”. But these substitutions can be effective when combined with other measures, such as length, misspellings, or variations in case, to improve the strength of your password.
  • Avoid your login name. Any part of your name, birthday, social security number, or similar information for your loved ones constitutes a bad password choice. This is one of the first things criminals will try.
  • Avoid dictionary words in any language. Criminals use sophisticated tools that can rapidly guess passwords that are based on words in multiple dictionaries, including words spelled backwards, common misspellings, and substitutions. This includes all sorts of profanity and any word you would not say in front of your children.
  • Use more than one password everywhere. If any one of the computers or online systems using this password is compromised, all of your other information protected by that password should be considered compromised as well. It is critical to use different passwords for different systems.
  • Avoid using online storage. If malicious users find these passwords stored online or on a networked computer, they have access to all your information.
  • Change your password every 30-60 days and avoid using any old password.
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