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Microsoft Office Word Shortcut Keys

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These are Word’s most common tasks, and are also applicable for other Office tools. I have splitted the Shortcuts keys to 4 different parts i.e., General Tasks, Working With Documents, Editing, Formatting and Function Key Shortcuts.

Microsoft Office Word Shortcut Keys

Shortcut Keys
Create a non-breaking space [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Space]
Create a non-breaking hyphen [Ctrl] + [-]
Make letters bold [Ctrl]+ [B]
Make letters italic [Ctrl] + [I]
Make letters underline [Ctrl] + [U]
Decrease font size one value [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [<]
Increase font size one value [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [>]
Decrease font size 1 point [Ctrl] + [[]
Increase font size 1 point [Ctrl] + []]
Remove paragraph or character formatting [Ctrl]+ [Space]
Copy the selected text or object [Ctrl] + [C]
Cut the selected text or object [Ctrl]+ [X]
Paste text or an object [Ctrl] + [V]
Paste special [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [V]
Paste formatting only [Ctrl]+ [Shift] + [V]
Undo the last action [Ctrl] + [Z]
Redo the last action [Ctrl] + [Y]
Open the Word Count dialog box [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [G]

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Adobe Photoshop Shortcut Keys

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Hello Folks, well i hope you all read my last article on What is Adobe Photoshop ? And its Origin. It is very important to know the keyboard shortcuts for certain programs/software to navigate or work with it faster. So before i start a tutorial on Adobe Photoshop i would like to give you about 450+ keyboard shortcut keys to help you people work with it.


So are you ready to learn all the shortcuts. Then let’s get started. Here you go….

Adobe Photoshop Shortcut Keys


Z Zoom Tool
X 2x Zoom (Temporary)
H Hand Tool
Space Bar Switch to Hand Tool (Temporary)
Ctrl + (Plus) Zoom In
Ctrl + – (Hyphen) Zoom Out
Ctrl + 0 (Zero), Double-click hand tool Fit in view
Double-click zoom tool Zoom to center at 100%
] Increase brush size (Brush, Stamp tools)
[ Decrease brush size (Brush, Stamp tools)
Shift + ] Increase brush hardness (Brush, Stamp tools)
Shift + [ Decrease brush hardness (Brush, Stamp tools)
Ctrl + Z Undo last action
Ctrl + Shift + Z Redo last action
Ctrl + D Deselect all
Ctrl + H Hide selection and planes
Arrow keys Move selection 1 pixel
Shift + arrow keys Move selection 10 pixels
Ctrl + C Copy
Ctrl +V Paste
Ctrl + Shift + T Repeat last duplicate and move
Ctrl + Alt + T Create a floating selection from the current selection
Ctrl-drag Fill a selection with image under the pointer
Ctrl + Alt-drag Create the duplicate of the selection as a floating selection
Alt + Shift to rotate Constrain selection to 15o rotation
Ctrl-click the plane Select a plane under another selected plane
Ctrl-drag Create 90o plane off parent plane
Backspace Delete last node while creating a plane
Double-click the Create Plane Tool Make a full canvas plane, square to the camera
Ctrl + Shift + H Show/hide measurements (Photoshop Extended only)
Ctrl + E Export to a DFX file (Photoshop Extended only)
Ctrl + Shift + E Export to a 3DS file (Photoshop Extended only)
Alt + Shift Show Clone Source (overlays image)
Alt + Shift + arrow keys Nudge Clone Source
Alt + Shift + < or > Rotate Clone Source
Alt + Shift + [ or ] Scale (increase or reduce size) Clone Source

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