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How To Simulate A Ball Hitting Another Ball


  • Go to start –> Macro Media –> click on Flash document.
  • Choose the circle option displayed in the toolbar. create two circle at the opposite ends.
  • Go to frames -> right click on the 1st blank frame and click insert key frames.
  • Select the 1st ball and make it to move towards the other till it touches.
  • Change the shape of the ball using free transform tool as soon as the two ball touches each other. after hitting each other make them to move towards opposite direction.
  • Before moving to the opposite direction bring back the balls to its original shapes.
  • Finally test the animation by selecting control –> movie clip.



How to Create an Animation for Words

procedure to create an animation with the following features.
* Letters should appear one by one
* The fill colour of The text should change to a different colour after
the display of the full word.


  • Go to start -> Macro Media -> click on Flash document.
  • Choose the textbox from the tool bar. Type the word as ‘WELCOME’ on layer1.
  • Select the complete word, increase its Font size and change the colour.
  • In the timeline window, select the 1st frame-Right click on it –> choose insert key frame. Now delete a last letter {E} and change the colour of the remaining word.
  • Repeat the above procedure till you delete every word in ‘WELCOME’.
  • Now select all the key frames –> Right click –> choose ‘Reverse key frames’.
  • After reversing the frames copy the last frame and paste on its next. now in the new frame Select all the complete word ‘welcome’ and change the colour.
  • Finally, go to ‘control’ -> click on ‘test movie’ you will get the required animation.



How To Simulate Movement of a Cloud


  • Go to start –> macromedia –> click on flash document
  • Create a blue background in layer 1
  • Now insert a layer 2 and draw the clouds in this layer.
  • In order to create the clouds, go to tool bar and select pencil option, draw the cloud in layer2
  • Fill the colour to the cloud, right click on it –> choose convert to symbol option –> give the name as cloud
  • Select the movie clip option and click ok.
  • Go to filter —> click on the + symbol –-> select glow to apply glowing effect —>  select the colour to white
  • Under glow and adjust the blur x/blur y values.
  • Give the appropriate blur effect to the cloud.
  • Go to frames, insert key frame on both the layer, create the motion tween on 2nd layer and move the clouds
  • Finally go to control –> click on test movies


cloud1                                                cloud2

cloud3                                                cloud4

How To Create An Animation To Indicate A Ball Bouncing On Steps



  • Go to start –> macromedia –> click on flash document.
  • select the line tool and draw the steps. colour it using the paint bucket tool
  • Select the circle from the tool bar and create a circle on the work area.
  • Now fill the colour to the circle using the paint bucket tool from the tool bar.
  • Go to frames right click on the first frame and choose insert key frame. slightly move the ball. Repeat the same procedure by adding new key frames to show the ball change the shape of the ball slightly when it touches the surface.
  • In order to change the shape use the free transform tool.
  • Go to control and click on test movies . You will observe the ball bouncing on steps.


Below are the screenshot of the bouncing ball.

ball1                                     ball2

            Step 1                                                                                           Step 2

ball3                                     ball4

                     Step 3                                                                                        Step 4

ball5                                      ball6

                    Step 5                                                                                               Step 6

How To Create An Animation To Represent The Growing Moon

  • Open flash 8 software -> click on flash document->go to windows->properties -> select the properties tool -> choose the Background to black.
  • Go to fill color under tool bar -> select the white color.
  • Select the oval tool in order to draw the moon. you will get a white circle.
  • Select the white circle on the worksheet using the selection tool -> right click -> convert to symbol –> select movie clip –> give suitable name Eg: moon –> click ok.
  • Go to filter->click on the + symbol->select glow to apply glowing effect-> select the color to white under glow and adjust the blur x/blur y values.
  • Click on the + symbol again and chose blur -> again adjust the blur x/blur y values.
  • Place the moon where ever you want on the work area.double click on layer 1 and rename as MOON.
  • Insert another layer –> rename it as Animation.
  • Select the fill color to black-> select oval tool and draw a circle on the moon to cover the moon –> select the newly added circle -> right click -> convert to symbol -> movie clip -> name it as Animation.
  • Go to filter -> select + symbol –> give the glow and blur effect as did for moon.
  • Select the 150th frame in moon layer –> right click –> insert key frame. repeat the same for Animation layer.
  • Click on the 149th keyframe of animation layer –> right click-> press create motion -> select the animation movie clip and move slowly across the moon.
  • Finally go to control -> test movie -> u will get a growing moon as the output.

See this below Output screenshot.


Adobe Flash CS3

♠ Rakshith Mlore in ,,
To get right down to basics, there are many of you who may have never used Adobe Flash, or for that matter, any Adobe product before. This chapter will help you understand the interface, timelines, layers, guides, and more...

The Interface

When you first load Flash CS3, you will see the Welcome screen. This Welcome Screen (in Flash CS3) is slightly different from the Welcome screen of earlier versions of Flash, for example in, say, Flash 8. You can clearly see the difference in the pictures shown below and on the following pages:
Macromedia Flash 8Adobe Flash Professional CS3
   The Welcome Screen of Flash 8                                The Welcome Screen of Flash CS3

The Workspace

The Workspace is the arrangement of various Flash-elements such as the Tools panel, Control panels, Property inspectors and Windows. We will walk you through what each of these is in later sections. You can change the workspace layout from the “Workspace” drop-down menu. There are three workspace layouts available to you in Flash CS3: Default, Icons and Text Default, and Icons Only Default. The same options can be seen from the Window menu as well: Window --> Workspace.
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