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Realize Your Technological Objectives with .NET

Hello folks, today our Guest Author Peter Milar has took some of his precious time to write articles on our site. See How To Become a guest author on My Blogging Techniques.
It is no secret that on this date, .NET is the most popular platform for developing web applications. Even though it is one of the oldest programming frameworks around, there hasn’t been any monotony crept into it since the developers have kept reinventing the wheel. This platform has kept with the times and has even innovated to an extent that it has set a number of benchmarks when it comes to creating unique applications.

.NET is endorsed by the best programmer son earth who are testimony to the incredible value of this platform. Simply for the fact that it drives you towards the very best f your programming capabilities, .NET is making heads turn in the programming world.

So, What makes .NET so good?
It Gives Novices Space to Breathe

.NET is not one of those platforms that will make life hard for the beginners, who are often funding themselves struggling with the programming codes. It gives them enough scope to learn, and also to create programs that don’t require as much coding they would have otherwise envisaged. Unlike other programming languages where even the minor features would force developers to write long drawn-out codes, .NET makes it absurdly simple. C# and VB.NET are the best options to choose from when it comes to choosing which language will suit you fine. .NET facilitates a non fussy code structure – one that breeds straightforward writing of programs. If you are expert, there is not a place you can’t reach. By streamlining the development process, .NET ensures that you are left with enough juice to make your application dripping with creativity and uniqueness. The plugins and extensions you are provided with further ensure that the need for getting caught in the code complexities is greatly abridged and that you add certain features by simply installing those extensions. Also, these extensions draw your attention towards adding certain features that you might not have paid attention to while developing the apps.

It is Powerful, Flexible and Customizable

The stout framework of .NET ensures that you can aim for bigger grounds. The powerful features of this platform give you the freedom to eye for improbable features and turn them into reality. Injecting the avant-garde features in your app is one endeavor met with amicability and enough room to breathe. At the same time, .NET is highly flexible. Any time you see the market trends veering off to a different direction, you can embed some changes in your apps seamlessly. The incredible customization capabilities of the platform let you tailor the apps whenever you want, howsoever you want.  Even if your web application is generating enough buzz in the market, you would want it to adapt itself with the changing trends. And the app developed using .NET is equipped to do exactly that.

There is Greater Security Assurance

You can hardly be blamed if the news of certain website being hacked is making you jittery. After all, you can never know when your website finds a place for itself on the radar of hackers. They might be looking for that one opportunity to attack your site and damage it seriously. But when .NET is the platform you used while creating that site, you can be rest assured that the robustness of the site is reliable enough to keep the hackers away. There are in-built authentication features that  prove to be much resourceful for guarding your website against such miscreants.

All the features combine to perch .NET at the top of the ever-growing stack of programming frameworks. Find dependable developers for your project and set your foot on growth accelerator.
About Author :
Peter Milar is a highly reputed writer who works as a team with the Custom .NET Development experts of Xicom Technologies to create informative and full of insight posts around the  .NET technology. Hire .NET Developers from Xicom to receive premium quality ASP.NET application development.

PureX Responsive Free Premium Blogger Template


a responsive premium yet free blogger template which is highly customizable in terms of colors so that it suits each and every blog and gives way for innovative color combinations. PureX is built on the same base grid but this is a Gallery styled template. It offers everything that PureZ offers in a Gallery style view of the posts. Below is the full details about features and editing necessities.
PureX Responsive Blogger Template Being responsive as well as fluidic means it will fit into screen of any size without horizontal scrolls. May it be a desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, anything with a screen, it will fit into it. With its single click site-wide color change feature, you can set your own color for the blog with a total of 9 color combinations which covers the entire site. The Gallery style makes it look even more eye catching for certain niche blogs. If you need a normal list type version of this template then go and download the PureZ blogger template.
Tags : responsive, minimalistic, elegant, multi-color, fluid-width, 2-column, right-sidebar, 4-column-footer, premium, free, search-engine-optimized, html5

PureX Features

  • Gallery Style View
  • Fully Responsive (till 320px) as well as Fluidic Design
  • Minimalistic and Elegant in nature
  • Single Click Color change to your Choice of color
  • SEO Optimized
  • 2 Colum Design
  • 300px Wide Right Sidebar
  • 4 Column Footer
  • Admin Comment Highlight
  • Auto Page Menu at the bottom
  • Header AD Banner
  • Minimalistic yet Professional Look

PureX Technical Aspects

  • HTML5 coded with CSS3
  • Full Compatibility across all latest web browsers
  • Opengraph integrated
  • Share buttons already included

Necessary Editings

Menu Bar
Go to Template page and click Edit HTML. Search for <nav> tag around line 377. You will have
<li><a href='YOUR-LINK-HERE'>Category 1</a></li>

and similar lines. Change the name of menu and change the link of all the items and press Save Template.
Changing the color

In the Template Page, click Customise and select the Advanced tab in the graphical editor. You will be presented with a list of changeable colors. Select and change accordingly. Press Apply to Blog after changing the colors.

Click here if you don't know how to install blogger templates.




Author of this Template : Karthik M’lore

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