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Make Your Own Antivirus

Simple Steps To make your own Antivirus The main functioning of Antivirus is to detect and remove harmful or unwanted files which may slow down your computer and windows . But if you don't have enough time to download any best antivirus. Then simply use this trick to make your own antivirus. This antivirus scan by using command prompt and delete unwanted files
  • Open your Notepad
  • paste this given code
@ echo off title Antivirus echo Antivirus echo created by your name :start if exist virus.bat goto infected if not exist virus.bat goto clean cd C:\Windows\system32 :infected echo warning virus detected del virus.bat pause goto start :clean echo System secure! pause exit
  • now save your file with Trickess.bat and select "All files" now run your saved files automatically scan starts.

How to Make optical illusion image Use MS Paint


The red dot in the center of the image above thirty seconds
Look. Look for it at the bottom of the white area. Negative image that shows the real picture?
The same color (wave length) was looking for a long time, the additional exposure (Exposure), due to their sensitivity to certain light sensors for some time (Sensitivity) will be lost.When the vacuum, their performance (temporarily) lost the sensors are very dim. Other sensors are operating as usual.
  Other sensors may be more sensitive to the visible, the image of the brain shows us.

  • MS Paint-in the open.
  • The opening of the photo is going to change.
  • Make Select All. ("Ctrl + A" can be pressed)
  • Right Click on the image to.
  • "Invert Colour" click.
  • The red color of the nose or in the form of a brightly know how to draw one point and a different color.
  • Save it please.

How to Change Windows 7 Welcome Screen

Customize your Windows 7 Log In/Welcome Screen Wallpaper
Changing Windows 7 Log On screen is not an easy task. To make it easy i have a got a Software called “Windows 7 Log On Background Changer”. Windows 7 Log On Background 2012-best-windows-7-walpapersChanger is an Free Open Source Software that let’s you change you your Windows 7 Welcome Screen of your Choice.
This Software works on Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Home Premium on 32 and 64 bit System ( x86 / x64).
What Will it do to your Computer ?
  • It does not harm any file on your computer.
  • No technical terms/knowledge required. Just go on doing it. It’s easy.
  • It creates an Automatic .JPEG files for the pictures you want to set as Welcome Screen.
  • You can prevent other users from changing your Welcome screen or Background.

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