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What If Your Wordpress Gets Hacked ? [Infographic]

Wordpress Blogs have experienced a wide spread of hackers recently. Hackers mainly target a wordpress account with default ‘admin’ login name. Wordpress provides lots of features than blogger, hence people chose word press blogs to maintain their sites but they mainly forget about the security issues. And most of the people have no answer about why hackers hack blogs/websites ?
Because, Wordpress blog has many loopholes that attract hackers who can hack your wordpress blog at any time.
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Tips To Avoid Hacking

  • Always keep your wordpress blog up-to-date.
  • Change default name “admin” to other name.
  • Use more and most strong passwords with some uncommon symbols like @#$/©[{!]}.
  • Use Step two verification of your login.
  • Keep your plugins and theme updated.
  • At least backup your whole wordpress blog twice in a year or it is better if you do this once in a month.
Infographic by Start Blogging Online.

Count Characters Online–A Free Tool

♠ Rakshith Mlore in ,,,,
Hello friends, today if you want to make an search engine friendly blog then your main aim is to write contents more 700 words. You can see that one of the most viewed blog follow these steps to make their blog popular and to become a successful blogger. The total number of words are very important when we are targeting search engines. Your posts length play a major role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). All of might be knowing that your content (posts) neither be too long nor too short or else the reader will get bored of your content. So search bots fail to index your posts in search engines. Also Title and Meta Tags get even more important in the character count.

Count Characters Online

A well know SEO fact is that the post title should be always equal to or less than 66 characters or else the part of your post will be omitted from the search results.
Same happens while coming to Meta description, it is always recommended to keep it equal to or less that 150 characters. Otherwise, it will get cut short resulting in less targeted audience from search engines.
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So today I am here with you in this post giving you Online Character Count Tool which makes you people easy to count all the total number of characters in your post title, description, meta tag and also the characters in your entire posts.
This is tool is very easy to use. To use this tool follow my steps.
  • Just type or  copy/paste your text in the text box.
  • After that hit Count Now.
After you click on ‘Count Now’ it displays the total number of characters of what you have typed or copied and pasted in the text box.

To View this tool Go to --

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